Summer’s almost here, and if you want to have a summer wedding in Louisiana, you definitely want to make sure your wedding menu is perfectly aligned with the weather outside (and the amazing ingredients this season’s got to offer!).

So, how do you create wedding appetizers that are absolutely delicious and more than suitable for summer? We have gathered some of the best ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • Watermelon treats. What could be more summer-inspired than watermelon itself? Juicy, refreshing, and really, really tasty, watermelon can be served in a multitude of ways. You can settle on the simple way and just serve watermelon triangles on sticks (children will love these healthy popsicles!), or you could serve something more special, such as watermelon bites topped with basil leaves and goat cheese. Delicious!
  • Again, this is an all-time favorite of summer treats, and you have a lot of ways you can serve it at your wedding in New Orleans. You can incorporate them in refreshing fruit brochettes, or you can include them in delicious savory and sweet salads (arugula, strawberries, and cheese make for a wonderful combo!). Either way, they will be a delight for everyone invited!
  • Scrumptious, and almost decadent, these fruits are made for summer treats. Serve them on top of fancy salmon and cheese sandwiches for a sweet touch that’s unique and delicious, or serve them stacked with bacon and cheese for the kind of appetizer guests will definitely come back to.
  • Caprese salad. Want to infuse your wedding with a fresh Italian dish everyone is bound to absolutely love? The classic caprese salad can take as many shapes and sizes as you want. Our suggestion is serving yours on little sticks (one cherry tomato, one basil leaf, one mozzarella ball, all drizzled with just the tiniest amount of balsamic vinegar). If you want to bring your caprese a bit closer to home, grill mozzarella and stack it between tomato slices – it will make for a great fusion between the classic caprese salad and the loved-by-all grilled cheese sandwich.


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