These days, it is not absolutely mandatory that a bride takes her husband’s last name – and while there may be reasons not to do this, there are plenty of them to convince you to do it as well. Why would you want to take your husband’s last name after the wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • It bonds you together – and it shows the world just how committed you are. Taking the husband’s last name shows you are really into this – but more than anything, it is symbolical of the family you are just starting. Plus, taking his name shows the world you are really off the market for good as well.
  • It’s easier for the kids. If you plan on having children, taking the husband’s last name will make it easier for them to understand what a family is. Given that the vast majority of the wives take their husbands’ names after marriage, it might be confusing for the little ones to know that you haven’t done this (and they might not completely understand why).
  • It’s just a matter of aesthetics. You may not like your name that much, or you may simply like his name a lot. This becomes especially important when you run a business or when you are a writer or artists – the more beautiful your name sounds, the more likely it is that people will remember you and your work.

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Photo source:  WezD