Questions about Your Wedding Speech as the Groom? Here Are the Answers!

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Giving a speech can be downright terrifying, especially if you are an introvert. However, when you’re the groom and you have to give a speech at your wedding, you really cannot escape your duties.

What are the questions most grooms have when it comes to their wedding speeches – and most importantly, what are the answers to all of these questions? We have some tios right here – so read on and find out more.

  • Can you opt out? Yes, and no. While it has become almost a tradition for brides to give speeches too, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can opt out. Giving a speech is not compulsory (and much less in modern times). Yet, it is a nice gesture to make, and it can definitely add to the festive feeling surrounding your wedding.
  • Do you have to mention her parents? Sure, you might get along with your parents, but it is really important that you mention the bride’s family as well. After all, they are the traditional “hosts” of the wedding, so you can thank them for everything, as well as mention how lucky/ excited you are to be entering their family as their son-in-law.
  • Can you mention your Best Man? He’s your best friend and he’s been amazing throughout the wedding planning process. You can mention him, but make sure to keep the focus on your love story and your bride – this is what people came here for, and they deserve to get a glimpse into your relationship. !

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Unique style inspiration for your groom

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Your groom wants to look fantastic on his wedding day – but how do you help him find an attire that suits him from all points of view? Even more, how do you help him find something that’s totally unique? We have some amazing style inspiration tips for your groom – so read on to “steal” some inspiration.

  • Looking for a color that looks really stylish on tuxedoes and suits, but doesn’t feel too formal? Gray is the perfect choice, then. Not only is this color versatile in terms of style, but it can also be matched with a variety of other colors – such as pastels, navy, or even bright shades. Ideal for a casual, modern, and fashionable wedding day!
  • If you are searching for a suit or tuxedo that looks really fancy and could easily be pulled off in a very formal and in a very informal environment, navy is precisely what you need. It will look amazing at an chic vineyard wedding, but it will look just as great in an elegant ballroom wedding too.
  • Ideal for beach weddings and Roaring Twenties-inspired events, white dinner jackets are stylish, unique, and truly elegant as well. Combine them with black slacks for an utterly luxurious and dapper vibe – your groom will love it.
  • Whoever said grooms cannot wear multiple colors clearly had no imagination. From floral blouses to dark purple suits, there’s something classy, stylish, and chic for just about every groom out there. Don’t be afraid to get creative – that’s where truly unique outfits are made of!

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Photo credit:  flickr.com/  Al Lloyd