3 Wedding Food Stations Bound to Be Loved by Guests

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Your Southern wedding should be a memorable moment – not just for you, but for your guests too. Of course, the food you serve now is really important if you want to make sure this magical day will be a truly satisfying one for your guests – and food stations are the trend that keeps on giving in this direction.

What are some of the most recent wedding food station ideas bound to be really, really appreciated by guests? We have some tips for you – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

  • Sliders station. Provide guests with delicious fillings (such as pulled pork, grilled tomatoes, and any other Southern slider recipe you may have in mind). Provide them with homemade, fluffy, delicious buns as well. Provide them with all the extras you may think of, from the best cheese to the freshest veggies and the most amazing sauces. There! That’s a true recipe for guest satisfaction!
  • Fruit station with individual flags. Slices of watermelon and apples on sticks, with individual, custom-messages on little flags, right from the healthiest and most delicious Southern “production”. Who can refuse this? A sweet treat fit for a true Southern wedding, healthy and refreshing for a warm summer day!
  • Lemonade station. Summer days may feel a million years away, but they’re closer than you think! Make sure your Southern wedding guests are well-refreshed by providing them with a lemonade station. Include rose lemonade, lavender lemonade, and other unique variations, and allow guests to sweeten their drinks up with a variety of “add-ons” (slices of sweet fruit, sugar, brown sugar, stevia, and so on).


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Plan a Superb Dessert Table for Your Southern Wedding

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Few things are more pleasing than a bunch of sweet treats arranged in a stylish, beautiful way – and that is probably why dessert tables have grown to be almost a must at weddings. You have all the reasons to want to include a candy bar at your wedding too – and if you do decide on it, you surely want to make it look amazing.

How do you incorporate a gorgeous, delicious one into your Southern wedding, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Give Southern desserts a classy twist. You don’t have to go too much over the top – spinning traditional Southern desserts to make them more “wedding-worthy” can actually help you create an absolutely stunning dessert table. For instance, you could serve classic banana pudding in glass cones and make them look really nice.
  • Pay attention to the table décor. If you want your dessert table to actually look Southern, make sure to include elements that speak about country-chic beauty and Southern staples. For example, you could decorate a simple vintage-looking vanity mirror table with greenery and place your desserts there – we guarantee people will just love it!
  • You can also make them themed. If you don’t want to have a classic wedding dessert table, you can make a themed one. For instance, you could create a really nice pie table with different types of Southern pies (and use the aforementioned tip to decorate this special wedding element).


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Rain on Your Wedding Day? Here’s What to Do

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Rainy days cannot always be predicted – and much less months ahead of an event. Therefore, regardless of the wedding season you have chosen, there will always be a chance that rain will pour on your Big Day.

Does that mean you have to sit back and let rain wash over your wedding?

On the contrary – you should actually make the most out of this situation. We have some tips to help you – so read on to find out more.

  • Prepare yourself. If your wedding day is approaching and rain starts to take contour in the forecast, make sure to prepare yourself with all the necessary “tools” that will make a rainy wedding a lot A nice-looking jacket and a pair of Wellies, a pretty umbrella – these are golden accessories to have on you once if you are looking ahead at a less-than-sunny wedding day.
  • Yes, you can (and should!) take photos. Photos are one of the main concerns brides and grooms have when rain is forecast for their Big Day. However, you shouldn’t worry about this. On the contrary, actually, you should actually take this opportunity and shoot some really dramatic pictures – they will look so pretty!
  • Take care of your guests too. Make your guests feel excellent, even if it’s raining outside. To begin with, be sure to have an indoor location available at hand if your first option was an outdoor wedding (or at least be sure you can put up a tent to protect everyone from the rain). Mulled wine, hot chocolate, nice music and good food – yes, they will totally make people forget about the rain outside!


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These Food Trends Will Be All the Hype in 2018!

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Everybody knows wedding trends come and go – but that doesn’t mean they’re not a marvelous source of inspiration for brides and grooms who want to make their wedding feel unique, trendy and timeless at the same time.

For example, do you know the wedding food trends for 2018? If not, be sure to read on and inspire yourself:

  • Back to the roots. Looking for a unique, delicious way to spice up your wedding menu in 2018? Herbs are all the rage in next year’s trends – so don’t be afraid to include them for meals that are satisfying from all points of view.
  • Herbal cocktails. Not only are herbs everywhere in the wedding food industry in 2018, but they have landed themselves in signature cocktails too. If you want your special drinks to be really amazing and unique, opt for something that’s based on herbal ingredients. People will absolutely love it!
  • Flowery food. We’re already used to seeing fresh flowers on cakes (especially naked cakes), but have you considered including flowers in your wedding food as well? As it seems, this is a huge trend for 2018 and you have all the reasons to include it in your Big Day too: it looks absolutely stunning and it tastes truly great as well!
  • Choux-nut. Choux pastry is one of the best foods to ever be invented – and in 2018, it’s getting a whole new “face”! Shaped like doughnuts, choux pastry desserts will come in unique combinations – such as raspberry and matcha, maple and pecan, or elderflower and lemon. Absolutely delicious!

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Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring?

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Have you decided to propose? Congratulations! This is bound to be one of the most amazing, unforgettable and emotional moments of your life.

Of course, you want it to be perfect – and the ideal engagement ring is always part of this. How about considering a two-stone engagement ring, to make it more unique than any other engagement ring your future fiancé has ever seen? There are some amazing ones out there – and following, we have gathered just a few ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more:

  • Yellow gold, two larger diamonds intertwining and a few of smaller diamonds encrusted on the ring. This is the perfect engagement ring for a lady who loves utter elegance and luxury – so if you want to impress her and everyone who will see her ring, this type of design is exactly what you are searching for.
  • Diamond and ruby. You know your loved one to be really into pieces that are unique and outstanding? Don’t settle for the classic diamond, then, but for a ring that incorporates both a diamond and another stone (such as a gorgeous ruby, for example).
  • White gold and two diamonds meeting. Elegant, suave, feminine and more than symbolical for a beautiful love story, this kind of engagement ring design is so beautiful that it will definitely bring tears of joy to her eyes! Set this ring on her finger to show the world not only how much you love her, but also what a special lady she is!


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Daytime Wedding? Here Are Some Tips for You!

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Planning a wedding can be quite the confusing process, especially when you want to step out just a bit out of what’s usually done in the New Orleans area. However, that shouldn’t put you off, and even more so when you really want to have a unique, personalized wedding day.

For instance, if you have your heart set on a daytime wedding, you have a million reasons to love the idea. From the fact that you save money to the fact that you add a serious ingredient of originality to the mix, a daytime wedding can be absolutely perfect.

How do you plan it, though? Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • Keep in mind that a daytime wedding means you will most likely have to wake up earlier than otherwise. To make sure you have time to wake up and relax a bit before getting ready, remember to set your alarm clock accordingly.
  • If the reason for your daytime wedding is a cost saving one, then start your ceremony after lunch so your guests will have already had a little something to eat, and by the time 2 pm ticks in, your guests should be arriving at your reception for drinks and lite nibbles. You can make your grand exit at 4:45 pm, or, if you want the wedding to be a bit longer and entertain your guests a bit more, you can push this towards 6 pm.
  • Aside from the schedule, most of the other wedding elements will be essentially the same. You can keep the wedding as formal or as casual as you want (although “black tie” at night is quite different from “formal” during the day). The food should be light and seasonal. You can serve drinks. And, of course, you can dance as well!


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So, When Do You Have to Send the Save the Date Cards?

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We all know wedding planning and the etiquette associated with it can be quite confusing – especially today, when things seem to be changing from one month to the other.

Given that your Save the Date cards are very important, you don’t want them to be left to the aforementioned wedding planning confusion. So when do you have to send them, more exactly? We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First of all, you should know Save the Date cards are not absolutely mandatory. HOWEVER, they are important because it is a polite way to “grab dibs” on the guests and let them know well ahead of time that you are getting married and would like them to join in the celebration.
  • Generally, Save the Date cards should be sent out with about 6-8 months before the wedding date. This should give people plenty of time to plan in advance, take vacation days if needed, make travel arrangements, and so on. Your invitations should be sent 8 weeks before the wedding day too – so by that time, guests should decide if they can attend your wedding (and send back the RSVPs).
  • If you plan on having a destination wedding or a holiday weekend wedding, be sure to give your guests even more of a heads-up. Because these weddings need more preparation (and sometimes they can even include the cancelling of your guests’ plans), it is customary to send them out at least 9 months before the Big Day. Ideally, you should send them about 1 year ahead of the wedding date.


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