What Kind of Drinks Should You Serve at Your Wedding?

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Your New Orleans wedding is supposed to be fun and joyful – and not just for you, but for all the amazing people who have chosen to spend their time with you on this special day. Of course, you want to create the best ambiance at your wedding, and you want to delight your guests with the most amazing Southern foods as well.

But what about the drinks? What kind of drinks should you serve at your wedding? And how much of it should there be?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The open bar. This is a classic – but it’s also the most expensive option you have. If your budget is quite generous, having an open bar means that your guests can drink whatever they want, how much they want to (and you will pay a flat fee per person).
  • Beer and wine. Despite the popular belief, serving just beer and wine at your wedding can actually work out very well – and no, it isn’t tacky (it would actually be tackier to ask your guests to pay for their drinks). Even more, if you serve a good variety of beers and wines, your guests are bound to be more than happy with the drinks.
  • Signature cocktail. Want to add something special to your beer and wine bar? One or two signature cocktails can do the trick without pushing your bill over the limit. The great thing about this is that you can actually choose a cocktail that suits your style and your wedding – so it can look perfectly incorporated into the general wedding theme.
  • Unless you decide to go completely alcohol-free (which is also an option), the drinks available at your wedding should be plentiful. Expect people to get about 1-2 drinks during the cocktail hour and then 1 drink/ hour during the reception – so take this into consideration when planning your wedding bar.


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New Wedding Etiquette You Might Want to Remember

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Wedding etiquette is no longer a fixed set of rules. As society changes, etiquette adapts to its new forms of communication as well. What are some of the newest digital wedding etiquette rules you might want to remember when planning your wedding (as well as on the Big Day)? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • You can updated your relationship status on Facebook whenever you feel it’s OK. While we always advise brides to post their engagement ring pictures after calling their parents and close friends, we don’t have any specific “deadline” for the actual change of the relationship status on Facebook. You can do it as soon as you post the engagement ring picture, or you can do it in a few months – whatever feels right for you.
  • Stay away from sharing too many planning details. Aside from the fact that your guests want the wedding to be a surprise (so they don’t need to know all the table linens and flower vases you have chosen), it is also distasteful to share pricing details about anything. Everybody knows weddings get quite expensive, but you shouldn’t make your guests feel obligated to buy a bigger wedding gift by telling them how much their meal, seat, or wedding DJ costs!
  • Get social on your wedding day too. You will be too busy to tweet and post updates, but someone can actually do this for you. Assign someone with this task so that your wedding is “fully covered” on Twitter (they do it with big events, such as the Oscars and the VMAs, so why wouldn’t you be allowed to do the same?). Also, add a digital side to the Big Day by creating a special hashtag – one your guests can use to connect all the pictures they will share on the social media during the wedding.


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So, When Do You Have to Send the Save the Date Cards?

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We all know wedding planning and the etiquette associated with it can be quite confusing – especially today, when things seem to be changing from one month to the other.

Given that your Save the Date cards are very important, you don’t want them to be left to the aforementioned wedding planning confusion. So when do you have to send them, more exactly? We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First of all, you should know Save the Date cards are not absolutely mandatory. HOWEVER, they are important because it is a polite way to “grab dibs” on the guests and let them know well ahead of time that you are getting married and would like them to join in the celebration.
  • Generally, Save the Date cards should be sent out with about 6-8 months before the wedding date. This should give people plenty of time to plan in advance, take vacation days if needed, make travel arrangements, and so on. Your invitations should be sent 8 weeks before the wedding day too – so by that time, guests should decide if they can attend your wedding (and send back the RSVPs).
  • If you plan on having a destination wedding or a holiday weekend wedding, be sure to give your guests even more of a heads-up. Because these weddings need more preparation (and sometimes they can even include the cancelling of your guests’ plans), it is customary to send them out at least 9 months before the Big Day. Ideally, you should send them about 1 year ahead of the wedding date.


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How Often Should You Change the Registry?

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Your wedding registry can be a delicate issue, especially when you want to make sure nobody gets offended in any way. From the way you create it to the way you share it, all details matter when you want to make your guests’ gift buying experience as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Is it alright to change the wedding registry along the way – and how often should it be done? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Close up of woman hands holding red gift box for special event

  • Yes, it is actually recommended to change the wedding registry and update it throughout the wedding planning process – after all, you will have a lot of pre-wedding events, and your guests want to make sure they purchase gifts you don’t already own.
  • The first time you should update the registry is right before sharing it or posting it on your wedding website. It is not mandatory to change anything – but it give it one last check, to make certain everything is alright.
  • Furthermore, it is advised that you change your wedding registry after the bridal shower too (especially since it’s quite likely that you will have received a lot of the gifts in the list).
  • Last but not least, change your wedding registry right before the wedding. This is an excellent thing to do for guests who haven’t purchased any gifts yet. Make sure to include gifts they can easily purchase and send to your home or bring at the reception!

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Have You Mailed Your Wedding Invitations?

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Your wedding invitations are among the first things you have to handle as a newly-engaged couple (and they are really important!). Remember, though: invitations are more than just the design itself, so you will have to make sure they actually reach your guests as well.

How to mail your wedding invitations and what are some of the most important tips to know about this? We have some tips for you so read on and find out more.

  • Avoid odd-shaped invitations. We know you want to be unique and that’s totally understandable. However, if budget is a concern for you, then you might want to avoid invitations that are anything but rectangular, as the postal office will most likely charge you for any odd-shaped envelopes.
  • Don’t just drop them off. It might seem easier, faster, and more comfortable to drop them into a street mailbox – but truth be told, this also means the invitations may not get to their destination in one piece. To be safe, enter the actual postal office and send them from there.
  • Ask to have them hand-cancelled. Some postal offices use an automatized system to sort out the invitations, but this might damage them in the process. To ensure your envelopes will not be ruined, ask the postal office to hand-cancel them.
  • Use tissue paper to separate the different parts of the invitation suite. Not only does this look really pretty, but it also helps you avoid smudges (especially if you used dark ink or thermography to print your invitations).

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Common questions brides ask in regards to their big day

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As a bride, you want everything about your big day to be really amazing – and yet, no matter how much reading and pinning you may do, there may still be questions you haven’t found an answer to yet. We are here to help you with this – so we have gathered some of the most common questions brides ask in regards to their big day. Read on and find out more.


  • Do you have to wear a wedding veil? If yes, when will you take it off? These days, there are no actual rules as to whether or not you have to wear a wedding veil. If you find the wedding veil to be mysterious and delicate, you can definitely wear it too. Take it off after the ceremony – but remember, it is preferable that your hair stylist shows your Maid of Honor how to do this without ruining the hairstyle.
  • Is there an appropriate way to kiss? No, not really. As long as you are decent, you can definitely go beyond a simple peck. Show off your love and seal your marriage with your first kiss as husband and wife!
  • Which side should you stand on at the ceremony? This depends on where you are having your ceremony and whether or not it is a religious one. In a church, the bride stands in the left side and the groom stands in the right side (and their guests follow their lead).

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