4 Ways to Have Great Catering Without Splurging

Weddings are fun, but they can also be very tedious, especially for the bride and groom. But so many people go out of their way to make their weddings elaborate without considering the consequences on their budget, then end up regretting after the ceremony.

If you don’t plan well, your wedding catering bill can take a massive chunk of the budget, but it does not have to be that way.

We’ll point out now that it’s perfectly fine to do that if you can afford expensive meals. But if doing so will adversely impact other aspects of your wedding, we don’t recommend you go for expensive options.

With that being said, below are four innovative ways to cut the cost of your wedding food without reducing the quality and making sure your guests are satisfied!

  • Serve Budget-Friendly Meals

Instead of expensive menu selections like lobsters or steaks, go for meals like turkey or chicken. Your guests will be satisfied by doing this. And you don’t need to spend too much to please everyone in attendance.

The same thing goes for desserts; you don’t need to go overboard with assorted deserts because not all your guests will have the appetite for them. Instead, limit your dessert to cakes and sweets to save money and food.

  • Celebrate On A Weekday

This is a great way to cut your wedding budget. Most people are busy with work, so only those that prioritize your wedding will show up. However, this does save money compared to celebrating on the weekend.

  • Hire Excellent Caterers

No matter the budget, perfect caterers can keep the food simple but delicious. There is nothing wrong with serving common meals like chicken and vegetables at your wedding; it is the taste that matters.

Even if you initially wanted to spend more money on your wedding catering, be rest assured that an excellent caterer can turn any menu into a scrumptious meal!

  • Serve Trending And Local Food

Even if you settle for the expensive choice, not all your guests would like them. Most people want to eat what is in season and locally made. If you serve excellently made local dishes, you will leave your guests salivating for more.

Food Art Inc. is a professional wedding caterer from New Orleans, and we understand no two couples are the same. That’s why we sit with you, know what you want, and serve you and your guests excellent meals according to your budget.

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4 Different Wedding Catering Trends Perfect for Your Summer Wedding

As with most things that concern weddings, catering is a significant factor in ensuring that weddings stay unique. Caterers and chefs keep coming up with outstanding menus and presentation styles that look and taste good!

Of course, many couples look for ways to make their weddings their own. Unique or personalized catering options can be an excellent way to customize your wedding. Here are wedding catering trends to inspire your wedding menu for your summer wedding!

  • Bubbly Bars

Champagne at weddings is irresistible, especially if you serve it well. So have a bubbly bar and leave your guests to serve themselves.

Your caterer can display your drinks of choice. So whether it’s your signature mixins, spirits, sparkling wine, or prosecco, have a variety of drinks ready! Fresh fruit slices are also an option you should not leave out of your bubbly bar.

  • Culinary Kiosk

For your cocktail hour, let your guests choose their special treats. Not only does a culinary kiosk make for individual choices of food, but it also makes for great interaction between guests.

It can also serve as a hangout spot for guests to mingle. But, take it a notch higher by having more stations and chefs to help in suggesting food combinations that would intrigue and impress your guests!

  • Light Options

Light bites have always been popular at weddings because large crowds aren’t always associated with heavy food options. Light options are great and healthy substitutes for your summer wedding.

For example, go for food options like grape tomato with antipasto skewers, mozzarella balls, olive, chicken Thai peanut sauce with wrapped lettuce, etc. Healthy doesn’t always mean costly-you’ll be surprised how affordable most of these meals are.

  • A Family Style Service

One unique aspect about serving menus in the family style is that it makes room for more conversations and mingling between guests.

Because it involves passing foods around, from guest to guest, reconsider utilizing large or tall centerpieces. They could be barriers to family-style food service.

With Food Art Inc., you’re guaranteed excellent wedding catering! We’re great at listening to you and making sure your wedding catering concerns are met. So let us give you an experience that will provide you with nothing but find memories for your big day! Contact us today.

4 Great Wedding Food Ideas for Your Guests

With venues offering different options for catering and with the limitless food options for weddings, deciding your wedding menu can be challenging. It’s not enough to know your partner’s favorite meals, and you’ll also need to understand what your guests would like to have at your wedding.

Wedding caterers are sure to help you blend your choices ideally to treat everyone’s taste buds to an excellent menu experience!

But first, start with having an idea of your guests’ choices and giving your caterer an accurate count. Whatever the case, here are some of the wedding food ideas to get you started!

  • For A Buffet

Couples have found ways to create interactions between their guests, and one fun way to achieve this is by giving a buffet food service.

Also, a wedding buffet service can go from casual to intricate. We mean from popcorn to tacos, donuts, waffle bars, grazing, pizza, salad, and even kebab stands. Again, it depends on your wedding theme, your taste, and your style.

  • For The Entrée

Entrées stand to be the most challenging of all your wedding food decisions, no matter your style of foodservice.

The ideal way to decide on entrées is by going with two or three options and leaving it to your guests to make their decisions.

That would also make room for variety. Entrées options include fried chicken, steaks and salad, salmon, shrimp, lasagna, spaghetti squash, etc.

  • For The Finger Foods

Finger foods are another wedding food option that gives your guests time to interact with one another.

Whether your hors-d’œuvre are coming at the cocktail hour or would last through the night, consider these ideas: bruschetta, mini tacos, meatballs, spring rolls, French fries, grilled cheese, etc.

  • For The Dessert

Of course, cakes aren’t going out of style anytime soon as the main wedding desserts. Still, it doesn’t take away that there are many options for wedding desserts that go well alongside the cakes. We’re talking about treats like cookies, popsicles, hand pies, mini cheesecakes, macarons, etc.

These are just four wedding ideas, but with a professional wedding caterer like Food Art Inc., your wedding food ideas are endless!

We’re always ready to serve you and your guests a variety of excellent meals at your wedding. We pay attention to every other little detail that your big day will need to be as perfect as you want it to be! We are always just a click away!

3 Popular and Unique Wedding Catering Ideas for Your 2021 Wedding

You’re getting married, and you want your reception to be unforgettable, yes? The secret to achieving that is excellent food!

Food helps us connect, build new relationships, and strengthen bonds. They do much the same at weddings, too, because it’s an avenue for you to connect with your loved ones. Today’s couples have taken advantage of all the great options food offers, and you should do that too!

So if you want to add flair to your wedding, these three catering trends will wow and please your guests!

  • Hors-D’oeuvres

During the cocktail hour, you want your guests to feel sophisticated while still enjoying the wedding food. So serve them food that won’t smear their dresses or suits, and hors-d’oeuvres are perfect here.

  • A Pretty Aperitif Bar

Aperitif is usually a mixture of spirits, herbs, wine, and spices. They are lighter than cocktails and are less stressful to pair with food and help indigestion. They are also colorful and festive, meaning they’re complementary yet classy.

  • Artsy Grazing Boards Or Tables

Grazing tables are ideal if you are interested in buffet-style vibes. They’re a great alternative to a buffet, utilizing great and high-quality ingredients. The result is a fantastic dining experience!

If you appreciate design, then we suggest you go for this. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed! You can mix, match and customize the tables to your heart’s content.

Food Art Inc. from New Orleans would love to help you with your wedding catering this year! So, secure our excellent services and celebrate a wonderful day with your loved ones.

Reach out to us, and we’ll treat you and your guests to the most delectable meals you’ve ever had!

5 Wedding Food Bar Ideas

Food is an integral part of a wedding ceremony, so it’s no surprise that countless food options are available at weddings.

Finding the proper menus for guests entails more than picking out two or three options to choose from. If you really want to treat your guests, you must offer them impressive menus to select from!

One way to achieve this is through food bars. With food bars, about any food goes; your options aren’t limited. Here are five great ideas to consider for food bars at your wedding!

  • A Juice Bar

Juice bars are especially suitable for weddings in the summer and spring. They help keep your guests hydrated.

Juices that are freshly got from fruits are a better option for your juice bar. Have slices of the different fruits in them, and let your guests have something to chew on while they get refreshingly hydrated.

  • A Bacon Bar

The good thing about bacon is the fact it a versatile food. The options you can combine it with are almost endless.

For example, try serving bacon as the following: chocolate-dipped bacon, bacon-wrapped scallops, bacon strip candies, and more creative options. Your caterer may have even better bacon options you can try.

  • Milk And Cookie Bar

A variety of cookies and milk can save costs as well as save time. Create a nostalgic experience using different cookies from your childhood to bring back long-lost memories and a cause for interaction between your guests.

  • Doughnut Bar

Doughnuts at weddings are not only loved by most guests, but they’re also easy on the budget and can easily impress your guests.

They may also be displayed in fun and creative ways. You can wrap them in cute tiny boxes, usually transparent, and offer the boxes to each guest as they leave.

  • Popcorn Bars

Like doughnuts, popcorn is almost seen as a typical wedding snack. Not only does it save cost, but its various flavors provide for different options; plus, it tastes great!

Label the popcorn according to flavors and have scoops for your guests to use. You can keep the popcorn in jars or bowls.

For the perfect catering options that will wow your guests and make your wedding extraordinary, Food Art Inc. is here to help!

Food Art Inc. is a professional wedding catering company and New Orleans’ favorite wedding caterers!

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6 Extraordinary Ways To Include Flowers at Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is one of the most important determiners of a successful wedding. From the catering to the venue and even the floral arrangement, you must hire a professional and competent wedding planner to help you realize this.

Flowers are part of décor, of course. They can change the look of everything. So let’s explore these six unique ways to use flowers in your wedding décor!

  • Floral Chandeliers

Elevate your wedding with flowers using floral chandeliers. They look amazing hanging over the reception tables and dance floor.

You may also furnish or adorn your chandeliers with wreaths for a different pattern. And a gorgeous natural array of any color mixed with white blossoms will be impressive.

  • Work with Dried Flowers

Often, people love and will go for fresh flowers. Though, dried flowers can relay nature still into your decor, from your wreath and centerpieces to more minor details like your wedding invitations, even your cake.

Try adding dried sprigs of Italian Ruscus and fluffy bunny tails to your bouquet. That’s the perfect blue touch. Blossoms stand out amidst bright colors no matter the setting; this, in turn, adds an aesthetic allure.

  • Flower Backdrop

Suppose you want to lay the scene for some lovely and amazing ceremony photos. In that case, a floor-to-ceiling formation of greenery and colorful blooms is the right decision. Moreover, it creates a civic distinction, especially for exposed industrial-looking sides.

  • Use Pomanders

Whether hanging or just clustering a few at the center of the table, Pomander in varying sizes and colors, and heights will add interest and drama in the right way!

  • Under Table Centerpiece

Often when you think of a centerpiece, you think of the top of a table; try to create an element of surprise for your guests with an under-the-table centerpiece!

Use a vase that can fit securely under the table. Then you can fill it with blossoms in water or hang a couple of pomanders.

  • Bridal Wears

Adding flowers to your hair on the big day is an excellent idea that we’re sure your hairdresser will approve of. Wear them as a halo or crown or just as a side article to your hair. Floral arrangements can be worn by the bridesmaids or used as a tie design for the groom.

We can’t wait to help bring your wedding to reality! We know how important this day is to you, so we’ll do our part to make sure your wedding planning goes perfectly!

So prepare to enjoy excellent meals and get ready to impress your guests with fantastic wedding décor! Food Art Inc. will give you an exceptional event for your special day! Click here to contact us now.

8 Unique Wedding Cake Trends You’ll Love

Over the years, a custom wedding cake often entails a three-tier cake design with a couple’s miniature figure on the top. But cake designers keep coming up with new ways to bake cakes!

Wedding cakes now come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting so many themes and telling so many stories.

From translucent to gold leaf designs, here are some creative designs you could commission for your wedding!

  • Single Tier Cakes

If you are a minimalist, single-tier cakes would be ideal for you. Simple yet infused with your favorite flavors.

  • Ombre Cakes

Ombre effects are some of the most sought-after wedding cake designs. With its deep hues gently blending into lighter shades, ombre cakes do capture a feel of romance.

  • Boozy Flavors

2021 can create classic boozy flavors giving a slight twist to the traditional wedding cake, ranging from prosecco and pina-colada to elderflower.

  • Square-Tier Cakes

Deviating from the traditional circular design of cakes, square tier styles give cakes a boxy look, like a gift. Accompanied with warm ombre colors, the cake screams “royalty!”

  • Floral Designs

2021 is also going to be about floral designs, not just edible flowers. Petals and buds are handcrafted on the cake in soft pastel colors, setting the trend for more exotic flowers like Hibiscus.

  • Black And Gold

Stronger color contrasts are also all the rave this year, particularly with gold ribbons on a black icing, combining these colors to give a dark yet lustrous feel.

  • Pearls

Pearls do bring in a new look in cake designs. They give your cake an icy look in sugar-white roundedness. You can also throw in some edible glitters to add to the shine.

  • Edible Pressed Flowers

Still trending from 2020 into 2021, we wager this trend will continue well into 2022! It is also fascinating that the flowers aren’t made with chocolates, sugar, or fondant. Actual flower blossoms you can eat are pressed into the buttercream!

If you plan on getting married in New Orleans, let’s help you customize the perfect wedding cake designs for it! We are Food Art Inc. A professional wedding caterer and event planning company in New Orleans.

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3 Etiquettes You Should Know For Your Rehearsal Dinner

Everything about weddings spells enjoyment, save for the planning aspect. For your wedding, you’re supposed to have a rehearsal a day before. Why? To prepare you for all the activities of the most important day of your life!

You don’t want confusion and mistakes running every special moment. After your rehearsal comes dinner, of course; think of it as a mini party before the actual party.

Weddings bring with them a great deal of fun. But you should know particular etiquettes surrounding a rehearsal dinner. See them below!

  • Who’s In Charge Of Paying?

To prove that they too can entertain, the groom’s parents were initially in charge of paying for the rehearsal dinner.

However, in recent times, couples sponsor these dinners themselves and also get to have a say in the details of the dinner. It’s about communicating and coming up with a unified decision.

  • Who’s Invited?

Oh, you may invite anyone you wish, but where’s the fun in that? Traditionally, the list of guests invited includes groomsmen, the bridal party, the ring bearer, the flower girls, the out-of-town guests, the close friends, and family members. But if you feel like you need to have more people, then you may invite anyone else.

  • What Type Of Venue Is Suitable For A Rehearsal Dinner?

The venue you should use for your rehearsal dinner should be relatively close to your rehearsal venue for convenience to you and your guests.

You may also consider your favorite restaurant. No restaurant would say not to that; indeed, most will welcome it. Some people host their rehearsal dinners at home, so go with whichever suits your taste.

Your wedding plans will not be complete without getting in touch with the right catering services. Food Art Inc. caters to your wedding menu options and helps you plan a grand wedding ceremony, leaving you impressed and satisfied. We are New Orleans’s favorite wedding catering and event planning company. Once you see what we can do for you, you’ll agree we’re the best of the best! Contact us now

Having The Same Venue For Your Wedding Ceremony And Reception

We’ve seen couples opt for an all-inclusive venue lately; there are so many plausible reasons for that, and you may want to join the trend.

For one, it’s a good idea as venues try to provide you with those picturesque locations and backdrops you seek. There are more reasons why people host all the parts of their wedding at the same venue. Here are some of them!

  • Comfort

With the same venue for both your ceremony and reception, your guest will not have to drive to a different location for the reception.

Also, there may be guests without cars. You’ll have to get them attached or joined to the guests with cars, which might be pretty uncomfortable for all parties, as they may not know themselves in the first instance. The same venue for both events saves time and allows things to run smoothly.

  • It Saves Costs

You’ll not only save money on transportation, but you’ll also not have to hire another venue for your reception. You may even get package deals with the wedding venue for having both your wedding and reception at their location.

More so, you get to save on the cost of rentals. If you host events at two venues, you’ll have to rent decors for the two venues, but with just one, you’ll rent for only one.

  • Guests Will Attend Better

You have somewhat divided your guests when hosting in two venues: a part will prefer to come for the ceremony while the other will choose the reception. Using multiple venues increases the cost of transportation for your guests, travel, or movement.

But using one venue prevents sparse attendance. Using a single wedding venue means you take care of any instance of scanty attendance.

Be sure to factor in the tiny details, and most significantly, the essential ones: the food for your celebrations!

Food Art Inc. is excellent at delivering wedding menus for any wedding and in any venue.

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Creating A Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

A signature cocktail at your wedding is one way to save cost and avoid the inconvenience of having a long queue at your bar. It allows your wedding guests to share in your taste and appreciate your collective personality as a couple.

So without further ado, below are simple steps to take in creating a signature cocktail for your wedding!

  • Pick Names That Rhyme with Wedding Phrases

Creative names that rhyme with wedding phrases is an excellent way to add fun to your cocktail. Be sure to include the main ingredients in these names so your guests have an idea of what they’re having.

For example, “Appley ever after tequila cocktail.” Also, hang their names somewhere around the bar with their ingredients to help your guests make their choices.

  • Add A Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to a drink is something most couples don’t know how to go about. You may start with the type of location or theme you’ve chosen for your wedding day.

Your theme tells of your style and taste to an extent. Also, you may give it your last name, or the name of your pet or a lost loved one.

  • Mix In Your Favorite Drinks

What are your favorite drinks? Be sure to include them in the mix. Make use of the flavors you prefer as the main ingredients.

Meet with your bartender to put you through with spirit choices, especially those that fit your budget, and how to mix them to make them befitting for your wedding guests.

  • Consider Your Guests

It’s your signature cocktail, but you’re also making it to impress your guests and probably get them to approve. So there’s a need to appeal to their taste buds! If it’s not appealing to most, it’s perhaps not suitable to be served at your wedding.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t impress all your guests with your signature drink. Provide other options such as beer and wine; this will be welcomed by guests who want to mix your cocktail with some other drink option.

Impress your guests with a nice treat. When you’re thinking about drinks, be sure to think about a great menu too!

With Food Art Inc., you’re sure your guests will have unique food options that will leave a lasting memory on them! Your wedidng day will always be a day they happily reminisce on. Contact us now.