What Southern Sweet Treats Can You Serve at Your Wedding? Here Are Some of the BEST

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Regardless of whether you want to serve a traditional wedding cake or not, adding a few sweet treats on the side is always a good idea. After all, who doesn’t love munching on delicious cookies and pastries in between a couple of dances?

What are some of the best Southern sweet treats you can serve at your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and inspire yourself.

  • Southern Jarred Pies. It’s not a pie, it’s not a jar of cookies either – it’s something in between, just perfect for a sweet break during the wedding day. Place them on your candy bar or serve them as wedding favors and your guests will be absolutely delighted!
  • S’mores French toast. Not your regular wedding dessert, but definitely one your guests won’t forget very soon. This falls right under the “comfort food” section and blends together two of some of the most amazing sweet snacks ever invented – so what’s not to love about them? Scrumptious, tasty, and unique, these sweet bites will make your wedding feel even better!
  • Banana pudding. Bananas, pudding and nice little glasses – your guests will definitely want at least one serving of this deliciously Southern dessert. This is absolutely perfect for those of you who want to have a lovely, classy wedding, but still want to serve a dessert everyone is familiar with (and will surely love).


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Coordinate Your Cake and Your Wedding Theme

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Your wedding theme dictates everything – even your wedding gown can be highly influenced by the theme you pick for the Big Day. Why would your wedding cake make any kind of difference, then?

Here are some of the most creative ideas to keep in mind when coordinating your cake and your wedding theme:

  • Forest wedding theme. With Fall here and Winter right around the corner, many of you may choose a forest or mountain location for your Big Day. The perfect cake for this type of wedding? A delicious work of chocolate-y art wrapped in lady fingers – it will look perfect for the landscape surrounding you and it will definitely impress your guests both from the point of view of the aesthetics and from that of the taste.
  • Winter wonderland/ icy wedding theme. Tired of ice blue and winter weddings? Everyone is – so why not turn it really elegant and focus on white and silver? A three-tiered cake with a lush silver-covered middle tier will look absolutely breathtaking – so much so that guests will want to grab a slice as soon as possible!
  • Southwest wedding theme. Planning a wedding inspired by the Southwestern ethnic arts? This will look amazing on a cake! Decorate your dessert table with a Southwestern blanket and ask your pastry chef to decorate the cake with the same weaved pattern. If you want to keep it really elegant and pretty, this can be done with two different shades of white, or a 3D design imitating the famous patterns.


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Beautiful ways to display photos at your wedding

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Many times, pictures speak more than a million words – so why wouldn’t you want to include older photos of you (or long lost ones) in your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on “steal” inspiration from the most beautiful ways to display photos at your wedding.


  • Place a picture of you or someone you love on each of the tables, as part of the wedding centerpiece arrangement. Doing this will add a nice touch to your wedding, and it will make your love story pop with style. From larger frames right at the entrance into the reception venue to small framed pictures placed here and there, anything goes.
  • Rustic chic. Planning a rustic/country chic wedding? If yes, make sure the pictures you use for the décor are updated and framed according to your wedding theme. Burlap photo lines, wooden support for more photos, and even pallets and trees can be excellent supports for your most candid and prettiest pictures.
  • On an old window. If you want your wedding décor to be really unique, try to find an old-school window and stick the photos to its glass. Looking back into your memories through the windows has never been so attractive and beautiful!
  • Hanging by balloons. Want to create a magical, playful décor at your wedding? Tie photos with the ribbons you use for helium balloons. The pictures will look as if they were suspended in time – so amazing!

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Upcoming wedding trends to inspire your big day

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As a couple-to-be-married, you want every single detail of your wedding day to be fantastically well-planned. You want delicious foods on your plates, a gorgeous dress to complement your style, and a truly stunning décor to coordinate with your wedding theme too.

What are some of the most important upcoming wedding trends to inspire you in planning a wedding that’s unforgettable from all points of view? We have gathered them below – so read on and find out more.


  • Naked cakes will continue to rise in popularity – and if you have been thinking of the idea, you can definitely embrace it in the upcoming wedding season too. Decorate your naked cake with fresh flowers and fruit and guests will love its looks just as much as they will love its amazing taste!
  • In terms of wedding gowns, future trends seem to focus on metallic shades and lacy designs. What could be more glamorous, more feminine and more beautiful than these trends? And the best part about them is that they are virtually perfect for just about any type of wedding theme you may settle on!
  • Wedding photographers will put a lot more emphasis on naturalness and spontaneity – so you can expect to see less “staged” wedding photos and more spontaneous, candid wedding pictures.
  • In 2016, we have seen more and more seasonal and local flowers taking over the wedding world – and we can expect to see more of this in the upcoming months too. Furthermore, centerpieces will get more varied, with different types of centerpieces brought together in the same wedding décor – and even on the same tables too. So much room for creativity!

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Add a sense of uniqueness to your wedding ceremony programs

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Your wedding ceremony programs are a nice way of introducing your wedding guests to your love story. Therefore, it is only natural you want them to be really interesting and unique, so that they reflect the beautiful fairytale that has brought you all together on this special day.

What are some of the best and most special wedding ceremony program ideas? We have some tips for you – so read on if you’re searching for inspiration.

  • Be simple. There’s truly nothing more elegant than simplicity – so why not add your personal touch to the programs in a classy and non-complicated way? For example, you could design your programs from simple cardboard with a beautiful ribbon on top of it. Or, you could design a special stamp to use on the programs and all of the other pieces of day-of stationery.
  • Put in some props. Ceremonies are always very emotional – both for the couple and for their guests too. Add a small envelope to your wedding ceremony programs and place a handkerchief in – people will love this sentimental, beautiful idea!
  • Get playful. Want to add a bit of game into your wedding ceremony programs? Turn them into fun Mad Libs, allowing your guests to fill in answers forming hilarious sentences. These games will always remind people of childhood playfulness – and if you’re that kind of whimsical couple, this will surely reflect your love story.
  • Provide comfort. Planning your outdoor ceremony on a hot summer day? Attach woven fans to your ceremony programs so that your guests can keep themselves cool. Bright-colored programs and woven fans will look really stylish!

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Allow yourself to prepare for your wedding day by knowing some quick tips

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Food Art

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event – so it is only natural to want everything about it to be perfect. What are some quick tips to help you make sure your Big Day is flawless from multiple points of view? Read on and find out more.

  • Remember this: even if you are on a budget, it shouldn’t mean you will have anything that is considered “cheap”, inexpensive things can still be viewed as quite luxurious. In fact, if you want to successfully reconcile the fact that you are on a budget with the fact that you want a splendid wedding, shop for value. Choose those items that bring the most value to your wedding and skimp on anything but those items.
  • The vendors you work with are extremely important. There is no such thing such as “booking vendors too early”- so you can definitely start searching for the right ones as soon as possible. Make sure you choose vendors whose expertise you can actually trust – but, at the same time, keep in mind that this is your wedding and no piece of advice should be taken without considering your
  • Last, but not least, bear in mind that the wedding party will act as the leaders of the entire wedding as well. If they are on the dance floor all night long, it is a lot more likely that the other guests will follow their lead. On the other hand, if your bridal party is at the bar, the guests will most probably do the same.

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Avoid these music mistakes at your wedding to make sure your guests have a great time!

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There’s nothing more powerful than music – and this is precisely why your wedding music is really important for the success of your Big Day. What are some of the most important wedding music mistakes to avoid making at your wedding, though? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Not hiring a professional. Regardless of whether you decide to work with a DJ or with a band, hiring a music professional is more than important for your wedding. Using a USB to play music or having a friend may seem like better ideas from a financial point of view – but you should definitely think twice before settling for either of them.
  • Not making a list of songs. No matter how amazingly talented your DJ or band may be, you will still have to provide him/them with a list of songs you want and a list of songs you don’t want at your wedding. Otherwise, you cannot expect them to know what songs you like or dislike – and you might end up with a playlist that doesn’t suit you.
  • Not mixing genres. OK, you may be a big fan of heavy metal, country or traditional Indian music. But it is more than likely that your guests’ tastes in music are a lot more varied. Considering you want everyone to feel great at your wedding, creating a playlist that incorporates multiple genres and decades is absolutely crucial.

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