These Side Dishes Are Just Perfect for a Barbecue Rehearsal Dinner

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A rehearsal dinner is one of part of a wedding that serves multiple purposesNot only does it cap off the rehearsal itself, which allows you to rehearse the important moments of the wedding, but it also helps your wedding party members bond and create a better atmosphere during the actual Big Day.  

Of course, your rehearsal dinner doesnt have to be as fancy as the wedding itself – it can be more relaxed.  It can even be a barbecue party! In fact, this is a pretty great idea for a summer wedding, so if you and your family loves barbeque you should definitely consider it.  

And if you already have your heart set on the idea, be sure to match your menu with your location and style as well. For example, here are some of the best side dishes for a barbecue rehearsal dinner:  

  • Baked beans with a twist of … rum. There’s something absolutely delicious about baked beans nobody can resist. And if you add a special rum twist to your recipe, you are bound to attract cheers and applause from your guests – because this side dish will be so good it won’t even be considered to be “side” at all!  
  • Crispy roasted potatoes. The smokiness of your barbecue and the roasted-ness of crispy potatoes will go together better than anything. This might not be a very light side dish, but it sure is one people will line up for when they go back for seconds!  
  • Potato salad. Potato salad is a true classic here in the South, and just about everyone loves it. So yes, it makes for a truly great side dish for a barbecue party! If you want to make it a bit more special, opt for grilled potatoes in your salad. It will add a special flavor and a crispiness to the potatoes that goes great with the actual barbecue!  
  • Corn salad. Looking for a light and easy side dish? There’s nothing more satisfying than a corn salad that mixes sweet corn, seasonal tomatoes, herbs, and just a touch of cheese. People will absolutely love this dish 

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It’s Official! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Tied the Knot and It’s Nothing Like We Imagined It to Be!

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Celebrity weddings are rarely how we expect them to be – sometimes, the stars take us by surprise, getting married in the most unusual circumstances and using ultra-unique locations worthy of fairy tales.  

Other times, celebrities shock the world by getting married far from the madding crowd, in ceremonies that are more than intimate, surrounded by just a couple of close friends.  

Believe it or not, this was the case for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas!  

  • A few weeks ago, we were making predictions on how their wedding will look like – and today, it was confirmed that the couple has already tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.  
  • As you would expect, Sophie and Joe were married by none other than an Elvis impersonator. She chose to wear not a dress for this simple ceremony, but a Bevza jumpsuit and a wedding veil that reached her fingertips. The groom, on the other hand, chose to wear a simple gray suit that complimented the occasion and coordinated perfectly with the attire of his bride.  
  • The couple kept the wedding a secret until their friend, Diplo (famous DJ and one of their closest friends) published the entire video of their Las Vegas ceremony on the internet. This way, the entire world had the occasion to see their beloved celebrities’ wedding.  
  • Rumor has it that we haven’t seen the last of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding, and that they will have a post elopement party as well. We cannot wait to see it! 
  • While Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding may not have been everything people expected it to be, we must admit that it was really romantic. Sometimes the most romantic moments happen far from the eyes of the public – and it is more than likely that this was the reasoning behind the couple’s decision. From now on, we can officially say that all of the Jonas brothers are happily off the market!  


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Everything We Know About Miranda Lambert’s Wedding!

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As we predicted earlier on in February, 2019 started off as a marvelous year for weddings. For one, Ed Sheeran got married (and this time it’s for real) – but maybe even more surprisingly, Miranda Lambert got married too.  

What are some of the most important things we know about beautiful Miranda and her wedding?  

We can’t wait to share them with you!  

  • This Valentine’s Day, Miranda Lambert announced that she and Brendan McLoughlin got married in secret in the middle of January. Shocked? Pretty much everyone was, since not many people knew about their relationship, let alone that there might be a wedding in the works.  
  • As many celebrities do it these days, Miranda and Brendan got married in secret in a very intimate ceremony. Miranda did show off her gorgeous ring afterwards – a piece that has been estimated to be worth no less than $20,000!  
  • Who is Miranda’s husband? Well, he’s not a celebrity – he is an NYPD officer. He’s a pretty reputable one, at that – he even won competitions held by the NYPD, so Miranda has definitely picked a real winner for her husband.  
  • Another “spicy” bit of information we know about Brendan is that he dabbled in modeling until a few years ago. He hasn’t updated his modeling agency profile since 2011, but it seems that until he joined the force, he was on a path to a modelling career.  
  • Rumor has it that Brendan is also a father from a previous relationship too – and although this piece of news hasn’t been completely confirmed yet, it shows that Miranda and Brendan didn’t date for long before they tied the knot.  
  • We don’t know much about the wedding per se – just what Miranda and Brendan have made available to the wide public. Indeed, their intimate wedding looked really amazing – and as for what Miranda wore, her lace wedding gown fit her and her personality like a glove. A gorgeous, gorgeous bride! 
  • Miranda and Brendan’s romantic wedding away from the eyes of the paparazzi proves that you really don’t need an over the top wedding to be happy – you need a wedding that suits your personality and your dreams!  


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No Southern Brides and Grooms Should Ever Make These Wedding Menu Mistakes

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Regardless of where in the South you come from (be it New Orleans, any other place in Louisiana, or any of the other beautiful Southern states), you should definitely consider planning a traditional Southern wedding. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your heritage and, of course, to offer your guests a “taste of home” as well.

What are some of the mistakes all Southern couples should avoid making when planning their wedding menu?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Bacon-everything. OK, we get it. Here in the South, we love bacon (well, pretty much everyone everywhere else does it too, right?). While it is definitely OK to serve one or two bacon-based dishes at your wedding, it is important not to overdo it. Southern cuisine is so much richer than this, and it would be a real shame if your guests didn’t get to eat something unique they haven’t had before.
  • Not including the personal touches. Every family has their own set of recipes – so why not bring that into your wedding menu to make it more special, more personal, more in tune with who you are and where you come from? Discuss with your wedding catering company and share your family recipes with them to see what can be done. Guests will be delighted to taste these foods!
  • Not spreading out the food stations. There’s a very good reason food stations are popular at Southern weddings: they offer real diversity. At the same time though, it is important not to locate the food stations too close to each other because this might cram everything and it might make guests feel skittish.
  • Serving the heavier foods early in the evening. We’ll admit it: some of the most famously Southern foods are quite heavy and they might make guests feel lazy, rather than ready to dance. This is why it’s important not to serve them at the beginning of the wedding (or at least not all of them). Spread out the heavier foods throughout the entire wedding day (and don’t forget about the late-night snack either!).


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Virginia Williams’ Wedding Was So, So Beautiful!

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Virginia Williams got married – and, as you’d expect it from a celebrity, her wedding was nothing short of absolutely superb details. What are the ones that amazed the world the most and how to “steal” some celebrity wedding inspiration from Virginia Williams and Pusha T’s wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The wedding guest list was quite restricted with about 150 of the couple’s closest friends attending the wedding. Of course, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian couldn’t have missed such an event, so they were there too, to celebrate the newlyweds’ event. Who was the Best Man? None other than Pharell Willams, of course.
  • The wedding took place in Virginia Beach at a historic hotel, and it was everything you’d imagine a classy, elegant, and timeless wedding would be. Even the wedding date chosen by the couple bears a very powerful significance – not only did they become engaged on the 21st of July, but Pusha proposed at 7:21 PM as well, and, according to his own statements, the “721” numbers keep appearing everywhere he turns around. Talk about destiny!
  • As it happens to many other brides, Virginia Williams found that her original wedding dress idea was nothing like what she eventually ended up with. In fact, she didn’t end up with one gown, but two The first one was a luxuriant floral embroidered Marchesa dress with a deep V-neck, which she wore for the wedding ceremony, while the second dress was a party-oriented Reem-Acra strapless, sweetheart and illusion neckline gown that flattered Virginia and allowed her to have the time of her life.
  • The wedding décor was simple, but it was complemented by the stunning backdrop of the ocean watching over the couple’s wedding vows. To symbolize their solid partnership, the couple said their wedding vows in the middle of the aisle, surrounded by the happy tears of those invited and simple, yet majestic greenery.
  • The wedding menu was nothing short of amazing either. Guests served lobster, short rib, and lamb, and the wedding cake itself was presented only towards the end of the night, on golden shelves. As a send-off snack, Pusha T and Virginia Williams called in their favorite local eatery to offer guests a well-deserved treat.


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Ashley Greene Got Married!

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Famous Twilight star Ashley Greene got married – and, as you’d expect it, her wedding was absolutely amazing. Of course, all brides and grooms want to plan their weddings as they please – and they want to infuse these events with their personality.

Yet, sometimes, peeking into celebrity weddings can really give you a bunch of great idea – so, to help you inspire yourself, we’ve gathered some of the essentials that characterized Ashley Green’s Big Day. Read on if you want to find out more:

  • The bride wore not one, but two splendid dresses. The gown she wore for the wedding ceremony was a creation signed by Katie May – a stunning, sophisticated, simple white gown with a generous décolletage and a train that was just perfect for the outdoor wedding the couple had their hearts set on from the very beginning. The second gown, the one Ashley wore for the reception, was signed by Windi Williams-Stern – and it was a truly splendid, feminine piece embellished with flowers and just a tint of a nude color.
  • The happy groom, Paul Lokai, wore a posh Armani suit, which he paired with a Dior vest and a pair of Louboutins that complemented the entire attire and made him look amazing. Also, the bridesmaids were all dressed in blush/ nude gowns as well, with the Maid of Honor wearing a more special piece with more embellishments that helped her stand out.
  • The wedding ceremony backdrop was decorated with a beautiful wreath made from pampas grass, roses, and eucalyptus, which complemented the wedding ceremony aisle décor and the entire atmosphere of their wedding. As the couple said, the circle was symbolic of their everlasting love and of the commitment they made to each other. What an amazing idea for any wedding!
  • The wedding took place outdoors, because, as mentioned above, the couple wanted an outdoor wedding from the very beginning. The location they chose was a resort just outside of the Silicon Valley, near the redwoods – so the backdrop of the entire Big Day was stunning, as you’d expect it from a celebrity wedding, right?


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Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie Have Tied the Knot!

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Ring the bells, because a huge Game of Thrones event happened!

No, winter isn’t coming, and there might be quite some time until we’re graced to see the grand GoT finale.

But another great (perhaps even more beautiful!) thing happened: Kit Harrington (who plays John Snow in the famous TV series) and Rose Leslie (who played Ygritte in the same series) got married. And oh, it was a beautiful wedding!

  • The bride stunned everyone in a gorgeous creation signed Elie Saab. Her long-sleeved, lacy, illusion wedding gown suited her absolutely perfectly and really made her look absolutely radiant. Even more, she matched her bridal attire with a pretty white flower crown that looked really amazing with that dress!
  • Kit Harrington was quite posh as well. He wore a classic, long black jacket, a cream-colored vest, and a pair of striped pants – and together with his bride, they made a really trendy and stylish couple!
  • As you would expect from such an event, there were a lot of stars present to celebrate the newlywed’s event. Of course, a lot of them were Game of Thrones stars themselves: Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in the series), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen on screen), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in the show), and Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark in GoT) are just some of the names that enchanted the wedding.
  • Aside from Game of Thrones stars, there were other celebrities present at the wedding too. A couple of names included here are Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons) and Makin Akerman.
  • The reception tool place at Rose Leslie’s family estate, which, according to statements, includes its own castle. Looks like Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie wanted their own royalty-worthy wedding – and oh, judging by the stories we’ve heard, it really was!
  • Rumor mill has it that a fan even hid in the bushes to be present to the ceremony. While this might be completely made up, it’s still fun (and quite creepy) to think to the extents some would go just to witness this kind of wedding!


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