By the time your wedding guests get to dessert, they might be getting a bit tired, and you might be, too. A great way to pick them up is to offer a coffee dessert on your wedding menu!

Coffee desserts can come in a wide variety. Whether it’s a classic coffee and chocolate combination — either as a rich and gooey brownie or a smooth and luxurious torte — or a creamier choice like a coffee creme brulee, coffee desserts are a delicious choice.


You can also offer decaf versions of many coffee desserts, whether through using decaf coffee or omitting the coffee in them for guests who need to avoid caffeine. Offering a half-caff dessert plate is also a tasty option, where you can combine something creamy or fruity with the rich coffee dessert.

Of course, don’t feel like you need to limit coffee to dessert! Coffee treats are perfect for a cocktail hour, evening buffet, or any other time of your wedding. To find out more about how to bring a bit of buzz to your New Orleans wedding menu, give us a call today!