4 Delicious Sweet Tea Twists for the Perfect Summer Wedding Drinks

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Summer is finally right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen – and for all of us, it also means there’s a whole new wedding season waiting to explode with lush florals, gorgeous wedding dresses, and amazing love stories.

If you plan on having a summer wedding in New Orleans, we bet you’ll want to make sure your guests are properly cooled off with the best drinks in town – and what could be better for a Southern Wedding, other than sweet tea?

Following, we have gathered 4 sweet tea ideas you will definitely love including in your wedding day – so read on and find out more if you need a dash of inspiration.

  • Pineapple sweet tea. Add an exotic touch to the classic Southern sweet tea by adding pineapple to it. Not only it tastes great, but it looks pretty amazing too, which makes it perfect for a wedding. The way to make this sweet tea is very similar to the classic recipe – the only exceptions are the you use chunks of frozen pineapple and ice cubes for cooling, as well as the fact that you use pineapple juice in the tea mix.
  • Peach sweet tea. Looking for a fruity sweet tea, but not necessarily something very exotic? Peach sweet tea is perfect for you then! The best way to do this (and make sure you get that delicious peach flavor into your tea) is by making a peach syrup to use when sweetening up the tea (after it’s cooled down). The same method can be used with pretty much any type of fruit.
  • Vodka sweet tea. Want your sweet tea to be served as a cocktail, rather than a refreshment? Add vodka to the mix! Our advice is to use fruit-flavored vodka (whichever you find best), and to create a mixture of fruit syrups for the sweet tea. This way, you can create something really unique your guests are bound to enjoy!
  • Sangria sweet tea. White wine, sweet tea, berries, peaches, and mint – that’s all you need to turn a simple sweet tea into a sangria cocktail everyone will absolutely love. There’s really nothing not to like about this drink!


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Create a Stunning Summer Wedding Decor

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Summer may be halfway through – but we bet there are many of you still planning your beautiful summer weddings. Naturally, you want your Big Day to look absolutely stunning – and we’re here to help with some of the trendiest, most aesthetically-appealing summer wedding décor ideas. Read on and steal some inspiration!

  • Flowers everywhere…even in the ice buckets themselves! Want to make sure you wow your guests with the kind of wedding décor they’ve never seen before? Create some ice buckets filled with flowers – they are more than suitable for the season, and they are absolutely perfect for a cocktail, casual, or garden-inspired wedding. So pretty!
  • Fedoras as wedding favors. Of course, your wedding favors should be seasonal-themed as well – and what could be trendier, prettier, or more suitable, other than fedora hats? Hang them on a pretty display and guests will be more than appreciative of these small gestures of gratefulness!
  • Serve beer…in a vintage cart. Want to save money on your bar bill, but still get that unique effect everyone will love? Create a vintage cart and place loads of ice and beer in it. People will love grabbing a drink from this adorable spot!
  • Accessorize your bridesmaids…with pretty parasols. Want your bridesmaids to be stylishly walking down the aisle, announcing your own big entrance? Well, you could allow them to hold beautiful parasols instead of the traditional bouquets. Not only will these be more practical, but they will look amazing in the pictures too!

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Photo by Kats Weil on Unsplash