Amazing Southern Sandwiches You Can Actually Serve at Your Wedding 

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Who doesn’t love a good sandwich as a snack?  

Here in the South, we take sandwiches to a whole new dimension: we make them more than just tasty snacks, we make them feel like celebrations in their own right! 

And this is precisely why sandwiches can make for a really great addition to any wedding menu – whether you serve them full-size or as mini’s or sliders, youre guaranteed to see guests happy as soon as they take a bite.  

What are some of the best sandwiches of Southern inspiration to serve at your wedding?  

We have some ideas for you – so keep reading if you want to find out more.  

  • Tomato sandwich. This might sound way too simple to be delicious – but we promise, it’s a real treat! All you need is good bread, mayo, and very, very fresh tomatoes. That’s it. The perfect snack for a summer wedding – fresh, tasty, and really easy on the stomach (just enough to provide people with some energy for a few more dances). Not only is this delish, but it’s also a great choice for your vegetarian guests too – and if you choose a vegan mayo option, your completely non-egg, non-dairy friends will be more than happy with this snack too 
  • Fried chicken and biscuit. Bringing two of the ultimate Southern foods together? Of course, all the time – and even more so on a special occasion like your wedding day! There’s something seriously satisfying about this sandwich: the texture of the biscuit and the crunchiness of the chicken go perfectly well together, creating a true feast for any foodie. While this might not be the healthiest thing out there – you only get married once, right? So why not pamper your guests with something indulgent and delicious like this?  
  • Ham and cheese biscuit. Looking for a slightly lighter version of the aforementioned chicken sandwich? Try it with ham and cheese! It sounds very simple, but with the right ham and the right cheese, your biscuits will turn into little bites of heavenly deliciousness. What more could you want?  


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4 Ways to Serve Southern Food at Your Wedding

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Even if you don’t want to have a traditionally Southern wedding, including at least one or two Southern dishes can make your wedding feel more like “home” and have your guests asking for seconds. 

So how can you best serve Southern food at a wedding that’s not going for a full, traditional Southern menu 

We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on and find out more. 


  • Take one staple dish and make it your centrepiece. If you want to celebrate the food of back home regardless of where you are, bring in the food that defines your hometown. If there are multiple dishes people associate with the place you consider home, pick the one that you love the most. This will add a personal touch to your entire wedding menu, making it really special from every point of view. Plus, be sure to let your guests know about the history of the dish.  If you had it on special occasions growing up, sharing that with your guests will make it even more special. 
  • Ask your mom to make her favorite (and your favorite). It could be a special cookie recipe, or a special casserole – whatever it is, if your mom has a family recipe you have always loved, including this in your wedding is truly one of the best things you can do if you want to make your Big Day feel really special.  Your mom will love all the compliments that she gets too!  
  • Serve a tasting portion. People absolutely love comfort foods served in small portions, so why not bring a Southern recipe into your Big Day, as a treat? For instance, if you love fried chicken, why not serve it at your wedding in mini portions? Or if you love the burgers back home with a special sauce, why not include the mini version in your Big Day? Regardless of whether or not your guests are already familiar with Southern cuisine, they are bound to love these treats.  
  • Talk to your caterer about their Southern options Even if youre not planning a full Southern wedding, your caterer may have some options and suggestions to help you incorporate one or more Southern dishes into your Big Day.  A skilled caterer may be able to adjust the menu to incorporate one or two Southern dishes regardless of whether you are having a very formal and elegant wedding or a rustic outdoor celebration Remember, food brings people together, and food has the power to tell amazing stories – so don’t be afraid to include some Southern dishes at your wedding!

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These Roast Chicken Ideas Are a Sure-fire Way to Satisfy Wedding Guests

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Your wedding is a very special event – both for you, as the bride and groom, and for your guests. Obviously, you want them to have a great time attending your wedding – and food plays a huge role in this.  

As always, chicken is a fool proof food choice. It’s the kind of food that everyone enjoys regardless of how young or old they may be, regardless of their general taste in food, regardless of where they come from. 

What are some of the very best roast chicken ideas you could serve at your wedding? We have some recommendations for you 

  • Garlic roast chicken. Simple and delicious, this chicken tastes like home. There’s something irresistible about the garlic on the chicken – something that makes the meat taste better and feel better as well. And if you want your chicken to be even tastier, a few wedges of lemon tossed in the pan (or even stuffed inside the chicken) can do wonders! Pair this with brussel sprouts and carrots cooked in the same pan – all the flavors will meld and create something rich and delicious! 
  • Molasses roast chicken. If you are looking for a roast chicken dish that’s surprising and unique, this is a great option! The chicken itself will have an incredible depth of flavor and that incomparably soft and juicy meat you crave. This is because the molasses brine you add to it helps tenderize the meat. The molasses will not only add sweetness to this mix, but its specific flavour will give your guests something unexpected 
  • Roast chicken salad. Who doesn’t love a well-made Caesar’s salad? Chances are that all of your guests will recognize and love it. For a smoky effect, toss roasted chicken into this salad – it’s an excellent source of protein (great for guests who get hungry waiting for you and your new hubby to be done taking photos) and it gives the salad some substance beyond lettuce and croutons 
  • Roast chicken with herbs. This is a timeless classic. You can also make your roast chicken taste more exotic by adding Mediterranean flavors to it, like rosemary, fennel, and sage. A bunch of herbs inspired by the sunny beaches of Italy and Greece will instantly upgrade you whole chicken-based dish!  


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One-Dish Foods for Your Southern Wedding? Yes, Of Course!

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A lot of brides and grooms think that “wedding-worthy” food has to be really sophisticated. They also often feel the pressure to have fancy dishes because they think that’s what their guests expect when it comes to wedding cuisine.

While that might be valid in some circumstances (e.g. very elegant and luxurious black-tie weddings), the truth is that most weddings can be splendidly successful events with menus featuring dishes that are delicious but simple.

In fact, recent wedding trends have shown that most wedding guests wish the food to be simply good – they don’t actually expect fancy dishes, and they are frequently happier with classic foods that remind them of home.

One-dish entrée are a perfect example of this.

What are some great one-dish options you should consider including in your Southern wedding? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Pork chops with squash and potatoes. This simple dish is comforting and delicious – and you really don’t need more from an entrée on your wedding menu. When made by a skilled caterer, it’s hard to go wrong with this dish. It’s an option that’s bound to be appreciated by many of your guests!
  • Baked pasta with tomato sauce. Baked pasta has something almost magical about it: it is universally appreciated by adults and children alike, it’s easy to pull off, and it’s satisfying for everyone. The secret lies in using quality tomato sauce and adding basil to it – this simple dish will explode with flavor and it will be a truly good option for your vegetarian guests too!
  • Chicken rice bowls. You really can’t go wrong with this one either: it has chicken (which, as everyone knows, is universally popular), it has rice, and it has vegetables. It’s a great one-dish entrée that will remind your guests of homemade dinners and cozy family moments. Precisely what you want your wedding food to achieve, right?
  • Bean cassoulet and cornmeal dumplings. Looking for a warm and comforting dish that even people who are not familiar it will appreciate? This one-dish dinner is usually made with three types of beans (like garbanzo, white, and butter beans) – but feel free to go wild with as many as you want for a bit of extra variety.


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Delicious Fall Foods You Could Incorporate in Your Southern Wedding

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Nothing compares to a hearty dinner on a fall evening – and if you are planning your New Orleans wedding this fall, you definitely want to incorporate that comforting, welcoming vibes into your Big Day.

What are some delicious Southern fall dinners you could bring into your wedding menu? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Beef chili. Heart-warming (and spicy on the tongue), comforting, delicious. Who doesn’t love a well-made chili? Include this in your wedding as the main dish and you are guaranteed to get the applause of everyone present – because, yes, everyone loves chili, especially when temperatures chill down (pun intended!).
  • Brocoli and rice cheesy casserole. OK, this is not necessarily “native” to Louisiana, but it’s the kind of food you can definitely “travel” with cross-states. If you’re looking for something that’s both comforting and incorporates at least a bit of greens in it, this is the perfect recipe!
  • Chicken pot pie. What could be more satisfying than popping into a pot pie to discover deliciously-well-cooked chicken and veggies inside? We bet this is going to be the star of the fall wedding season – so much so that your guests will come back for second servings. Hot, versatile, delicious – the perfect fall recipe to include in a Southern wedding!
  • Chicken and dumplings. Everyone loves chicken – and a creamy bowl of chicken and dumpling will definitely warm your guests’ bodies (and souls) on a cool fall evening. There’s just nothing that can be compared to the taste and texture of this! People who’ve never had this dish will definitely ask you for the recipe!
  • Sweet potato soup (or pumpkin soup). Looking for a fall-infused soup that’s also looks like it belongs to the season? A bowl of sweet potato soup (or pumpkin cream soup) will be so, so satisfying for each and every guest! Spicy and sweet at the same time, comforting, colorful, this kind of food is just perfect for fall dinners – and your wedding guests will definitely love it!


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Yes, You Can Totally Have Low-Carb Southern Foods at Your Wedding!

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Here at Food Art Inc, we love Southern Cuisine – and we know that, as a Louisiana couple about to get married, you love it too.

However, we also know that some of you may be searching for healthier alternatives when it comes to your wedding menu.

Can you serve low-carb Southern foods at your wedding, for example?

Yes, you totally CAN – and following, we have gathered some of the most popular recipes in this direction. Read on and find out more.

  • Cauliflower grits topped with shrimp. Grits are a quintessentially Southern food, and if you really want this dish on your wedding table without all the carbs that come with the “original” version of the recipe, you can always replace it with “cauliflower grits”. You will love this alternative!
  • Carb-free Southern chicken. Who doesn’t love fried chicken? For a low-carb alternative, skip the wheat flour and replace it with coconut flour. Not only will this keep your (and your guests’) carb intake in the lower range, but it will also add a special, exotic tint to your deep-fried chicken. It’s a win-win situation, really!
  • Pulled pork sandwiches. You won’t be able to use actual bread to pair your delish pulled pork with – but cabbage leaves are a wonderful option. Just serve your slow-cooked, tender pulled pork wrapped in cabbage or salad leaves and your guests will love it – regardless of whether or not they follow a low-carb diet.
  • Crab bisque. Another quintessential Southern food you definitely don’t have to skip altogether if you want a low-carb wedding menu. Just replace the dairy in it with delicious coconut milk and you’ll get the same consistency, and the same amazing taste (if not better, considering the great taste the coconut milk will add to the mix). You and your guests will LOVE this!
  • Cajun catfish. If you want to serve something really unique, catfish is what you are looking for. A low-carb version of this recipe doesn’t need much alteration – just use olive oil instead of butter and try to use homemade, natural, or bio spices. Other than that, this is a healthy dish every single guest will enjoy!


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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Planning Your Southern Wedding Menu

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Planning a New Orleans wedding is always difficult – not because you’re not having fun, or because this isn’t something you really want, but because there’s a huge amount of details that have to be considered. On top of it all, the pressure you put on yourself for everything to turn out perfectly can turn the entire planning process into a pretty stressful one.

What are the mistakes you really don’t want to make when planning your Southern wedding menu? We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Leaving the potato salad too much out in the heat. Potato salads are delicious – but they can turn into a health risk if they’re kept for far too long outside, in the heat. So, if you plan on having a Southern summer wedding, either skip the potato salad altogether, or make sure it’s properly cooled throughout the entire wedding (especially if it’s an outdoor event). Keep in mind: this stands just as true for any mayo-based foods, including, but not limited to deviled eggs, egg salad, and so on.
  • Only opting for very heavy dishes. Southern cuisine is full with amazing, delicious foods – and a lot of them are quite heavy. Don’t overload your wedding menu with these foods alone – there are plenty of lighter options out there too, and they are just as delicious.
  • Putting bacon on everything. Hey, we’re with you on this: bacon is amazing. But putting bacon on every single appetizer at your wedding is likely to cause some frustration among some of your guests (especially those who might follow more restrictive diets). Infuse one of the appetizers with bacon and leave the other bacon-free to make sure everyone is able to enjoy their deliciousness.
  • Serving any kind of messy foods. Nothing can be as comforting as a big pulled pork sandwich or a sloppy joe – but they might not be the best idea for a wedding. Unless you can serve these in mini versions that are bite-sized and unlikely to cause staining, it’s probably better to refrain from serving them altogether.


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