Sweet potatoes are universally appreciated – but Southern cuisine knows how to really make them pop. If you too are a big fan of this colorful root vegetable, you might want to include it in your wedding day (especially for fall and winter events).

If that’s the case, you should definitely read on, because we have gathered some of the most deliciously inspiring Southern sweet potato ideas you can incorporate into your wedding menu!


  • Sweet potatoes and bacon. This recipe can be made in a slow cooker for extra flavor – and oh my how good it will taste! This is the perfect comfort food – not only does it comfort you with its amazing taste (sweet, salty, and very rich), but it also comforts you with its appealing color (because what else could be warmer and more welcoming than the color of sweet potatoes?).
  • Sweet potato casserole. This one’s a real classic – one that might seem odd for someone who hasn’t tasted it before, but which becomes an instant favorite once you grab a bite. Many people serve this for Thanksgiving – but if you’re having a winter wedding, why not incorporate it into your menu? Guests will love it regardless of whether they come from an experienced Southern cuisine background or not!
  • Sweet potato fries. Everyone loves fries – and if you’re looking to serve a healthier (but definitely not less comforting) snack at your wedding, why not make it sweet potato fries? Served in nice wrappers and spiced with herbs, this treat will surely get your guests going (enough for another good round of dancing and having fun).
  • Sweet potato biscuits. The perfect blend between sweet potatoes and biscuits – fill them with bacon, cream cheese, or whatever else you like and we guarantee people will line up for this delicious snack!
  • Sweet potato and sausage soup. If you’re looking to serve something that’s really heartwarming, this is it. This is comfort food that’s perfect for winter – it tastes amazing, it looks fantastic, and it’s bound to warm up your wedding guests.


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