Bill Murray’s Must-Hear Marriage Advice

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Star of Ghostbusters, avid golfer, and, apparently, marriage counselor. Bill Murray added another role to his resume recently when he gave out some marriage advice to a group of Boston men celebrating at a bachelor party.


The twice-divorced star might not seem like the most reliable source of advice when it comes to a lasting marriage. However, he has created a lot of buzz on the internet after a video of his speech surfaced.

Murray is well-known for his often odd encounters with members of the public, but in this case his advice might be worth considering. He suggested that the best way to tell if you’re ready to marry somebody is to travel around the world with them. If you still want to marry them when you get back, you really are a good match. If you can go through the difficulties and joys of that much international travel, you can handle anything marriage has to throw at you.

If you’ve already done your trip around the world, literally or metaphorically, and are planning a New Orleans wedding, you’ll need a great caterer. We can help create a menu you and your guests will love, so give us a call!


Photo: Flickr/Bart Everson


Three Things a Bridesmaid Should Never Have to Pay For

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As you plan your wedding budget, there are plenty of etiquette questions that will come up. One of these is what bridesmaids should be expected to pay for and what should be covered by the bride. While some is a personal preference, there are a few things that the bride should always pay for.


1. Flowers

A bridesmaid should never have to think about the cost of her bouquet. The flowers are part of the overall wedding costs and are always the bride’s responsibility.

2. Transportation during the wedding

While bridesmaids can be expected to make their own way to the bride’s house or hotel room for preparations, they should never be asked to pay for the ride to the wedding itself. If a special wedding car isn’t being used, the bride should still work out transportation for her bridal party so they aren’t required to drive themselves.

3. Accommodation for out-of-town maids

A bridesmaid coming in from out of town will have to pay for her travel to your New Orleans wedding, but she shouldn’t have to pay for a place to stay when she gets here. It is worth noting that this doesn’t have to be a hotel, and it can just be limited to the day of the wedding. In all cases, though, the bride should help make any arrangements for the accommodation.

With any part of wedding planning, it’s important to work within a budget. This can help you ensure that you get the best wedding possible. To find out how we can help make the food for your New Orleans wedding perfect, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Jennifer Morrow


Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Married!

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The first photos and details are starting to be released from Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto’s Florida wedding. The couple were married last week, and their reception was held in the biggest ever wedding tent.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto at their Florida wedding

The 40,00 square foot tent was set up on the golf course of the Bear Club and was a short distance from the couple’s 35,000 square foot mansion at the club. It included separate areas for the cocktail hour, meal, and dancing.

We haven’t heard what was served for the couple’s wedding dinner, but we’re guessing they opted for something fresh and healthy. Both Michael and Yvette are in great shape, so we think there was a lot of low-fat luxury going on.

Yvette is Cuban, so we think there was also a good bit of spice in the menu. Having a Cuban-infused menu can be a great way of getting a lot of beautiful colors and flavors on the plate.

If you’re planning your New Orleans wedding, give us a call to discuss the perfect menu for your big day!

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

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It looks like one of the 2013 wedding season’s biggest trends is going to be a return to tradition. This year will be all about the wedding cake.

Wedding Cake

The past few years have seen couples get more experimental and adventurous with their wedding confections. Cupcakes have been hugely popular, and cake pops have been quickly taking their place as a top choice.

However, this year it is going to be a return to tradition. More and more couples are opting for a tiered wedding cake for their big day. They are being decorated to match themes, and being given a really lavish treatment.

The result is a cake that is also part of the venue’s décor. This means that couples can splash out on a bigger, more extravagant cake because they’re saving money on things like a big feature floral arrangement.

Traditional wedding cakes are also a great addition to a wedding menu, and can be served as the meal’s dessert. If you want to let your guests eat wedding cake, get in touch with us to find out how to include this in your perfect New Orleans wedding menu.

Matching Drinks to Your Menu

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Whether you’ve decided to have an open bar or a cash bar, having special drinks for your wedding can make a great addition to your big day. Special drinks can also offer a way to strike a balance between open bar and cash bar.


When your guests arrive at the reception, you might want to give them a welcome cocktail. While a glass of bubbly or a mimosa is always welcome, a signature drink can be even more special.

With the meal itself, you can stick to wine, but many guests will appreciate a choice of microbrews or cocktails that are matched with each course. Much like wine pairing, this can be a fun thing to do a bit of trial and error on before your big day!

If you’ve chosen a few special cocktails, wines, or beers, why not make these available throughout the night. Instead of a full open bar, this can help with your budget while still giving guests the chance to be merry.

Whatever your drink choice, you’ll want to have great food to go with them. For the best catering for your New Orleans wedding, get in touch with us today!


Spring Wedding Food Trends

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Spring is finally here, and this means it’s time for spring weddings. It’s a great time to go for lighter options, and to really embrace the new season. Here are a few spring wedding food ideas.

Lamb and mint salad

  • Traditional spring foods, used in different ways. Spring is associated with a lot of specific foods, including eggs and lamb. Rather than serving omelettes and a rack of lamb, consider lighter choices like poached quail eggs and thinly sliced lamb on a salad with mint dressing.
  • Salads without lettuce. This is a great way to incorporate a lighter course, and bring your guests a big punch of flavor. Chilled roasted root vegetables can give you a bright array of color while a tangy marinade can make them exciting.
  • Hints of summer. Whether you add a touch of barbecue, a mint julep or pink lemonade cocktail hour, or a bit of ice cream, it can give your guests a happy look at the warm weather to come.

If you’re planning a spring wedding or other event, get in touch with us today to find out what great menu options we can provide!

Why Use Great Ingredients

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We have a passion for food, which is why we’re in the catering business. We also know how important it is to use the best quality ingredients. With news coming out in Europe about beef being tainted with horsemeat, it only goes to underscore the importance of being extra picky.

There’s an adage that a meal is only as good as its ingredients. When we create a menu for your wedding, party, or event, we make sure we’re using the best possible ingredients.


Not only does this give you a safer meal, without the risk of contamination, it also gives you something that tastes amazing. As a caterer in New Orleans, we know what tastes good!

If you’re planning an event in the New Orleans area, you need to choose a caterer that can produce the best food. Whether it’s your wedding or just a corporate lunch, you want everyone to walk away remembering how amazing it was.

We’re happy to talk over menu choices, and discuss how we can give you the best food from the best ingredients, so get in touch!

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