Your guests have spent their time (and money!) to be there for you on this special day of your life. Some of them have even traveled a long way to make sure they are participating in this huge, life-changing event. Of course, they deserve all of your gratitude – and this is precisely why it is really important to send them genuine, heartfelt Thank You notes.

What are some of the best Thank You notes ideas to inspire you? We have gathered them right below – so read on and “steal” some tips!

  • Say it with sparklers. Will you have a late evening wedding? Sneak out with your spouse and your photographer and “write” the letters to “Thank You” in the air, using sparklers. This will look festive and beautiful – and, with the help of a good photographer, it will also be gorgeously captured in pictures you can actually use as Thank You notes.
  • Use a chalkboard. We all know how popular chalkboards are these days – so why not use one to send out your message? Write your Thank You on a chalkboard and have your photographer capture this. Guests will love the naturalness and sincerity of this Thank You card!
  • On your favorite book. Is there a book that defines your relationship and love story? If so, write your Thank You on the pages of this book and have the photographer capture it. Sentimental and beautiful, these Thank You cards will speak so much about you and who you are as a couple!

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