Many times, pictures speak more than a million words – so why wouldn’t you want to include older photos of you (or long lost ones) in your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on “steal” inspiration from the most beautiful ways to display photos at your wedding.


  • Place a picture of you or someone you love on each of the tables, as part of the wedding centerpiece arrangement. Doing this will add a nice touch to your wedding, and it will make your love story pop with style. From larger frames right at the entrance into the reception venue to small framed pictures placed here and there, anything goes.
  • Rustic chic. Planning a rustic/country chic wedding? If yes, make sure the pictures you use for the décor are updated and framed according to your wedding theme. Burlap photo lines, wooden support for more photos, and even pallets and trees can be excellent supports for your most candid and prettiest pictures.
  • On an old window. If you want your wedding décor to be really unique, try to find an old-school window and stick the photos to its glass. Looking back into your memories through the windows has never been so attractive and beautiful!
  • Hanging by balloons. Want to create a magical, playful décor at your wedding? Tie photos with the ribbons you use for helium balloons. The pictures will look as if they were suspended in time – so amazing!

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Photo source: /  Prayitno