These Southern-Inspired Cakes Are PERFECT for Your Big Day!

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If there’s one thing that’s universally true, it’s that everyone loves cake.

Well, sure, there might be people who don’t eat cake for a lot of reasons – but even so, it is fair to assume that at least 95% of the people invited to a wedding will not only appreciate cake, but genuinely look forward towards it as well.

We know how important it is for you to create a wedding menu that is unique and unforgettable –so below, we have gathered some of the most special Southern-inspired cakes you can serve at your wedding. Read on and find your inspiration!

  • A carrot cake with exotic touches. Carrot cake is quite unique on its own, and those who have developed a taste for it know that it cannot be compared to anything else. If you want to delight your wedding guests with a cake that’s really special, opt for a carrot cake with exotic touches incorporated in it (e.g. pineapple, banana frosting, and so on).
  • Berry lemon cake. We all know just how Southern lemon cake is – and when it comes to summer weddings, it is very easy to understand why this specific type of cake takes center stage for many brides and grooms. Our suggestion? Add something a little deeper to it to make it friendlier for multiple types of guests. Blueberries can be a really nice addition, and they will work wonderfully with the citrusy touches of the lemon!
  • Fudge ice cream pie. Oh, my – this is the kind of dessert that goes beyond the usual in so many ways. The fact that it combines fudge and ice cream should tell you enough about just how opulent and sinful this cake is (in the most delicious sense of the word, of course!). Serve this as your wedding cake for a summer wedding and guests will line up for second (and even third!) servings!
  • Millionaire Pie. This vintage Southern dessert is so delicious that it is hard to understand why it has been absent for so long! Creamy, gelatinous, and fruity, the Millionaire Pie is the perfect dessert for every single type of guest!


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Lovely Southern Wedding Cake Ideas Everyone Will Appreciate

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Regardless of whether your guests come from the South or not, you want to make sure that each and every single one of the has an amazing time at your New Orleans wedding.

Of course, the music, the food, the décor – they will all play a huge role. But have you thought of a cake to go with your Southern wedding theme?

If not, and if you’re still looking for options, we have some pretty amazing ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • Red Velvet Coconut Cream Cheese. There’s something unique that makes a red velvet cake quintessentially Southern – and given the romantic color and the beauty of these cakes, one of them would definitely make for a really nice addition to a wedding. The taste, the coconut fragrance, the smooth cream cheese frosting – they will be a delight for every single guest!
  • Poppy Seed. This amazing cake is perfect for those of you who love rich taste and The cake can be “dressed” to suit your wedding color scheme, and its taste is bound to satisfy even the pickiest of your wedding guests. It’s a win-win situation altogether!
  • Strawberry Cake. This triple-decker Southern dessert works wonderfully for spring and summer weddings – its fruity taste, its amazing color, and its entire vibe are just perfect for this kind of events. Since triple decker Southern strawberry cakes are usually smaller than the average wedding cake, they are a wonderful option for intimate events. If you have a lot of guests and really want to serve them this cake, supplement the main triple-decker with mini strawberry cakes – people will love how this looks!
  • Lemon Orange Chiffon Cake. This refreshing cake with a powerful citric taste is an amazing option for spring and summer weddings, but its colors could make for a nice pastel addition to a fall wedding too. The recipe behind this cake is very Southern (although expect it to be popular all across the United States and around the world). People will absolutely love both the taste and the looks of it!


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