There’s nothing like a comforting drink on a cool winter day – and if you plan on having your wedding during the cold season, you definitely want to bring this kind of cozy atmosphere into your Big Day.

What are some of the best southern drinks perfect for a fall or winter wedding? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Southern Comfort. This drink can be mixed with a variety of juices (we’d try cranberry juice, since it’s the season for it). Ginger ale and cola are also good mixes for this particular drink. It doesn’t get more Southern than it, and with the right mixes, you can turn it into a really great cocktail for your fall or winter wedding!
  • Butterscotch hot chocolate. Let’s face it: who doesn’t love to snuggle with a cup of hot chocolate under their noses when it’s cold outside? If you want to make it a little more “fun”, you can always mix your hot chocolate with a good whiskey – it will make for something that’s not just a hot drink and not just a cocktail either, but the perfect mélange between the two. Your guests are bound to love this!
  • Hot cider. If you want to serve a hot drink that’s alcoholic (and not necessarily chocolate-based), hot cider is the perfect option. There are a thousand and one ways to mix this with the right spices and even with other drinks, so you will definitely find a cocktail that suits your particular taste. Guests will love the warmth of the drink, the aroma, and the pure taste of “winter” only apples and ciders can bring with them. This option will be a winner from the very beginning!
  • Mulled wine. Another drink essential for the cold weather, mulled wine is an all-time favorite across different countries and states. Everyone has their own recipe – apples, oranges, and even cranberries can be added to a mixture of red wine, cinnamon, and other spices to create a drink that’s truly flavorful and comforting. People will love it so much!


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