Mac and Cheese Recipes Perfect for Your Wedding


Few dishes can be as satisfying and as happiness-inducing as a big serving of mac and cheese. They might not be the healthiest option and they might pile up quickly on your hips if you over-indulge – but since you don’t get married every day, your wedding day might actually be a great time to serve one (or more) mac and cheese dishes. With the entire “comfort food” trend going on, this type of dish is bound to please just about everyone at your wedding!

What are some of the very best mac and cheese recipes to delight your guests with on the Big Day? Read on and find out more.

  • Classic, baked. If you just love the classic baked macaroni recipe, there’s no reason to change it, right? It’s a recipe all of your guests can relate to – and most likely the mac and cheese recipe they are most used to. Call back to their childhood memories and make them feel really happy with a plate of deliciously cheesy macaroni!
  • With leeks, Cheddar, and mustard. When you look at this dish from afar, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference when compared with the classic version. However, this one is filled with the strong flavor of green onions, and the mustard adds some tanginess. People will just love this unique take on a very comforting dish!
  • 4-cheese. Want your mac and cheese to be even richer in both terms of taste and looks? How about making it really special, with multiple types of cheese (yes, you can totally include fancy Swiss or Italian cheeses if you want to!). Love bacon? Include that as well, or how about adding bits of delicious Italian sausage? Your guests will love this rich, decadent mac and cheese recipe!
  • Crayfish Mac N Cheese. Want your mac and cheese to be very New Orleans in nature? Add crayfish to the mix. Or how about making it even more New Orleans in flavor by adding a little seafood bowl to your cheesy béchamel sauce?  It will be a dish that your guests will talk about for years to come!

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Should You Have a Separate Menu for Kids?

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As you plan the perfect menu for your New Orleans wedding, you have a lot of decisions to make. Will you have a buffet or seated service? Will you offer steak or chicken? Will the cake be your dessert? If you’re also having kids at your wedding, you’ll have to decide whether they should have a special menu.

The general rule of thumb is that kids who are 13 or over can be expected to eat the same menu as adults. Younger children might require a different meal, though. Depending on what you’re serving, it might not be appropriate for younger palates, and the portion sizes might be far too big.


If you’re planning a buffet-style meal, you shouldn’t need to make any changes. Parents will often be more than able to find the right food for their children from the foods included in your buffet.

If you have concerns, it can be a good idea to speak to the parents of any children to find out specific requirements. As an experienced New Orleans wedding caterer, we can also offer you plenty of help with your menu, so give us a call today!

Colorful Food Choices for Your Wedding

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While most menu choices are based on your personal tastes, it is quite true that people eat with their eyes first. This is why beautifully presented, colorful foods are perfect for your wedding menu.

Fresh vegetables are a great way to add bold color and nutrition to your wedding meal. Moving beyond the dull colors of chicken breast and mashed potatoes will make your guests love the food you serve as soon as they see it.


Brightly colored foods can also be very flavorful. The best foods of the New Orleans region are full of spices and flavors, while also being beautiful. Colorful foods will delight your guests’ senses and whet their palate in anticipation.

A variety of foods with varying texture, height, and color will add to your guests’ all-around enjoyment. To find out more about bright, colorful and delicious foods for your New Orleans wedding, give us a call today!

Ice Cream Sandwiches for Your Wedding Day

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This past week included Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which gave us inspiration for the perfect warm weather wedding dessert. Ice cream sandwiches are a treat you and your guests will love. Don’t just think of the vanilla ice cream and chocolate cookie variety you grew up with, though.


  • French inspiration: With macarons still a huge culinary trend, incorporate these lovely little French cookies into your ice cream sandwiches. A lightly crunchy macaron can be paired with a delicate and unusual ice cream flavor, such as lavender.
  • Southern specialty: A thin slice of red velvet cake can replace the cookie, and is perfectly paired with a pecan praline ice cream for a true Southern style ice cream sandwich.
  • Fresh and fruity: Don’t limit the ideas to traditional ice cream, either. A fresh fruit sorbet is a perfect filler, and can be paired with a variety of cakes and cookies.

Whatever flavor you choose, offering fabulous ice cream sandwiches can be a fun and delicious touch for your wedding day. They can also be served as your main dessert, or as a late night treat. To find out more about creating customized ice cream treats for your New Orleans wedding day, give us a call today!


A Perfect Pescetarian Menu

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Pescetarians often get left with the vegetarian option at a wedding, but if you and your fiancé are pescetarians, you can offer a menu with both options. You don’t need to offer a traditional meat option for your guests, and a seafood menu is often a welcome choice.


The perfect pescetarian menu should have a fantastic starter. A seafood bisque is a wonderful choice for colder months, and a cool ceviche is a great choice in the summer. Offer a vegetarian option, too, such as tomato bisque or bruchetta.

For the main course, you can offer a single fish option and a single vegetarian option, or give guests two seafood choices. Grilled salmon fillets or tuna steaks are choices that your meat-eating guests will love, but don’t be afraid to go with your personal favorites.

Any menu can include a beautiful dessert course, too. Whether this is slices of your wedding cake or something else, such as a crème brulee or melting chocolate fondant, your guests will love this sweet treat at the end of their meal.

To find out more about planning a pescetarian menu for your New Orleans wedding, give us a call today!

Fourth of July Barbecue Inspired Menu

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Do you love celebrating the Fourth of July and want to incorporate your favorite barbecue foods into your wedding menu? It’s easy to do and can be great fun for your and your guests.


For your cocktail hour, you can offer guests small bite versions of barbecue standards. Tiny hot dogs and sliders are a great choice, but you can also include fantastic flavors like grilled vegetable and shrimp kebabs.

If you’re adding a barbecue touch to your main course, consider using high-end versions of your favorites. Ribs can be tasty, but guests at a formal event might not appreciate the mess. Instead, consider a barbecue pork main that captures the flavors that you love.

Don’t forget dessert in your Independence Day wedding menu, though! Whether it’s a delicious apple pie, a patriotic red, white, and blue parfait, or a grown-up twist on s’mores, there are plenty of wonderful dessert choices to fit your theme menu.

To find out more about how to create the perfect themed menu for your Fourth of July inspired wedding, get in touch. We can help with this and all your New Orleans catering needs.

Coffee Desserts Are a Perfect Pick-Me-Up

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By the time your wedding guests get to dessert, they might be getting a bit tired, and you might be, too. A great way to pick them up is to offer a coffee dessert on your wedding menu!

Coffee desserts can come in a wide variety. Whether it’s a classic coffee and chocolate combination — either as a rich and gooey brownie or a smooth and luxurious torte — or a creamier choice like a coffee creme brulee, coffee desserts are a delicious choice.


You can also offer decaf versions of many coffee desserts, whether through using decaf coffee or omitting the coffee in them for guests who need to avoid caffeine. Offering a half-caff dessert plate is also a tasty option, where you can combine something creamy or fruity with the rich coffee dessert.

Of course, don’t feel like you need to limit coffee to dessert! Coffee treats are perfect for a cocktail hour, evening buffet, or any other time of your wedding. To find out more about how to bring a bit of buzz to your New Orleans wedding menu, give us a call today!