Nothing should shadow your wedding day. This is a magical event in your life and you deserve to be the happiest person on Earth. Yet, how do you make sure you don’t have any kind of regrets on your wedding day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Book very good day-of wedding professionals. You will definitely regret not paying a bit more for a decent photographer or for a DJ who actually understands how wedding “crowds” function. Put in the extra-work, run your research, and choose vendors who are really amazing at what they do.
  • Not eating before the actual wedding. Trust us, this is going to be a crazy day, so you should absolutely have something to eat before you start getting ready. You need the energy – and eating during the wedding may not be as easy as you think…
  • Not prioritizing comfort. Yes, stiletto heels look gorgeous, and oversized wedding dresses do look amazingly “fairytale-like”. But do you really want to spend the most amazing day of your life feeling utterly uncomfortable? Probably not…
  • Not spending some time alone with your loved one. We’ll say it as it is: on your wedding day, all the spotlights will be on you and your partner. And while this is definitely energizing, it can also be quite tiresome – so make sure to take a brief break with your SO and “run” away from the all the eyes, even if just for 10 minutes.

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Photo source: nparekhcards