These Quick and Delicious Southern Dinners Will Be Welcomed at Your Wedding

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We might be biased here, but there’s no food better than the food you find here in the South!

Our food warms everyone’s hearts and makes people feel good. It makes people come together and smile. Eating what we prepare for you is sure to help build great memories of warmth, friendship, and family.

There’s nothing like a Southern dinner to make people feel welcome – so you should absolutely include Southern-inspired dishes in your wedding menu!

What are some of the very best ideas? We have gathered a few of our favorites for you.

  • Rosemary chicken. We have already established that chicken is appreciated by everyone – so why not bring a hearty, flavorful chicken dish to your wedding tables? Rosemary chicken feels like coming home to a hearty dinner after a long day of work. It’s cozy and loving, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser. What more could you want for your wedding menu?
  • Meatloaf. This is old-school, yes – but doesn’t it make you recall dinners at home with your family? We bet everyone at your wedding will associate this dish with the same cozy vibe – and this is precisely what makes it perfect for a Southern wedding. Southern food is all about home, warmth, and family, and meatloaf is perfect for this!
  • Coconut shrimp and veggies in foil. There’s something magical that happens with all dishes cooked in tin foil – they soften up, their flavors are enhanced, and somehow, they end up being so satisfying that even the simplest ingredients taste amazing when brought together. Coconut shrimp is a true delight – just perfect for a warm summer evening, so all of you planning their Big Day for this summer will definitely appreciate this idea!
  • Meatball pasta. Another true comfort food classic; a classic everyone will truly love coming back to again and again. For an even heartier vibe, opt for a pasta bake instead of the classic dish – the oven will do wonders on this simple, yet eternally delicious food, bringing it to the next level of comfort and flavor!


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Top Most Delicious Southern Wedding Foods by Season


Of course, every single detail of your Big Day matters – and a lot!

From the dress you wear to the shoes that walk you down the aisle and from the colors and flowers that surround you to the music that embraces you, all of your wedding details will contribute to painting a beautiful, candid, and unforgettable event in your life.

Don’t forget it, though: your food is highly important too – and if you want to serve a Southern wedding menu, your guests deserve the very best there is.

What are some of the best Southern foods by season? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • Serve something seasonal and unique, such as a strawberry salad with goat cheese and croutons. Spring is the perfect season for fresh foods that aren’t heavy on the stomach (or on your diet plans, for that matter) – so why not bring that into your wedding and delight your guests with a classic sweet and savory Southern combination? They will love it!
  • Zucchini, squash and corn casserole. Everyone knows Southerners are huge on casseroles – so borrowing from some of the season’s best vegetables and putting them together in a delicious, cheese-infused casserole is bound to be nothing less than an absolute success. People will line up for second servings of this, even if there’s no meat in it!
  • It’s the season to get cozy – and the food Southern people eat during the pre-winter months reflects this very well. We suggest you pick something comforting and heart-warming for your fall wedding, such as chicken pot pies. They are absolutely spectacular in terms of presentation and flavour, they are made with chicken (something you cannot go wrong with), and the puff pastry covering it will make them even more comforting (because we all know carbs are the best enemy against sadness, right?).
  • As the cool season starts to settle over the South, people look for foods that are a little heavier, a little spicier, and a little warmer. Anything based on squash will work marvellously from October to early December – but if you want something even more comforting, we suggest nothing less than an absolute Southern classic: fried chicken. Everyone will love it!


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4 Southern Cookie Recipes Your Guests Will Want to Borrow

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Regardless of where your wedding guests come from, one thing is for certain: they will not be able to resist falling in love with the amazing cuisine of the Southern areas.

Here at Food Art Inc., we really believe in the deliciousness of Southern cuisine and we want to share it with the world – if you are planning a Southern wedding, you definitely want the same too.

So, what types of Southern cookies to serve at your wedding if you want to infuse every single part of the Big Day with the amazing Southern foods?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Shortbread cookies with lemon frosting. These delicious bites are so, so refreshing and nice! Even if you don’t like lemon-infused sweets, you will love these for the softness of the cookie itself, for the delicious frosting, and for the amazing looks. Even more, your guests will love it too!
  • Peanut bars. Want to serve a cookie that is scrumptious and almost sinful in its own right? Slightly chewy bars made with peanut and chocolate are the perfect sweet snack when you want to keep on dancing throughout the entire evening (and late into the night). This is what makes these cookies the absolute perfect option for a fun wedding!
  • Fruitcake bars. Full of flavour and slightly crunchy at the same time, these bars are bound to make for the perfect summer cookie for a wedding. They look really good and even their appeal goes well with the idea of a wedding – so you can definitely rely on these tiny bites of sweetness to be a real success from every point of view.
  • Eggnog cookies. Since it’s the eggnog season, we couldn’t have missed this from our list. These sweet bites are similar to an eggnog cheesecake – they are creamy and delicious, they taste amazing, and they are just perfect for the cool season. Although not a cookie in the traditional sense of the word, these small sweet snacks are bound to be highly appreciated by all of your guests!


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Southern Casserole Recipes Bound to Be Appreciated by Everyone at Your Wedding


There’s nothing quite as satisfying and universally appreciated as a good casserole – and here in the South, we do love mixing and matching them in amazing ways every single time.

If you want a casual, laid-back, and genuine Southern wedding in New Orleans, serving one (or more) casserole recipes is bound to be a real success. But what are some of the best casserole recipes you could include in your Big Day’s menu?

We have some ideas for you – continue reading to find out more.


  • Chicken casserole. Everyone loves chicken – you literally cannot go wrong with it. And the great news here isn’t over: there are SO many chicken casserole recipes that it will be hard to choose just one for the Big Day. Pasta, chicken and broccoli, chicken and wild rice, chicken pot pie, chicken, prosciutto and peas – there is a myriad of combinations you can make. And they’re all delicious!
  • Beef casserole. If you’re not necessarily a big fan of chicken, beef is one of the best options you have. Not as heavy as pork, yet not as light as chicken, beef tends to strike the best balance in terms of taste and texture. Some of the best beef casserole ideas include shepherd’s pie (a real classic), pizza spaghetti casserole, tomato and beef casserole, meatball casserole, and so on.
  • Vegetarian casserole. OK, vegetarian food may not be that deeply connected to Southern cuisine – but there ARE a lot of options you can serve, even in the “Casserole Department”. Some of the best veggie casserole ideas include tomato cobbler casserole, green bean lasagna casserole, spinach pasta casserole, sweet potato, cauliflower and green vegetables casserole, and vegetable bread pudding. They’re all a delight, even if you’re not actually a vegetarian!
  • Sweet casserole. If you want to serve a dessert that will not be forgotten very soon, why not serve a nice sweet casserole? Pumpkin caramel and pecan bread pudding, upside down cakes (carrot cake, apple tart), cherry cobbler casserole – these ideas are really good and they will be more than appreciated by everyone at the wedding.


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Delicious Southern Sweet Potato Ideas for Your Wedding Menu

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Sweet potatoes are universally appreciated – but Southern cuisine knows how to really make them pop. If you too are a big fan of this colorful root vegetable, you might want to include it in your wedding day (especially for fall and winter events).

If that’s the case, you should definitely read on, because we have gathered some of the most deliciously inspiring Southern sweet potato ideas you can incorporate into your wedding menu!


  • Sweet potatoes and bacon. This recipe can be made in a slow cooker for extra flavor – and oh my how good it will taste! This is the perfect comfort food – not only does it comfort you with its amazing taste (sweet, salty, and very rich), but it also comforts you with its appealing color (because what else could be warmer and more welcoming than the color of sweet potatoes?).
  • Sweet potato casserole. This one’s a real classic – one that might seem odd for someone who hasn’t tasted it before, but which becomes an instant favorite once you grab a bite. Many people serve this for Thanksgiving – but if you’re having a winter wedding, why not incorporate it into your menu? Guests will love it regardless of whether they come from an experienced Southern cuisine background or not!
  • Sweet potato fries. Everyone loves fries – and if you’re looking to serve a healthier (but definitely not less comforting) snack at your wedding, why not make it sweet potato fries? Served in nice wrappers and spiced with herbs, this treat will surely get your guests going (enough for another good round of dancing and having fun).
  • Sweet potato biscuits. The perfect blend between sweet potatoes and biscuits – fill them with bacon, cream cheese, or whatever else you like and we guarantee people will line up for this delicious snack!
  • Sweet potato and sausage soup. If you’re looking to serve something that’s really heartwarming, this is it. This is comfort food that’s perfect for winter – it tastes amazing, it looks fantastic, and it’s bound to warm up your wedding guests.


Still searching for the best wedding catering in New Orleans? Contact Food Art Inc. and allow us to be the ones who will delight you (and, of course, your guests) with amazing dishes – the kind people want to come back to again, and again, and…again!




Mac and Cheese Recipes Perfect for Your Wedding


Few dishes can be as satisfying and as happiness-inducing as a big serving of mac and cheese. They might not be the healthiest option and they might pile up quickly on your hips if you over-indulge – but since you don’t get married every day, your wedding day might actually be a great time to serve one (or more) mac and cheese dishes. With the entire “comfort food” trend going on, this type of dish is bound to please just about everyone at your wedding!

What are some of the very best mac and cheese recipes to delight your guests with on the Big Day? Read on and find out more.

  • Classic, baked. If you just love the classic baked macaroni recipe, there’s no reason to change it, right? It’s a recipe all of your guests can relate to – and most likely the mac and cheese recipe they are most used to. Call back to their childhood memories and make them feel really happy with a plate of deliciously cheesy macaroni!
  • With leeks, Cheddar, and mustard. When you look at this dish from afar, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference when compared with the classic version. However, this one is filled with the strong flavor of green onions, and the mustard adds some tanginess. People will just love this unique take on a very comforting dish!
  • 4-cheese. Want your mac and cheese to be even richer in both terms of taste and looks? How about making it really special, with multiple types of cheese (yes, you can totally include fancy Swiss or Italian cheeses if you want to!). Love bacon? Include that as well, or how about adding bits of delicious Italian sausage? Your guests will love this rich, decadent mac and cheese recipe!
  • Crayfish Mac N Cheese. Want your mac and cheese to be very New Orleans in nature? Add crayfish to the mix. Or how about making it even more New Orleans in flavor by adding a little seafood bowl to your cheesy béchamel sauce?  It will be a dish that your guests will talk about for years to come!

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Top 4 Most Notable Celebrity Weddings of 2018

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As we enter November, most of us get ready to wrap up 2018 and step into a whole new year – and the wedding world is no different.

Truth be told, 2018 was an amazing year for weddings – so we thought we would compile a list of the top 4 most-notable “tie the knots” of the year:


  • The Royal One. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot in May – and oh, what a stunning affair that was! Meghan looked absolutely flawless with her barely-there makeup and her low-key wedding dress – and the entire wedding was truly royal in terms of guest list, décor, and vibe. There’s just nothing we didn’t fall madly in love with looking at this wedding!
  • The Romantic One. It’s not that the Royal Wedding wasn’t romantic (on the contrary), but Kate Upton’s Big Day was really the material of dreams. She and Justin Verlander got married in Tuscany. She wore a lace wedding dress that was downright breathtaking, and her lovely bridesmaids wore blush pink dresses – just what you’d expect a traditionally romantic wedding to look like. Perfect in every way!
  • The Glamorous One. Sofia Vergara’s wedding gown made us add her wedding to Joe Manganiello to this list. Their entire wedding was glamorous by definition – and the bride’s dress (signed by Zuhair Murad Couture) was breathtaking in so many ways that it cannot even be described. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own glamorous wedding, this celebrity wedding is where you should look at first!
  • The Surprising One. Every now and then, we hear about celebrity weddings that are more than just surprising – they happen truly out of the blue, with no notice whatsoever, and yet they still charm our hearts with pure magic and romanticism. This is the case with Emily Ratajkowsk and Sebastian Bear-McClard, who got married after only a few weeks of dating (although they had known each other as friends for years). The were married at New York City Hall, with Emily wearing a $120 Zara trouser suit and announcing her marriage in true Millennial fashion…on Instagram.


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