As a bride, you want to look radiant when you walk down the aisle. What are the essential beauty tips to remember for this very special event in your life, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Take care of your skin. If you need treatments, be sure to attend to them months before your wedding – facials are not to experiment with a couple of days before the Big Day. Also, be sure you eat right and drink plenty of water, as both of these things can be utterly important for the health and beauty of your own skin.
  • Invest in good foundation. The perfect foundation should be slightly lighter than your natural skin, but not too light (and definitely not too dark either). Furthermore, it is recommended that you avoid foundation with SPF protection, as this can reflect light (and it may not look very appealing in the wedding photos).
  • Don’t apply any kind of hair dye before the wedding. If you want to change your hair color, make sure to do it long before the Big Day. Moreover, we also advise brides to avoid very fresh haircuts before the wedding too – it’s better to do this at least one-two months before the wedding.
  • Don’t use too much powder. You may be tempted to think it will look better in the picture, but too much powder can create a “cakey” appearance you will most likely not appreciate.

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Photo source: Simon Cumming