Your wedding is such a huge, important and life-changing event – and while the traditional focus tends to put the spotlight on the bride and her ladies, the truth is that the groom and his groomsmen will be just as excited about the upcoming Big Day.

How to make sure you dress your groom and his guys to perfection? We have some tips to help you decide on the very best outfit for them – so read on and find your inspiration.


  • Remember to establish the level of formality. Both the groom and the groomsmen will have to dress according to the formality of your wedding: black-tie (tuxedoes), formal (dark-colored suits), semi-formal (suits made from casual fabrics) or casual (not jeans, but slacks, shirts, ties, and so on).
  • Add a little bit of liveliness to their attires. If you have chosen a mono-colored type of suit for your groom and his groomsmen, add a bit of color into the mix to make them look more stylish. Don’t go over the top, though – stick to smaller accessories in colors that coordinate with the general scheme of the wedding (e.g. bow-ties, socks, pocket squares, and so on).
  • Looking for a funkier, quirkier idea for your groom and groomsmen’s attires? Why not accessorize them with stylish suspenders? They are very trendy right now and they work really great with casual weddings (especially rustic-chic and outdoor weddings in general).

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Photo source: Cody Ryan Reigle