Food bars are a very special touch you can bring into your New Orleans wedding day. Although food has always been served at weddings, these bars have a unique quality that makes them downright fascinating for brides and grooms planning their wedding, as well as for guests who simply want to have fun celebrating their friends’ love story.

What are some of the wedding food bar ideas you haven’t heard of before, but which will really appeal to you? Read on and steal some inspiration.

  • A pie bar. This is absolutely perfect for a wedding planned in the Southern spirit – because, let’s admit it: what could be heartier, more welcoming, warmer, or more delicious, other than a table filled with the sweetest pies your guests have ever tasted?
  • Spud bar. Everyone loves potatoes. Mashed or fried, wedges or crinkle-cut, tater tots or baked – potatoes are simply universal. Organize a cute spud bar for your guests to snack on and they will definitely love the idea!
  • Hot chocolate bar. This is just perfect for the upcoming cool season, so if you want to have your wedding in the next few months, be sure to plan this hot chocolate bar! Provide people with different types of hot chocolate and toppings to warm up their bodies (and their souls) and you will win their unending love!
  • Croissant bar. Planning a brunch wedding? That’s a wonderful idea, especially if you want something elegant, but less pricy than a traditional dinner wedding! Pamper your guests with a variety of croissants and patisseries beautifully arranged on a special table – they will find it amazing!


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