Wedding etiquette is no longer a fixed set of rules. As society changes, etiquette adapts to its new forms of communication as well. What are some of the newest digital wedding etiquette rules you might want to remember when planning your wedding (as well as on the Big Day)? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • You can updated your relationship status on Facebook whenever you feel it’s OK. While we always advise brides to post their engagement ring pictures after calling their parents and close friends, we don’t have any specific “deadline” for the actual change of the relationship status on Facebook. You can do it as soon as you post the engagement ring picture, or you can do it in a few months – whatever feels right for you.
  • Stay away from sharing too many planning details. Aside from the fact that your guests want the wedding to be a surprise (so they don’t need to know all the table linens and flower vases you have chosen), it is also distasteful to share pricing details about anything. Everybody knows weddings get quite expensive, but you shouldn’t make your guests feel obligated to buy a bigger wedding gift by telling them how much their meal, seat, or wedding DJ costs!
  • Get social on your wedding day too. You will be too busy to tweet and post updates, but someone can actually do this for you. Assign someone with this task so that your wedding is “fully covered” on Twitter (they do it with big events, such as the Oscars and the VMAs, so why wouldn’t you be allowed to do the same?). Also, add a digital side to the Big Day by creating a special hashtag – one your guests can use to connect all the pictures they will share on the social media during the wedding.


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