Big Wedding Menu Questions? Here Are Your Answers

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Undoubtedly, food is one of the most important elements to consider when planning the Big Day. Your venue may not be the most luxurious one, your blooms may not be off-season, and your wedding favors may be just a sweet treat – but your food needs to be absolutely delicious if you want guests to really love your wedding.

So, what are some of the most common wedding menu questions brides and grooms encounter? We’ve gathered them (and the answers) right below, so read on and find out more.

  • Are there foods to not include, under any circumstances? No, not really – this is your wedding, so as long as the food is fresh, suits a your guests’ varied tastes, and is well cooked, people will be happy. However, we would definitely advise couples not to serve any kind of messy food – such as lobster, for example. It may be delicious and special, but it can be a real hazard for guests who are all dressed up.
  • Should you serve food at your cocktail hour? Preferably, yes. This pre-event will set the tone for the big party, so we definitely advise couples to serve at least a few light bites – such as soup shooters or mini sandwiches.
  • Should you serve a late-night snack? Totally, yes! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you can even order pizza if you want to keep it really casual. Doing this will keep the party going and it will definitely bring a smile on your guests’ faces!


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Wedding traditions have been present for years, take a look at the top ones you should still follow:

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Food Art

Surrounded by a veil of traditions and customs, weddings are among the happiest and most important events in people’s lives. If you’re planning your own Big Day, you are most likely excited about the upcoming event – and you want it to be spectacular, unforgettable and truly magical as well.

However, which are the wedding traditions you should still follow? With so many superstitions and customs for just about anything wedding-related, it can be hard to decide – and this is why we have gathered some tips to help you with this. Read on and find out more about the wedding traditions you should definitely follow!

  • The wedding rings. They are not just mere pieces of jewelry – they are symbols of your everlasting love and of the grand commitment you are making to each other. These small precious circles on your fingers symbolize eternity, love and cherishment – so yes, you should definitely stick to this tradition.
  • The cake. The sweet treat at the end of the night is a really great tradition everyone loves. If you are not particularly fond of cake though, you can have a smaller one for the “Cutting of the Cake” moment and serve your guests other delicious sweet treats that would replace the traditional tiered dessert.
  • The bridal bouquet. Let’s admit it: carrying a beautiful bouquet down the aisle looks absolutely wonderful and it is so tightly connected to our idea of a wedding ceremony that it would be a real pity to “dispose” of this tradition. However, if you want to be more unique, you can surely give your bouquet an authentic twist – such as making it with heirloom brooches or paper flowers, for example.

Here at Food Art Inc., we want to help you have the wedding of your dreams. We have years of experience in planning unforgettable events, we love what we do and we can provide you with exquisite wedding planning services for your New Orleans wedding – so give us a call and let’s talk about your dream wedding right now!


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Make sure your wedding photos turn out beautifully by knowing the trends!

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Food Art

Years from now, when you’ll be celebrating your 5th, 10th or even 25th anniversary, your wedding photos will be small windows into the past. They will show you just how magnificent your wedding was, how great everyone felt while celebrating with you and how genuinely happy both of you were when you first said “I Do”.

Naturally, you want your wedding photo album to be more than beautiful – you want it to reflect the greatness of this special day in your life and you want it to be really candid and utterly splendid too.

How to do it? What are some of the most important wedding photography trends of the moment? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more.

  • Father-daughter first look. The bride-groom first look has been around for a while, but this year we have seen how another beautifully sentimental trend is shaping up: shooting photos of the first time your father sees you dressed up as a bride. This moment is bound to be gorgeously emotional and it will be more than worth capturing it in beautiful images!
  • Social Media. Like it or not, your wedding will not be able to escape Social Media – so it’s better to integrate it in an organized way, so that you know exactly how your wedding photos reach the Internet. Create a special hashtag your guests can use, designate someone to be your Social Media Manager throughout and after the wedding and make sure to tell guests not to shoot photos during those very special moments of the wedding. Some things are better left for the pros – such as the moment you say “I Do” or the moment you bid your farewell once the Big Day is over.
  • Stop-motion films. Sweet and unique, stop-motion wedding movies are a very big trend right now – and understandably so. Put simply, this special type of films take still photos and incorporate them in a beautiful wedding film accompanied by the couple’s favorite song. The result is a whimsical and unique wedding movie you’ll surely cherish for the years to come!

Food Art Inc. can help you plan a magnificently elegant wedding in New Orleans – so if you plan on having your Big Day in the area, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our experience, passion and attention to detail are all at your disposal!


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These simple wedding décor ideas will create a beautiful atmosphere for your ceremony!

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Food Art

Few moments in your life will ever be as emotional and unforgettable as your wedding ceremony. The big “I Do” is not just a word – it is the beginning of the rest of your life. Naturally, you will want everything about your ceremony to be absolutely flawless.

How to create a truly beautiful atmosphere for your wedding ceremony?

We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more.

  • Ribbons for the backdrop. Feminine and stylish, ribbons can make for a wonderful ceremony backdrop. Simply choose ribbons that go with your wedding colors and tie them up, so that they create a beautifully unique backdrop for the big “I Do”.
  • Pinwheels and paper flowers. If you want your ceremony to be playfully romantic, this is the perfect way to create a really nice atmosphere with your décor. Pinwheels will always remind us of childhood and they look really pretty. Plus, when paired with paper flowers, they can result in some really creative arrangements.
  • White paper garlands. White is a timelessly fashionable choice for a wedding – so decorating your ceremony with white paper garlands is bound to be a success. Beautiful and feminine, this is an easy way to create a superb décor for your wedding ceremony.
  • Shells and feathers. Planning a beach themed wedding? Decorate your ceremony site according to the gorgeous surroundings and it will be a true success. Large, opulent feathers will look gorgeous when combined with arrangements made with seashells – so consider the idea and come up with something creative and unique.

Food Art has many years of experience in planning marvelous weddings in New Orleans – so if you want to have your wedding here, make sure to contact us. We’ll help you with all the details of the Big Day, so that everything flows perfectly!


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Create a wedding reception timeline to help your big day run as smoothly as possible!

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Food Art

Planning a wedding is very much about the details – and about organizing them in a way that flows well and makes a lot of sense. For instance, your wedding reception timeline is one of the most important wedding planning elements – so make sure you take your time with it, so that your big day runs smoothly and flawlessly.

How do you do this? How do you plan a wedding reception timeline that really makes your big day be perfect? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Think of how much time you have. Some brides and grooms choose to have only a two-hour cocktail reception, while others choose to have a four-hour seated dinner party. Whichever you choose, make sure your wedding reception timeline is well-aligned with how much time you have at your disposal.
  • Know the basics. Regardless of how long you want your wedding reception to be, there are some basics that shouldn’t miss out. Some of the most important parts of a reception include (in their traditional order): the first dance, the father-daughter and mother-son dances, the toasts, the cake cutting and the farewell dance. Depending on your preferences, you might also have a bouquet toss and a garter toss moment as well (they are usually done after the cake cutting and before the farewell dance).
  • Be clear about when food is served. If you want to have a cocktail party, food can be served throughout the entire program (except for the special moments, such as the first dance, when food serving should be paused). If you want to have a seated dinner reception, the food should be served after the wedding toasts and first dance (but before the father-daughter and mother-son dances).

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Escort cards can be created very unique, but did you know that there are edible options as well?

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Food Art

Escort cards make it easier for the guests to find their seat and start to celebrate as soon as they reach your wedding reception. And although it is not mandatory that you make these as unique as possible, the truth is that your escort cards can make a fun, delicate and personal addition to the entire wedding theme.

Sure, you may have considered a wide range of options when it comes to your escort cards – from what fonts to use on them to how they should be shaped. But did you know that there’s always the option of having edible escort cards at your wedding?

We have gathered some of the best ideas to inspire you in creating escort cards that are unique and delicious – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away – so why not offer your guests a very healthy treat before they start celebrating with you? Even more, why not make this treat an escort card as well? Stick small leaf-shaped pieces of paper to each of the apples and write your guests’ names and their tables on them – it will look really adorable.
  • Pick your favorite cookies or sweet treat (be it cupcakes, macarons or pretty boxes of your favorite candy) and stick your escort card information to them. This looks playful, it will sweeten up your guests and it will add a personal touch to your wedding too.
  • If you and your future spouse have a favorite type of soda (or homemade juice), pour it in mini-bottles and personalize them with unique, cute labels (you can even toss in a pun or a joke, if you want to). Add your escort card info on the labels (or stick it on the neck of the bottle) and allow your guests to find their seat at the most amazing wedding they have ever been to!

Searching for a wedding planner in New Orleans? Food Art Inc. can help you put all of your wedding details together in a seamless, flawless way. Contact us, find out more about our services and do not hesitate to hire us for your Big Day – it will be MAGICAL!


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There are many Food Bars to choose from that will please the palates of all your wedding guests!

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Food Art

You know very well that your guests will not attend your wedding just for the sake of the food or drinks. But providing them with delicious treats will definitely make their attendance jollier and more pleasant.

Having a food bar at your wedding is a really great idea that will add diversity and uniqueness to your wedding menu. And the best part about this is that there are many food bars for you to choose from. We have gathered some of the most popular ones right below – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

Roasted Garlic Grits Bar

With your guests’ choice of toppings to include

Roast beef “debris” gravy, shredded cheese, green onions, roasted corn, bacon bits,

Butter, sour cream, salt, pepper and Creole seasoning


Rockefeller Mashed Potato Bar

Creamy mashed potatoes blended with seared spinach and Herbsaint scented cream

served with your guests’ selection of toppings on the side to include

herbed ricotta cheese, sour cream, butter, diced ham, crispy fried leek threads, roasted garlic puree,

toasted panko style breadcrumbs, salt and pepper

New Orleans Rice Bar

Parslied rice with your choice of toppings to include chicken & andouille gumbo, crawfish etouffee,

Stewed chicken, red beans, Creole ratatouille and shrimp Creole


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