Choosing the perfect wedding theme is crucial for your Big Day’s success and beauty – and truly, there’s almost no other theme to be as popular and as in-demand as the country-chic one. How to bring it on your wedding tables, though? We’ve gathered the best tips of advice for you – so read on and create your own farm-to-table wedding theme!


  • The tables should be long and rectangular. They can definitely be uncovered, – so don’t worry about table linens too much. However, if you don’t want table linens, you should definitely add a table runner to the mix. It can be colored, it can be dashingly elegant, or they can be vintage – whichever suits you best. Last, but definitely not least, the color of the wood can make a huge difference, with darker colors being more elegant (and suitable for mountainside weddings), and lighter colors being a bit more casual.
  • The color theme should go well with the natural appearance of the wooden tables. Yet, the great news about this is that wooden touches can be extremely versatile – so feel free to use bright colors for a pop of energy and playfulness, greenery and white for timeless elegance, or even dark colors for a unique and almost mysterious appearance.
  • Last, but not least, the flowers should stand out as well. Roses and peonies are always a classic, but you can definitely go beyond that as well – for example orchids, wild flowers, and even all-green arrangements are hugely popular among brides and grooms.

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Photo source: nuestraherenciaco