Planning a wedding can be quite the confusing process, especially when you want to step out just a bit out of what’s usually done in the New Orleans area. However, that shouldn’t put you off, and even more so when you really want to have a unique, personalized wedding day.

For instance, if you have your heart set on a daytime wedding, you have a million reasons to love the idea. From the fact that you save money to the fact that you add a serious ingredient of originality to the mix, a daytime wedding can be absolutely perfect.

How do you plan it, though? Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • Keep in mind that a daytime wedding means you will most likely have to wake up earlier than otherwise. To make sure you have time to wake up and relax a bit before getting ready, remember to set your alarm clock accordingly.
  • If the reason for your daytime wedding is a cost saving one, then start your ceremony after lunch so your guests will have already had a little something to eat, and by the time 2 pm ticks in, your guests should be arriving at your reception for drinks and lite nibbles. You can make your grand exit at 4:45 pm, or, if you want the wedding to be a bit longer and entertain your guests a bit more, you can push this towards 6 pm.
  • Aside from the schedule, most of the other wedding elements will be essentially the same. You can keep the wedding as formal or as casual as you want (although “black tie” at night is quite different from “formal” during the day). The food should be light and seasonal. You can serve drinks. And, of course, you can dance as well!


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