Create the Perfect Wedding Website

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In the age of social media and constant connectivity, a wedding website has grown to be almost a
must – and not without reason. Truth be told, a wedding website is the perfect solution for those of you who want to share a bit of extra information useful for the guests, but who don’t want to make the wedding invitation suite feel like an entire “textbook”.

So, how do you create the perfect wedding website? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Include actually useful information – such as directions to your wedding location, GPS coordinates, potential accommodation options, plane ticket information, and everything else you think your guests might need. Also, to make it really easy for everyone to reach your wedding in due time, be sure to include a downloadable, printable PDF version of all these tips.
  • Include your wedding registry information – yes, it is more than OK to do this on your wedding website (but not OK to do it on your invitations!).
  • Include your story. Your wedding website is not just a “useful tool” – it can also be a fantastic way to share your story with your wedding guests. Be as creative as you want and create something that really mirrors the uniqueness of your relationship. From the background color to the photos, design and content, everything about this website should be all about you, your love story, and your lovely wedding day.

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Top bridal beauty tips

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All brides want to look fabulous on their wedding day – and you make no exception, right? How to make sure you feel fantastic when you walk down the aisle in your stunning gown? We have some bridal beauty tips for you – so read on to find out more.

  • Take care of your skin – and prep it before applying makeup too. Following a skin treatment that’s suitable for you will automatically make it look better. However, it is very important that you don’t start a new treatment anywhere too close to the wedding date – you absolutely don’t want to get a rash or an allergy on your wedding day.
  • Groom your brows. Like it or not, brows are extremely important for your entire look. You can wear almost no makeup at all – but if your brows look good, your entire face will look beautifully defined and full of personality. Start defining your brows long before the wedding day – sometimes, if you want to change their shape, it will take a few months (or even more) to get them as you want.
  • Apply a special treatment for the lips too. Just like your face, they need hydration and a bit of excess-skin removal, so try to prep them before applying lipstick (especially if you want to wear matte liquid lipstick, which tends to dry the lips!).
  • Get that perfectly shiny hair. Your hair should look gorgeous on your wedding day – so it is important to hydrate it too. Spritz a bit of leave-in conditioner before applying any kind of thermal treatment (such as straightening or curling it with an iron, for example). Also, add a bit of extra-gloss by applying a post-heat treatment too.

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Unique style inspiration for your groom

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Your groom wants to look fantastic on his wedding day – but how do you help him find an attire that suits him from all points of view? Even more, how do you help him find something that’s totally unique? We have some amazing style inspiration tips for your groom – so read on to “steal” some inspiration.

  • Looking for a color that looks really stylish on tuxedoes and suits, but doesn’t feel too formal? Gray is the perfect choice, then. Not only is this color versatile in terms of style, but it can also be matched with a variety of other colors – such as pastels, navy, or even bright shades. Ideal for a casual, modern, and fashionable wedding day!
  • If you are searching for a suit or tuxedo that looks really fancy and could easily be pulled off in a very formal and in a very informal environment, navy is precisely what you need. It will look amazing at an chic vineyard wedding, but it will look just as great in an elegant ballroom wedding too.
  • Ideal for beach weddings and Roaring Twenties-inspired events, white dinner jackets are stylish, unique, and truly elegant as well. Combine them with black slacks for an utterly luxurious and dapper vibe – your groom will love it.
  • Whoever said grooms cannot wear multiple colors clearly had no imagination. From floral blouses to dark purple suits, there’s something classy, stylish, and chic for just about every groom out there. Don’t be afraid to get creative – that’s where truly unique outfits are made of!

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Top wedding budget blunders to be aware of

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Your wedding budget is of the utmost importance. Sure, this is a once in a lifetime kind of event – and sure, you want it to be splendid from all points of view. Does this mean you have to get into long-term financial trouble, though?

Of course it doesn’t – and this is precisely why you need to be ultra-careful with some of the most common wedding budget blunders. Read on and find out more about this.

  • Not reading all the fine print. Your vendor contracts are crucial – and yes, you really need to read them. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra for things you were completely unprepared for. Better be informed from the very beginning and know exactly what you are signing and how much each service will cost you!
  • Doing things just because “that’s how they should be done”. Regardless of how traditional or unconventional your wedding may be, etiquette will still play a part. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to fall into the trap of doing everything just because tradition dictates it. Do things your own way, stick to your budget, and your wedding will be really amazing – we promise!
  • Allowing everyone to pressure you into paying for things you cannot afford. From giving everyone the chance to come with a plus-one (even if they are not in a serious relationship) to allowing your groomsmen decide on an open bar in your place, there are a lot of ways to fall into peer pressure when planning a wedding. Truth be told, this is one of the worst financial mistakes you can make.

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Reasons to have kids in your wedding

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Kids are always a true joy – but some of you may be considering whether or not to have children in your wedding. Why would you, in the end? We have gathered some of the strongest reasons to convince you – so read on and find out more.

  • They are adorable. Let’s face it, children can be absolutely adorable – and they will surely bring their innocence, beauty, and energy into your wedding vibes too. Regardless of how many kids you decide to include in the big day itself, you are guaranteed to make everyone smile with these little ones’ cuteness and playfulness.
  • It will be such an amazing experience for them! Do you remember your first wedding? Wasn’t it such a great experience? How about you offer some children the same opportunity? They will cherish the memory of having played important roles in your wedding, it will help them be more responsible, and it will always be something that participated in their shaping. Plus, the children will have so much fun and they will feel so great to be your trusted wedding party members that you will not be able to resist their sweetness!
  • You can have as many of them as you want – and you can reverse “traditional” roles too. For example, don’t you think it would be really amazing if a baby boy walked down the aisle tossing flowers or confetti, and a pretty girl carried the rings themselves? Defy traditional norms and your guests will truly love your wedding!

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How to choose your wedding setting

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Your wedding setting matters a lot – not only will this be the actual space where you have your Big Day, but it will also be the “canvas” upon which you paint your style and love story.

How do you actually choose your wedding setting, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • If you want to have an outdoor wedding, the key lies in creating a sense of comfort and intimacy. You will achieve the first through comfortable chairs, proper lighting and heating/cooling devices, as well as ensuring bugs aren’t an issue for guests too. As for intimacy, you will achieve this by enclosing your wedding reception space (the easiest way to do this is by setting up a wedding tent, of course).
  • If you want to have a smaller restaurant wedding, it is very important not to leave this place as it is. Make the space pop with style by bringing in elements that speak about your personality – pictures, things you love doing as a couple, or simply playful décor (such as paper lanterns, for example). To add a bit of romance into the mix, be sure to light up some candles and focus on creating floral arrangements that are really representative of who you are.
  • If you want to have an indoor wedding within a large space, you can drape the room to make it appear more personal and more unique at the same time too. Also, you can play around with the lighting and with the arrangement of the tables as well (e.g. you can actually have long, family-style wedding tables – and it will look so beautifully unique!).

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Top tips for the Maid of Honor

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Being a Maid of Honor is a truly amazing thing, isn’t it? But how do you make sure you are the very best Maid of Honor in the history of weddings? We have some tips of advice for you – so take a look below if you want to find out more.

  • Coordinate the other bridesmaids. Your friend loves all of you and she definitely wants all of you to be there for her on the big day. However, it may sometimes be difficult for her to communicate with everyone separately – so it’s definitely a good idea if you centralize the messages and relay them (to the bridesmaids, or to the bride herself).
  • Give a great toast. Your wedding toast is one of the most important ones for the night – so you should definitely make a great impression. Take your time writing the toast, rehearse it as much as possible and remember to keep it short and sweet.
  • Be with the bride for the pre-wedding appointments. Her wedding dress, her hair, the cake – the bride might want you to join in and help her with certain wedding decisions. Be sure to be there for her – trust us when we say that it will mean so much!
  • Plan the bachelorette party and bridal shower. As the Maid of Honor, you will also be in charge with the fun – so make sure to plan parties the bride will enjoy and remember forever. Think out of the box and you will surely come up with something amazing!


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