Winter may still be very much present in our lives, but a lot of you are probably planning a spring or summer wedding. Of course, everybody knows food is a very important element in the entire Big Day – but what are some of the most delicious South-inspired appetizers you could serve at a spring outdoor wedding? We have some ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • Spinach Dip. If you are looking for a healthy dip to add to your appetizers’ menu, spinach is one of the go-to options for a classic Southern wedding. For a less-than-classic, but absolutely delicious twist, add sour cream and sweet onions to your dip mix – it will go so well with all the fresh veggies spring will bring along!
  • Antipasto platter. An all-time classic as well, the antipasto platter can be a really amazing appetizer to place on the tables at your wedding reception. Of course, you could add a couple of new twists (such as rolling goat cheese through fresh parsley for a fresh and spring-like look) – but the secret to a finger-licking delicious antipasto platter will always be the quality and freshness of your ingredients, so remember to invest in that!
  • Pickled tomatoes. Fresh, delicious, and more than suitable for a spring wedding, pickled tomatoes can become wedding material when you choose the right variety (e.g. baby tomatoes, instead of the larger ones). Of course, serving them in a nice-looking bowl or will make them look even more appealing to your guests!


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