Of course, every single detail of your Big Day matters – and a lot!

From the dress you wear to the shoes that walk you down the aisle and from the colors and flowers that surround you to the music that embraces you, all of your wedding details will contribute to painting a beautiful, candid, and unforgettable event in your life.

Don’t forget it, though: your food is highly important too – and if you want to serve a Southern wedding menu, your guests deserve the very best there is.

What are some of the best Southern foods by season? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • Serve something seasonal and unique, such as a strawberry salad with goat cheese and croutons. Spring is the perfect season for fresh foods that aren’t heavy on the stomach (or on your diet plans, for that matter) – so why not bring that into your wedding and delight your guests with a classic sweet and savory Southern combination? They will love it!
  • Zucchini, squash and corn casserole. Everyone knows Southerners are huge on casseroles – so borrowing from some of the season’s best vegetables and putting them together in a delicious, cheese-infused casserole is bound to be nothing less than an absolute success. People will line up for second servings of this, even if there’s no meat in it!
  • It’s the season to get cozy – and the food Southern people eat during the pre-winter months reflects this very well. We suggest you pick something comforting and heart-warming for your fall wedding, such as chicken pot pies. They are absolutely spectacular in terms of presentation and flavour, they are made with chicken (something you cannot go wrong with), and the puff pastry covering it will make them even more comforting (because we all know carbs are the best enemy against sadness, right?).
  • As the cool season starts to settle over the South, people look for foods that are a little heavier, a little spicier, and a little warmer. Anything based on squash will work marvellously from October to early December – but if you want something even more comforting, we suggest nothing less than an absolute Southern classic: fried chicken. Everyone will love it!


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