There’s nothing more beautiful than a bride who feels like her true self as she walks down the aisle – and if you want that for yourself as well, you should definitely make sure to choose a dress that suits you from every point of view.

What are the latest fall wedding gown trends? We have gathered some of the most amazing ones right below – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

  • Detached sleeves. While off-the-shoulder dresses were a definite comeback in the last couple of years, it’s time to push this even further. Detached sleeves have the same femininity to them as off-the-shoulder gowns did last season – but they add an edgy element to the entire dress, making it truly unique and outstanding.
  • Nude dresses. Pink has been around for quite some time in the bridal world – but this year, it comes in a package with superb shades of nude colors. If you want a tad of color but not too much, if you want to push tradition over the edge a little, these dresses are absolutely perfect for you!
  • Mid-length and short. Tired of ultra-long wedding gowns that get in the way of your comfort? Fashion runways have responded to this, and you’ll see stunning collections including mid-length and short dresses that are still ultra-feminine and delicate, but with a twist. You will love wearing this type of dress or duo if you want to be a very original bride!


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