Top tips to planning a large wedding

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Wedding planning can be a great source of stress when you don’t know how to actually organize all of the details. So, what happens if you want to plan a large wedding? What are the absolute essentials to keep in mind before you do anything? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Find the right venue. This is absolutely crucial! Of course, your venue should be pretty and it should go well with your idea of a dream wedding. But most importantly, it should accommodate each and every guest invited. Please note that you shouldn’t book a smaller venue thinking some guests won’t show up or even send their RSVPs – you really need to account for every single invitation you’ve sent out.
  • Provide them with good entertainment. There’s nothing worse than a huge room filled with a lot of bored out people. Make sure your guests have their dances, their food, their drinks, their games, their photos, and everything else you may have in mind for their entertainment.
  • Avoid DIY bars. Yes, they are very trendy and they are quite fun – but not when there are tens and even hundreds of hungry people storming through the DIY bar. You really don’t want to have to deal with the mess that would ensue, right?
  • Want to save some money? Drop the wedding favors. None of your guests actually care about these – as long as they have fun at the wedding, they will be more than happy without the customized cookies, fridge magnets, or mason jars.

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Tips for choosing a wedding ring for your groom

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Wedding rings are not just pieces of jewelry – they are statements of commitment and love, and the very symbol of an eternal care you vow to bear for each other. Naturally, you will want to choose splendid and meaningful wedding rings – and if you have to choose your groom’s, you will also have to make sure you settle on a design he absolutely loves.

What are some of the top tips for choosing a wedding ring for your groom? Read on and find out more.

  • In general, white gold is the most commonly spread option for wedding rings (and engagement rings as well). The good news is that grooms now have many more options and don’t have to settle on a very basic wedding band anymore – leaving you with more variants to choose from as well.
  • If you are looking for a sound financial investment, 14k gold (yellow, white, or even rose) is the best choice to make. It is affordable enough to be suitable for a lower budget wedding, but it also provides value and talks about the style and classiness.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that you have other options when it comes to the metal the wedding ring is made from. Aside from yellow gold and even silver, you can always settle on a tungsten ring. Very scratch-resistant and with a very masculine finish, this type of metal has grown in popularity over the course of the past few years – and not without reason.

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Avoid these mistakes when planning your wedding

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When it comes to wedding planning, nobody knows how to pull it off perfectly from the very beginning. What you can do is to stay informed and learn from the pro’s (and from other previous brides).

For example, do you know the most common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more:

  • Not hiring a makeup artist. Of course, you know how to do your makeup on a daily basis, and even for special occasions. But believe us when we tell you that you will be so jittery and nervous on the morning of your wedding that you won’t be able to actually do your makeup, no matter how much experience you may have.
  • Buying the dress online. We all know those websites in China – but what many people don’t know is that those orders rarely turn out as planned. If you want to avoid a complete wedding dress disaster when your Big Day’s knocking on the door, go to a salon and actually try on the gowns you are considering.
  • Buying the accessories first, before you actually buy the wedding dress. Although it may seem tempting to jump to all those superb accessories first, the truth is that knowing what dress you’ll wear is very important when choosing the jewelry and the other accessories.
  • Ordering too many invitations. Try not to order more invitations than you need – it is costly, and, overall, it is a complete waste of paper.

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Beautiful ways to display photos at your wedding

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Many times, pictures speak more than a million words – so why wouldn’t you want to include older photos of you (or long lost ones) in your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on “steal” inspiration from the most beautiful ways to display photos at your wedding.


  • Place a picture of you or someone you love on each of the tables, as part of the wedding centerpiece arrangement. Doing this will add a nice touch to your wedding, and it will make your love story pop with style. From larger frames right at the entrance into the reception venue to small framed pictures placed here and there, anything goes.
  • Rustic chic. Planning a rustic/country chic wedding? If yes, make sure the pictures you use for the décor are updated and framed according to your wedding theme. Burlap photo lines, wooden support for more photos, and even pallets and trees can be excellent supports for your most candid and prettiest pictures.
  • On an old window. If you want your wedding décor to be really unique, try to find an old-school window and stick the photos to its glass. Looking back into your memories through the windows has never been so attractive and beautiful!
  • Hanging by balloons. Want to create a magical, playful décor at your wedding? Tie photos with the ribbons you use for helium balloons. The pictures will look as if they were suspended in time – so amazing!

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Reasons why you will want to take your husband’s last name

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These days, it is not absolutely mandatory that a bride takes her husband’s last name – and while there may be reasons not to do this, there are plenty of them to convince you to do it as well. Why would you want to take your husband’s last name after the wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • It bonds you together – and it shows the world just how committed you are. Taking the husband’s last name shows you are really into this – but more than anything, it is symbolical of the family you are just starting. Plus, taking his name shows the world you are really off the market for good as well.
  • It’s easier for the kids. If you plan on having children, taking the husband’s last name will make it easier for them to understand what a family is. Given that the vast majority of the wives take their husbands’ names after marriage, it might be confusing for the little ones to know that you haven’t done this (and they might not completely understand why).
  • It’s just a matter of aesthetics. You may not like your name that much, or you may simply like his name a lot. This becomes especially important when you run a business or when you are a writer or artists – the more beautiful your name sounds, the more likely it is that people will remember you and your work.

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Bridal beauty do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for your wedding

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As a bride, you want to look radiant when you walk down the aisle. What are the essential beauty tips to remember for this very special event in your life, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Take care of your skin. If you need treatments, be sure to attend to them months before your wedding – facials are not to experiment with a couple of days before the Big Day. Also, be sure you eat right and drink plenty of water, as both of these things can be utterly important for the health and beauty of your own skin.
  • Invest in good foundation. The perfect foundation should be slightly lighter than your natural skin, but not too light (and definitely not too dark either). Furthermore, it is recommended that you avoid foundation with SPF protection, as this can reflect light (and it may not look very appealing in the wedding photos).
  • Don’t apply any kind of hair dye before the wedding. If you want to change your hair color, make sure to do it long before the Big Day. Moreover, we also advise brides to avoid very fresh haircuts before the wedding too – it’s better to do this at least one-two months before the wedding.
  • Don’t use too much powder. You may be tempted to think it will look better in the picture, but too much powder can create a “cakey” appearance you will most likely not appreciate.

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Don’t have regrets on your wedding day

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Nothing should shadow your wedding day. This is a magical event in your life and you deserve to be the happiest person on Earth. Yet, how do you make sure you don’t have any kind of regrets on your wedding day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Book very good day-of wedding professionals. You will definitely regret not paying a bit more for a decent photographer or for a DJ who actually understands how wedding “crowds” function. Put in the extra-work, run your research, and choose vendors who are really amazing at what they do.
  • Not eating before the actual wedding. Trust us, this is going to be a crazy day, so you should absolutely have something to eat before you start getting ready. You need the energy – and eating during the wedding may not be as easy as you think…
  • Not prioritizing comfort. Yes, stiletto heels look gorgeous, and oversized wedding dresses do look amazingly “fairytale-like”. But do you really want to spend the most amazing day of your life feeling utterly uncomfortable? Probably not…
  • Not spending some time alone with your loved one. We’ll say it as it is: on your wedding day, all the spotlights will be on you and your partner. And while this is definitely energizing, it can also be quite tiresome – so make sure to take a brief break with your SO and “run” away from the all the eyes, even if just for 10 minutes.

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