There’s nothing quite as satisfying and universally appreciated as a good casserole – and here in the South, we do love mixing and matching them in amazing ways every single time.

If you want a casual, laid-back, and genuine Southern wedding in New Orleans, serving one (or more) casserole recipes is bound to be a real success. But what are some of the best casserole recipes you could include in your Big Day’s menu?

We have some ideas for you – continue reading to find out more.


  • Chicken casserole. Everyone loves chicken – you literally cannot go wrong with it. And the great news here isn’t over: there are SO many chicken casserole recipes that it will be hard to choose just one for the Big Day. Pasta, chicken and broccoli, chicken and wild rice, chicken pot pie, chicken, prosciutto and peas – there is a myriad of combinations you can make. And they’re all delicious!
  • Beef casserole. If you’re not necessarily a big fan of chicken, beef is one of the best options you have. Not as heavy as pork, yet not as light as chicken, beef tends to strike the best balance in terms of taste and texture. Some of the best beef casserole ideas include shepherd’s pie (a real classic), pizza spaghetti casserole, tomato and beef casserole, meatball casserole, and so on.
  • Vegetarian casserole. OK, vegetarian food may not be that deeply connected to Southern cuisine – but there ARE a lot of options you can serve, even in the “Casserole Department”. Some of the best veggie casserole ideas include tomato cobbler casserole, green bean lasagna casserole, spinach pasta casserole, sweet potato, cauliflower and green vegetables casserole, and vegetable bread pudding. They’re all a delight, even if you’re not actually a vegetarian!
  • Sweet casserole. If you want to serve a dessert that will not be forgotten very soon, why not serve a nice sweet casserole? Pumpkin caramel and pecan bread pudding, upside down cakes (carrot cake, apple tart), cherry cobbler casserole – these ideas are really good and they will be more than appreciated by everyone at the wedding.


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