These Southern-Inspired Cakes Are PERFECT for Your Big Day!

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If there’s one thing that’s universally true, it’s that everyone loves cake.

Well, sure, there might be people who don’t eat cake for a lot of reasons – but even so, it is fair to assume that at least 95% of the people invited to a wedding will not only appreciate cake, but genuinely look forward towards it as well.

We know how important it is for you to create a wedding menu that is unique and unforgettable –so below, we have gathered some of the most special Southern-inspired cakes you can serve at your wedding. Read on and find your inspiration!

  • A carrot cake with exotic touches. Carrot cake is quite unique on its own, and those who have developed a taste for it know that it cannot be compared to anything else. If you want to delight your wedding guests with a cake that’s really special, opt for a carrot cake with exotic touches incorporated in it (e.g. pineapple, banana frosting, and so on).
  • Berry lemon cake. We all know just how Southern lemon cake is – and when it comes to summer weddings, it is very easy to understand why this specific type of cake takes center stage for many brides and grooms. Our suggestion? Add something a little deeper to it to make it friendlier for multiple types of guests. Blueberries can be a really nice addition, and they will work wonderfully with the citrusy touches of the lemon!
  • Fudge ice cream pie. Oh, my – this is the kind of dessert that goes beyond the usual in so many ways. The fact that it combines fudge and ice cream should tell you enough about just how opulent and sinful this cake is (in the most delicious sense of the word, of course!). Serve this as your wedding cake for a summer wedding and guests will line up for second (and even third!) servings!
  • Millionaire Pie. This vintage Southern dessert is so delicious that it is hard to understand why it has been absent for so long! Creamy, gelatinous, and fruity, the Millionaire Pie is the perfect dessert for every single type of guest!


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Delish Ground Beef-Based Southern Dishes for Your Big Day

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Your wedding day deserves to be celebrated in grand style – and what better way is there to do this, other than by bringing excellent food to the table? As you very well know it, food can actually bring people together and help them feel great – so creating a wedding menu based on hearty, delicious Southern foods is one of the best ways to make sure people at your wedding will be actually happy with the menu you provide them.  

For instance, have you thought of including a dish based on ground beef? This is an all-time favorite that can be used in so many ways that it’s impossible not to find an idea you will love.  

Following, we have gathered some of the very best and most delicious ground beef-based Southern dishes you can bring into your Big Day – so read on if you want to find out more.  

  • Ground beef casserole. We do like our casseroles, for a million reasons: they are comforting, they come in as many variations as you can imagine, and they can really create a cozy, nice atmosphere around your wedding dinner. A ground beef casserole goes straight to one’s soul – especially when the right ingredients and spices are used!  
  • Meatballs in red sauce. Served with rice or pasta, this dish is a truly hearty one. We bet people will line up for second servings on this! 
  • Chili. It’s the kind of dish that has just a bit of heat to it, and a lot of heart. Everyone makes chili differently – if you want to create a dish that reminds people of a classic bowl of chili with a twist, a chili bar with different varieties and toppings is a great option. 
  • Mini burgers. We all love a good burger, so why not upgrade a classic recipe with several variations?  Different cheeses, toppings, and even a dollop of chili on top can spice these up!  

Think some of these options are too casual for your wedding?  Remember, the right preparation and presentation can turn even the most casual dish into a fantastic experience for your wedding guests.  Just be sure to discuss the particulars of your wedding, including the theme, venue, and décor, with your caterer.  


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4 Ways to Serve Southern Food at Your Wedding

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Even if you don’t want to have a traditionally Southern wedding, including at least one or two Southern dishes can make your wedding feel more like “home” and have your guests asking for seconds. 

So how can you best serve Southern food at a wedding that’s not going for a full, traditional Southern menu 

We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on and find out more. 


  • Take one staple dish and make it your centrepiece. If you want to celebrate the food of back home regardless of where you are, bring in the food that defines your hometown. If there are multiple dishes people associate with the place you consider home, pick the one that you love the most. This will add a personal touch to your entire wedding menu, making it really special from every point of view. Plus, be sure to let your guests know about the history of the dish.  If you had it on special occasions growing up, sharing that with your guests will make it even more special. 
  • Ask your mom to make her favorite (and your favorite). It could be a special cookie recipe, or a special casserole – whatever it is, if your mom has a family recipe you have always loved, including this in your wedding is truly one of the best things you can do if you want to make your Big Day feel really special.  Your mom will love all the compliments that she gets too!  
  • Serve a tasting portion. People absolutely love comfort foods served in small portions, so why not bring a Southern recipe into your Big Day, as a treat? For instance, if you love fried chicken, why not serve it at your wedding in mini portions? Or if you love the burgers back home with a special sauce, why not include the mini version in your Big Day? Regardless of whether or not your guests are already familiar with Southern cuisine, they are bound to love these treats.  
  • Talk to your caterer about their Southern options Even if youre not planning a full Southern wedding, your caterer may have some options and suggestions to help you incorporate one or more Southern dishes into your Big Day.  A skilled caterer may be able to adjust the menu to incorporate one or two Southern dishes regardless of whether you are having a very formal and elegant wedding or a rustic outdoor celebration Remember, food brings people together, and food has the power to tell amazing stories – so don’t be afraid to include some Southern dishes at your wedding!

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Everything We Know About Miranda Lambert’s Wedding!

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As we predicted earlier on in February, 2019 started off as a marvelous year for weddings. For one, Ed Sheeran got married (and this time it’s for real) – but maybe even more surprisingly, Miranda Lambert got married too.  

What are some of the most important things we know about beautiful Miranda and her wedding?  

We can’t wait to share them with you!  

  • This Valentine’s Day, Miranda Lambert announced that she and Brendan McLoughlin got married in secret in the middle of January. Shocked? Pretty much everyone was, since not many people knew about their relationship, let alone that there might be a wedding in the works.  
  • As many celebrities do it these days, Miranda and Brendan got married in secret in a very intimate ceremony. Miranda did show off her gorgeous ring afterwards – a piece that has been estimated to be worth no less than $20,000!  
  • Who is Miranda’s husband? Well, he’s not a celebrity – he is an NYPD officer. He’s a pretty reputable one, at that – he even won competitions held by the NYPD, so Miranda has definitely picked a real winner for her husband.  
  • Another “spicy” bit of information we know about Brendan is that he dabbled in modeling until a few years ago. He hasn’t updated his modeling agency profile since 2011, but it seems that until he joined the force, he was on a path to a modelling career.  
  • Rumor has it that Brendan is also a father from a previous relationship too – and although this piece of news hasn’t been completely confirmed yet, it shows that Miranda and Brendan didn’t date for long before they tied the knot.  
  • We don’t know much about the wedding per se – just what Miranda and Brendan have made available to the wide public. Indeed, their intimate wedding looked really amazing – and as for what Miranda wore, her lace wedding gown fit her and her personality like a glove. A gorgeous, gorgeous bride! 
  • Miranda and Brendan’s romantic wedding away from the eyes of the paparazzi proves that you really don’t need an over the top wedding to be happy – you need a wedding that suits your personality and your dreams!  


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These Roast Chicken Ideas Are a Sure-fire Way to Satisfy Wedding Guests

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Your wedding is a very special event – both for you, as the bride and groom, and for your guests. Obviously, you want them to have a great time attending your wedding – and food plays a huge role in this.  

As always, chicken is a fool proof food choice. It’s the kind of food that everyone enjoys regardless of how young or old they may be, regardless of their general taste in food, regardless of where they come from. 

What are some of the very best roast chicken ideas you could serve at your wedding? We have some recommendations for you 

  • Garlic roast chicken. Simple and delicious, this chicken tastes like home. There’s something irresistible about the garlic on the chicken – something that makes the meat taste better and feel better as well. And if you want your chicken to be even tastier, a few wedges of lemon tossed in the pan (or even stuffed inside the chicken) can do wonders! Pair this with brussel sprouts and carrots cooked in the same pan – all the flavors will meld and create something rich and delicious! 
  • Molasses roast chicken. If you are looking for a roast chicken dish that’s surprising and unique, this is a great option! The chicken itself will have an incredible depth of flavor and that incomparably soft and juicy meat you crave. This is because the molasses brine you add to it helps tenderize the meat. The molasses will not only add sweetness to this mix, but its specific flavour will give your guests something unexpected 
  • Roast chicken salad. Who doesn’t love a well-made Caesar’s salad? Chances are that all of your guests will recognize and love it. For a smoky effect, toss roasted chicken into this salad – it’s an excellent source of protein (great for guests who get hungry waiting for you and your new hubby to be done taking photos) and it gives the salad some substance beyond lettuce and croutons 
  • Roast chicken with herbs. This is a timeless classic. You can also make your roast chicken taste more exotic by adding Mediterranean flavors to it, like rosemary, fennel, and sage. A bunch of herbs inspired by the sunny beaches of Italy and Greece will instantly upgrade you whole chicken-based dish!  


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These Brunch Ideas Are Perfect for a Daytime Spring Wedding

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It’s official! Spring is knocking on our door and inviting us to leave behind the chilly days of winter and turn towards lighter, happier, warmer days.  

If you plan on having a spring wedding in New Orleans, you should definitely consider a brunch – either as the main moment of the day for your wedding reception, or as a post-wedding treat for your closest friends and relatives.  

What are some of the best Southern brunch ideas to bring into this special event in your life? We have some tips for you.  

  • Cheese grits casserole. Nothing can go wrong with this hearty, satisfying brunch food. There’s cheese, which everyone loves, there are grits, which are a staple Southern food, and they’re both used to bake a delicious casserole. In fact, we’re so certain nothing can go wrong with this that we’re ready to bet your people will absolutely love it – so much that they’ll be asking you for the recipe!  
  • Goat cheese quiche. This is one of the very best brunch foods you can serve at your wedding. The goat cheese brings a bit of tangy flavor and freshness into the mix, and the quiche itself is comfort morning food at its finest. For a special touch, use asparagus or baby spinach in the mixture you make for this quiche too – it will taste amazing! 
  • Sausage honey buns. This lies at the confluence between sausage rolls and honey buns – a combination so Southern that you simply cannot resist it. The salty, savory flavors of the sausage combined with the sweetness and the fluffy texture of the honey buns – these are sure to make your guests want to come back for second (and even third!) servings.  
  • Egg salad. Served on toast, this absolute classic can be so satisfying and delicious! This is the ultimate brunch dish: it brings out the comfort vibes while remaining a food that’s more than suitable to eat during the day. You and your guests will love this so much! 


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These Stars Are Getting Married in 2019!

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Every now and again, the stars align and celebrities marry – and for the rest of us watching them from afar, it is a true spectacle of beauty, grace, and glamor.

We love celebrity weddings because they feel truly fantastic. Because we love the celebrities themselves. Because we want to be like them and we want to steal inspiration from them.

And thankfully, it seems that in 2019, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Who are the celebs getting married in 2019? Read on and find out more.


  • Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. It seems that the rebel of the pop scene has been finally tamed and that he’s ready to settle down. The couple is absolutely adorable – and although they are technically married already, sources have admitted that we’re about to witness an actual traditional ceremony as well. Who would have thought Biebs would finally dress up in a tuxedo and say I Do?
  • Lady Gaga and Christian Carino. Apparently, the couple has been engaged for quite some time now, but they only made it public towards the end of 2018. Although a wedding date isn’t set yet, there is a fair chance Gaga will plan her “intricate wedding” (this being her own description). We can’t wait to see, really!
  • Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Yes, they actually did it this Valentine’s Day – they got engaged! And the ring was absolutely stunning: a blooming flower made out of white and pink diamonds, valued at no less than $5 million. If that’s not staggering, we don’t know what is! A wedding date hasn’t been made available to the public, but some say the Big Day will happen in 2019. We’re really excited and can’t wait to see more!
  • Jordan Connor and Jinjara Mitchell. If you love Riverdale, you will love this couple – and you will definitely want a sneak peek into their wedding. We don’t know when it will happen, but given that the engagement happened in September 2018, there’s a pretty big chance the Big Day will be in 2019. Keeping our eyes and our ears open for you on this!


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