Your wedding registry can be a delicate issue, especially when you want to make sure nobody gets offended in any way. From the way you create it to the way you share it, all details matter when you want to make your guests’ gift buying experience as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Is it alright to change the wedding registry along the way – and how often should it be done? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Close up of woman hands holding red gift box for special event

  • Yes, it is actually recommended to change the wedding registry and update it throughout the wedding planning process – after all, you will have a lot of pre-wedding events, and your guests want to make sure they purchase gifts you don’t already own.
  • The first time you should update the registry is right before sharing it or posting it on your wedding website. It is not mandatory to change anything – but it give it one last check, to make certain everything is alright.
  • Furthermore, it is advised that you change your wedding registry after the bridal shower too (especially since it’s quite likely that you will have received a lot of the gifts in the list).
  • Last but not least, change your wedding registry right before the wedding. This is an excellent thing to do for guests who haven’t purchased any gifts yet. Make sure to include gifts they can easily purchase and send to your home or bring at the reception!

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