It’s Definitely Worth Investing in These Reception Splurges

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We’ve said it before and we will always say it again: if you are like 99.99% of the couples, you cannot afford breaking the bank to pay for your wedding. Therefore, you will want to make sure your Big Day falls within the boundaries of a pre-specified budget.

What happens when you need to splurge on certain items? Are they really worth it? We think people should be very attentive with their finances when planning a wedding – but the following splurges are more than worth it! Read on and find out more.

  • The ceremony backdrop. You only say “I Do” once – and it should be magical. A flower arch, balloons, blackboards with cute messages on them – each couple is different. Don’t be afraid to splurge here, even if the rest of the ceremony is not as luxuriously-decorated. Trust us, it will be more than worth it!
  • The welcome bags. Having out of town guests? If yes, you should know it is customary to expect them with a welcome bag. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive, but it has to be qualitative and thoughtful. Your guests will more than appreciate this gesture!
  • The lighting. Even the dullest space can be completely transformed with a few flower bouquets and an abundance of good lighting. Whether you want candles or colored lights, it’s up to you – but don’t be afraid to invest in a good company to provide you with this service.

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Top wedding budget blunders to be aware of

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Your wedding budget is of the utmost importance. Sure, this is a once in a lifetime kind of event – and sure, you want it to be splendid from all points of view. Does this mean you have to get into long-term financial trouble, though?

Of course it doesn’t – and this is precisely why you need to be ultra-careful with some of the most common wedding budget blunders. Read on and find out more about this.

  • Not reading all the fine print. Your vendor contracts are crucial – and yes, you really need to read them. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra for things you were completely unprepared for. Better be informed from the very beginning and know exactly what you are signing and how much each service will cost you!
  • Doing things just because “that’s how they should be done”. Regardless of how traditional or unconventional your wedding may be, etiquette will still play a part. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to fall into the trap of doing everything just because tradition dictates it. Do things your own way, stick to your budget, and your wedding will be really amazing – we promise!
  • Allowing everyone to pressure you into paying for things you cannot afford. From giving everyone the chance to come with a plus-one (even if they are not in a serious relationship) to allowing your groomsmen decide on an open bar in your place, there are a lot of ways to fall into peer pressure when planning a wedding. Truth be told, this is one of the worst financial mistakes you can make.

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No bride should be stressed before the big day! Take a look at some tips to help you relax

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Wedding planning is never easy, but that doesn’t mean that you should simply surrender to chaos and stress – much less one week before the big “I Do”! In fact, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure everything goes according to planned and that you can actually enjoy the days before you get married.

What are these things? What are the best tips to remember if you want to be a relaxed bride? Read on and find out more.

  • Create a timeline. This will help you stick to a pre-established plan, so that things don’t go chaotic and you can actually get the time to relax and enjoy yourself in the days leading to the wedding.
  • Delegate people. If you feel that you’ve got a million-and-one tasks to run, make sure you ask for help. No bride should be alone in her wedding planning efforts, so ask your Maid of Honor, mom, dad and everyone else to help you with tasks at hand.
  • Break in your shoes. Take some time to break in your shoes – the last thing you want is achy feet as you walk down the aisle! Also, remember to put on your dress one last time before the big day and see how it looks with the shoes and accessories on.
  • Get some rest and pamper yourself. You deserve this. It’s been a long and winding wedding planning process and you should get some rest to make sure you shine on your wedding day. Go to a spa, spend time with your fiancé and with your friends and savor every second of this amazing week!

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Make sure you know how to save the most money for your wedding by creating the best budget!

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Food Art Inc.

Your wedding is such a special and unforgettable moment in your life! Magical, precious and truly one-of-a-kind, this event will require all of your attention during the planning process.


If you are like just about every other bride in the world, money is usually a big part of the wedding – so creating a clear budget and saving money are surely among your top priorities.


How to do it, though? How to plan your dream wedding on a small budget? How to save big with your Big Day? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The guest list. Like it or not, this is one of the most important ways to save money on your wedding, so make sure you check your guest list and see how many people you can actually afford inviting.


  • The flowers. You don’t need flowers to be delivered from the other side of the world to create a stunning décor for your wedding. Also, you don’t need off-season flowers either! Truth be told, every season and every country offers flowers that are truly beautiful, so you can definitely include them in your décor!


  • The ceremony site and the venue. If you plan on having a spring or fall wedding, choose an outdoor location for it. Parks, reservations and flower gardens can make for the perfect backdrop for a gorgeously romantic wedding – and they tend to be cheaper to rent than traditional sites and venues.


  • The dress and the formalwear. Looking good on your wedding day is so important for you! Therefore, if you have your heart absolutely set on a designer piece, you can save a lot of money by simply replacing the fabric. As for the formalwear, going for classic black-and-white non-designer tuxedoes can work marvelously. They are a lot less expensive, they can be customized with beautiful boutonnieres and bow-ties and they will look classic and elegant.


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