Potatoes may not seem the fanciest addition to a wedding menu – but truth be told, your guests would much rather have a good, old-fashioned potato dish, rather than anything too pricy. In the end, your wedding is about creating a warm, happy atmosphere – and what else could be better for this, other than some classic potato-based comfort foods? Here are some ideas you could definitely incorporate:

  • Sweet or simple, stuffed potatoes are always a delight – and you get to be really creative with this as well. In fact, this is such a simple, inexpensive, and guest-friendly dish that you can actually serve multiple versions – including the all-known, classic Southern sweet stuffed potatoes everyone will love.
  • Southern salad. Want to serve another classic Southern potato dish? The Southern salad will always be appreciated! As an entrée, or served with the main dishes, on mini slices of baguette as hors d’oeuvres – there’s a myriad of options to choose from!
  • Who doesn’t loved good, smooth, fluffy mashed potatoes? Turn your wedding mashed potatoes into an interactive food station where guests can select their own mashed potato toppings and they will absolutely love the idea!
  • Looking for a nice, comforting, and energizing late-night snack? It doesn’t get more comforting than cones of delicious French fries (in as many varieties as you want them) with ketchup and/or other sauces and toppings on them. The children and the adults will just love indulging in this late-night treat!


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