Planning the perfect wedding menu can be quite difficult when you want to reconcile the idea that you’re planning a wedding (thus, a more elegant event) and the idea that you want to serve the foods that are truly dear to you.

Thankfully, the comfort food wedding trend has grown very popular over the past couple of years, allowing brides and grooms to be more flexible with their food choices on the Big Day.

What Southern-inspired comfort foods you could serve at your wedding, to the delight of everyone invited? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Mini double-stuffed potatoes. Everyone knows potatoes and comfort food are almost synonymous. Offer your guests with a mini version of this timelessly appreciated Southern dish and they will definitely love the idea! Amazing looking and delicious, these stuffed potatoes will be a true delight for everyone!
  • Fried mac’n’cheese. What could be better than mac’n’cheese? Fried mac’n’cheese, of course! Serve them like “pops” guests can just grab and enjoy when they need a boost of energy – we guarantee they will absolutely love this good idea!
  • Nothing is more comforting than a slice of homemade pie, just like it’s done in the South. Meringue, chocolate, pecan, banana – the choice is yours. In fact, you don’t even have to choose – how about serving all of them, so that guests can pick their favorites? People will just love indulging in this treat!


Have you found the perfect wedding catering service in New Orleans? If not, be sure to contact Food Art Inc. as soon as possible – we’ll make sure your Southern wedding menu is perfect from every single point of view, so that both you and your guests are 100% happy with it!