3 Excellent Wedding Food Options

Your guests expect to be fed great food on your wedding day, right? While providing a meal for your guest is important, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to budget for a gourmet five-course dinner for them.

Nonetheless, your wedding style and feel, as well as the time of the day and your catering budget, will determine the type of food you choose to serve. We will be giving you the three common options for wedding food!

  • First Option: BBQ or Buffet

This is a more relaxed and laid-back wedding food option, so perfect for a less formal reception like a backyard wedding reception.

A buffet provides a wider range of foods that will meet different tastes. And it gives your guests the choice to eat as much or as little as they want.

Usually, a buffet is cheaper than a sit-down dinner with the obvious reason that there are no waiters/waitresses to pay and there is no need to prepare individual plates for each guest. One thing about this option is that guests will have to be sociable if they want to eat since they’ll have to get up and mingle with other guests.


  • Second Option: Appetizers

If you are going to have a relatively short wedding reception especially in the evening, do not feel obligated to give your guests a full meal. This is absolutely unnecessary.

You can have a cocktail and serve appetizers, which is a great alternative to having full meals served. Usually, appetizers are a lot cheaper than a full meal. It also gives you many options to provide fun for your guests even as you serve them appetizers.

You can have fun with Chinese spoon, colorful sushi, tiny wraps, or even serve everyone themed appetizers from fashionable food stations.

Appetizers provide a more sociable option than the sit-down dinner as guests have the opportunity to mingle and eat at the same time.

You shouldn’t serve appetizers for a daytime wedding as they are probably not suitable. Your guests will expect a full meal for the daytime.

Also, you should consider your guests who have traveled from out of town to attend your wedding. They will be needing something more substantial to eat considering the distance they’ve traveled.


  • Third Option: A Formal Sit-Down Dinner

When considering a formal wedding, this is both an elegant and excellent choice for you and your guests. This option provides your guests with the luxury of a formal dinner. Your guests will be waited on and they won’t have to leave their seats to get food.

A formal dinner is a more generous gesture towards your guests and is the best option when you don’t really have the luxury of space at your reception venue. Those who have traveled a long distance to attend your wedding can be treated warmly with this wedding food option. This option is a more expensive one, but what matters is everyone is happy, no?

It’s one thing to know the best kind of wedding food but what about who will provide it? That’s where we come in!


We are Food Art from New Orleans, Louisiana; expert and professional caterers who have years’ worth of experience and skills to their name. We’ve tended to countless weddings, corporate events, parties, and more. Come see us and we’ll do the same for your big day!

4 Ways to Handle Wedding Planning Anxiety

Wedding planning should be fun, but every time you look at your planning list, you start frowning. You can even quiver and, in worst cases, feel like you’ll collapse. These symptoms are the hallmark of wedding planning anxiety.

Food Art understands this and wants the best for you, that’s why we’ve put together this list. It highlights 4 ways to tackle that anxiety and get started on planning your lovely wedding.

  • Accept Your Imperfections

Nobody is perfect, and no wedding is either. You may have heard this often, but now is the time to start believing it. Do not torture yourself over every single decision. Tell yourself that most of the choices you’re making are good ones, so your wedding will turn out just fine.

  • Take A Couple of Breaks

Don’t go bothering your wedding planner every single day of the week. With the way things in the world are right now, there’s more than enough time to handle any issue that pops up. Take breaks from your wedding planning every once in a while. Believe it or not, that’s one of the best things that you can do for your pre-wedding anxiety. It really goes a long way to help make you feel better.

  • Keep Upbeat About Your Wedding

Despite how your mind tries to make you feel, remind yourself that anxiety does not get a vote where your wedding is concerned. Plan your wedding based on you and your partner’s core values and avoid putting attention on your anxiety.

  • Acknowledge Your Feelings

One way to get rid of your anxiety is to acknowledge its presence and co-exist with it peacefully. Forcefully trying to rid yourself of it will only serve to keep your attention on your fear, and that’s terribly counterproductive. Welcome your anxiety to the situation and then refocus on significant parts of your wedding planning. Best of Luck!

When it comes to wedding catering in New Orleans, look no further than Food Art. We have the experience needed to cater to not just your weddings but also other corporate events and ensure that they are a resounding success. We’d love to hear from you, so give us a call today!

4 Finishing Touches for Your Successful Wedding

You and your partner will remember your wedding for the rest of your lives. All the months spent planning, brainstorming, and all the hard work you’ve put in will culminate in a stunning event to be talked about for a very long time.

We at Food Art have catered to weddings like that here in New Orleans. We know that they are possible. Now while you get the big things ready for a groundbreaking wedding like that, you must remember that some little things matter too. They are like finishing touches to an already perfect wedding day. Here are 4 of those finishing touches for your successful wedding.

  • Create A Memory Table

A memory table is a beautiful thing to have at a wedding. It chronicles how far you’ve come from when you were kids and is sure to elicit many positive emotions from you and your guests. Set aside a small decorated table at your wedding for this.

  • Pay Attention to Scent

The scents at your wedding will remind you of the event forever. So, pay special attention to scents released by flowers and your wedding venue. Smell has always been known to trigger powerful emotions. So, you want the best scents to remind you of your wedding.

  • Have A Photo Booth

Photo booths are great for entertainment at weddings. They’ll get your guests up and moving, excited for a chance to get their pictures taken. They also create an excellent opportunity for the people at your wedding to mingle and meet new people.

  • Serve Late Night Snacks

Lots of couples pay so much attention to the main meal at their wedding that they forget about the little snacks. Those small snacks, especially the late-night snacks, will reinvigorate your party and keep your guest dancing all night long. So, please don’t forget to provide many great options as late-night snacks at your wedding.

Whatever you do, remember that your wedding will be your biggest party yet. Best of luck and may all your hard work concerning it pay off.

Who is catering to your wedding here in New Orleans? Food Art is one of the best when it comes to wedding catering, and we’d love to host you and your guests. So, what do you say? Give us a call today!

6 Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Dessert Table

Planning the dessert table at your wedding can be a little bit tasking. This is because it can be challenging to decide what sweet treats to share with your guests here in New Orleans. Not to worry though we at Food Art have been catering to weddings here for a long time and so we have an idea of how to please guests. If you keep the following tips from us in mind, you’ll be able to create a delicious dessert table that your guests will enjoy.

  • First, Look for Dietary Restrictions

Go through the RSVP’s that your guests returned and keep an eye out for any dietary restrictions. If you find any, make sure that you come up with other alternatives that such people could go for and enjoy. If there are no allergies, you can go ahead and serve everyone the same great dessert.

  • Serve Mini Desserts Instead

Serving smaller sized portions of your desserts is a great way to keep costs down. With the costs lower, you can then provide numerous other choices which are sure to make your dessert table more enjoyable.

  • Adhere to The Four Bites Per Person Rule

When it comes to dessert at weddings, four bites are usually enough to satisfy your guests and their sweet tooth. Chocolate lovers will only need one option, though, and you should provide one dessert that is centered on fruits too.

  • Plan According to Your Budget

Couples often go for between 3 to 5 options at their dessert table. Which you go for should be determined by your budget. If you can handle going for up to five, then go right ahead.

  • Let Your Options Be Balanced

A balanced dessert table is a great way to keep all your guests happy. If you have people that are vegan or can’t process gluten, make sure that your dessert table reflects that. The alternative options should also be fun and delicious.

  • Have A Variety

A dessert table with different options is good. Play with colors, textures, height and other factors. Your dessert table can be an excellent addition to the décor at your wedding.

Food Art can handle all your catering needs at your wedding here in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’ve done so at weddings for many years now and have just the experience and talent that you need. Contact us today!

4 Out of The Ordinary Wedding Themes

Deciding on the theme for your wedding can be a bit difficult. Plus, chances are that after a forced stay at home order like the one we all have to go through, you’d want your New Orleans wedding to be a refreshing boost and a great celebration of freedom. This may be why you’ll be choosing not to go with regular wedding themes like Classic, Romantic, Rustic, etc. If you’re the one we’ve described above, here are a few different themes that you can choose to go for instead, from us here at Food Art.

  • Alternative

An alternative wedding is a wedding with a theme that you can’t box in with the other categories. It could be of a subculture like the Renaissance or even of your popular Marvel comics. The venue of this wedding has to be something different, like maybe a renovated movie theatre. The fashion could either be regular or completely the opposite of regular.

  • Art Deco

The Art Deco theme is a nod to the American culture in the 1920s with things like Chrysler and the empire state building. It is a spunky and glamorous theme that should feature things like live jazz music to get your guests on their feet. A historic museum is a great place to hold a wedding like this, and there must be lots of champagne.

  • DIY

A lot of effort will go into a wedding that is DIY themed but with the lockdown, you have lots of time on your hands. So, feel free to go ahead. Personalization will be present at every turn of this wedding with handcrafted items and favors done by the couple. Handwritten thank-you notes would not also be out of the question here. Your backyard or a backyard that is big enough is a great venue for this kind of wedding and a make-your-own food station is just what you’d need to complete the look.

  • Whimsical

A whimsical wedding is what you’d get if you mix a nature wedding with a bohemian wedding and top it with a flower crown. Add a good helping of storybook romance and an enchanting, eclectic atmosphere and voila! Your whimsical wedding is on its way. Picture a garden party mixed with the Alice in Wonderland theme and you’ll get what we mean. Be ready to keep to theme right from when you send out your invites though. A botanical garden would make a great venue for this kind of wedding.

Here at Food Art, we specialize in catering to weddings in and around New Orleans and would love to satisfy you and your guests. Stay safe and contact us today!

4 Tips on Having A Wedding Cake That Complements Your Wedding

Wedding food has been proven to be one of the reasons most people attend weddings. And at the pinnacle of the food served at your wedding is the wedding cake. Your wedding cake is more than just another element of your wedding menu, however.

It can be a complement to your décor, theme and more. So how do you, apart from making sure that your cake is delicious, make it look amazing and add color to your wedding? Here at Food Art, we have experience in handling all the catering aspects of weddings in New Orleans, Louisiana. So, with our expert knowledge, here are some tips on having a wedding cake that complements your wedding.

  • For A Romantic Wedding

Romantic weddings are beautiful and classy. For a romantic wedding, a cake that combines classic colors like blue and pink would be a hit! You could have a cake that focuses on a different color on each tier. There are also many other ways that you can include these colors in your wedding cake.

  • For an Elegant Styled Wedding

If you’re going for elegance at your wedding. Touches of silver, rose gold and gold can instantly make your wedding cake look more luxurious and so complement your wedding style. What do you think of this idea?

  • For A Casual Wedding

Green and white are the colors to go for on a cake for a casual themed wedding. A combination of these colors will instantly freshen up your cake and is quite easy to pull off. It also works well with a lot of themes because, for example, you could have green fondant roses for a romantic wedding and a fresh greenery design for a nature-inspired one.

  • Embrace Creativity

Go for more than 2 colors or even have a rainbow-colored cake if that’s what you think fits. That is how unique ideas are born. A fun cake is a good way to complement your wedding décor and wow your guests.

Who’ll be handling your wedding catering after this pandemic is over and it’s safe to do so? Here at Food Art, we handle all aspects of your wedding catering including your wedding cake if you so wish. Give us a call as soon as you’re ready but in the meantime, stay safe!

3 tips on Putting Together the Perfect Bar for Your Future New Orleans Wedding

Before we start, how are you holding up? It’s been quite the month for you and us we must say. We at Food Art would just like to let you know that you are not alone in these times. We’re a call or message away.

In the meantime, while you practice social distancing and quarantine at home, you can still plan for your future wedding. Because if there’s one thing that we know, it’s that the people of New Orleans know how to get themselves back up on their feet and keep moving. It won’t be long till we can do that now. So here are some tips from us about how you can set up a great bar at that future wedding of yours.

  • Create A Budget

Just like other parts of your wedding, you’ll need to set a budget for your bar too. Generally, couples plan for serving guests one drink per hour. So, if you have about 50 guests and your wedding runs for 5 hours, that 250 servings. You can then calculate an amount for your budget based on what kind of drinks you intend to serve at your wedding.

  • Know Your Guests

Depending on the people you invite to your wedding, you might either need a full bar or not. Are they more of the champagne type or would they prefer a nice bottle of scotch? With these, you can then have an idea of what kind of drinks to get for your event.

  • Take into Account Where And When Are You Having Your Wedding

Your wedding venue and the time of the year play important roles in the selection of the kind of drinks you have at your wedding. Summer is great for weddings. It sets a great mood for serving chilled drinks and such. For an indoor winter wedding, old fashioned cocktails and red wines would be best. That is for the where. Now for the when. The time of the day when you hold your wedding has an impact on how many drinks you might need to get. For example, people tend to drink more at evening weddings when the sun goes down.

Just as drinks are a great part of your wedding entertainment, so is food. Which is where we at Food Art come in. Contact us as soon as you can concerning your wedding catering in New Orleans. We’d love to hear from you.

4 Ways That Weddings Have Changed in The Past Decade

How are you holding up? This pandemic swept the world like a storm and almost in the blink of an eye. If there’s one thing we can be assured of, it’s that the government and many scientists are doing their very best to find a solution. In the meantime, it’s best to stay safe and follow directives as much as you can. We are doing so too here at Food Art. While we wait for good news where coronavirus is concerned. Here are some of the ways that weddings have changed in the past decade. Who knows, this time could also leave us with some new changes to this celebration. Read on to find out.

  • Couples Went Less Traditional

From reducing their engagement times to making decisions quicker, couples are going for weddings that are fresher inspired and a reflection of their relationship in the present. Weddings have evolved over the last few years to reflect each couple more. Custom details are being created and people are sharing their love stories in the details of their wedding. We love to see it!

  • Personality Became A Priority

In the past couple of years, personalization and customization of weddings have been through the roof. Couples have moved from doing just what they should do when it comes to weddings; they now do what feels right with them. Weddings are no longer about showing off but are now about celebrating and having fun with those who matter the most.

  • Social Media Became A Major Player

With platforms like Instagram and Pinterest leading form the forefront, couples, planners and vendors have been challenged to avoid sticking to the norm but to innovate and create something new where each wedding is concerned. Social media now inspires the décor, entertainment, catering and even lighting aspects of any weddings.

  • Good Food Became Important

Four-course meals are no longer as important with couples choosing to go for more cocktail style meals. They are also incorporating their personalities more into their wedding menu. We are seeing more and more couples celebrating the party by starting their reception with a dance to set the tone for the fun-filled evening ahead.

Speaking of good food, you and your guests are sure to get the very best when you hire Food Art for your wedding. We’re located in New Orleans, Louisiana and would love to hear from you. Contact us today!

How to Handle Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With Louisiana having 476 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of 20th March 2020. There’s a large possibility that if your wedding is within the next 1- 3 months, you’ll be affected. For 1 thing you’ll have to take very stringent measures where coronavirus safety is concerned. There is also the fact that as of March 15, 2020, the CDC advised that all weddings of above 50 people be postponed for about 8 weeks to help stem the spread of the virus. So, how do you handle your wedding during this COVID-19 pandemic time? We hope the following few tips from us at Food Art can help.


  • First Create A Contingency Plan

This is not the time to panic. Calmly consider all your options before you cancel. You should also factor in the severity of the coronavirus epidemic as things progress and the area in which your wedding is scheduled to take place.

Plan A: If your wedding is intimate and your guests are less than 50, you could move forward reasonably with your plans.

Plan B: Ask your guests to find out who will be canceling and adjust your numbers or just cut down your wedding list to below 50 people. The plan is to have a micro wedding now and a bigger wedding when things are much better.

Plan C: Postpone everything until you can have the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of and wanted.

Should You Decide to Go Ahead as Planned


  • Communicate with Your Guests

Find out who is coming and who can’t make it. Do regular updates on your wedding website and send text messages to keep your guests updated.

  • Livestream

Since some of your guests will not be able to attend, how about sharing a live video of the event with them? Have someone set up a Facebook Live or Instagram live to capture your wedding.

  • Set Up A Sanitizing Station

Your venue should have a sanitizing station for your guests. There should be alcohol-based hand sanitizers and lots of antibacterial soaps for guests to wash their hands with.

  • Keep A Safe Distance

Hugging, kissing and handshaking should be kept to a minimum and you should encourage your guests to say a hygienic hello. Social distancing is key.

  • For Your Food Menu

We don’t think serving a buffet meal would be ideal. If you do, every guest should probably serve themselves with their own utensils instead of a general one.

We should all try to keep as calm as possible in these times and we hope that things will go back to normal soon. We’d love to hear from you here at Food Art. We’re a wedding catering company in New Orleans so please contact us with any questions you might have.

6 Outstanding Wedding Cake Options to Try This Year

If you’re thinking about canceling your wedding, talk to us first.  We’ve got some ideas for you.  If your wedding is 8+ weeks away, don’t fret and plan away.  Most are hopeful that this will be over soon but if it continues, then we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Most wedding pros have put into play some great postponement options because of this virus.

Meanwhile, here’s something to brighten your day about wedding cakes…

Choosing a cake that compliments the theme of your wedding and is also mouthwatering is therefore not a job to overlook. Here at Food Art, catering is our business and we’re great at making beautiful and delicious cakes too. The following are 6 types of cakes that you could use for your wedding in New Orleans.


  • The Dripping Cake

A white marble cake with blueberry sauce dripping from it or a well-painted cake with chocolate sauce dripping from it are sure to be the highlights of your wedding if you choose to go with them. You could also have a fruit cake with many layers, frosting and caramel or chocolate sauce dripping from it. With cakes like these, the texture, the designs, and the taste are sure to captivate your guests.

  • Naked Cakes

Naked cakes rose to popularity in 2017 and have trended a lot since then. How can a cake be naked you ask? Simple, it has no frosting whatsoever. Naked cakes can be garnished with dried figs, fruits and more to spice it up. Your guests will get to see what is inside their cake and enjoy it to their heart’s content.

  • Classic Vintage

The classic vintage cake will never go out of style and goes with every wedding theme. The white on white is risk-free and you can add as many layers to it as you want. Designing it with ribbons is great too.

  • Pancake Based Cake

A pancake-based cake is perfect for a breakfast or brunch themed wedding and you can splurge by adding lots of maple syrup, cream, and frosting on the inside layer.

  • Ombre Cakes

Ombre cakes are artistic but delicious and are perfect for a beach or spring wedding. Well would you look at that, we’re in spring! The bright colors will add beauty to your wedding and it can be designed according to your wedding theme too.

  • Feathered Cakes

Feathered cakes originated in Russia and are the perfect blend of modern and classic that you’re looking for. It is quite irresistible and is also known as the brush stroke cake.

So, don’t let Corona ruin what is sure to be a grand day. Get yourself a fabulous cake to match the fabulous day. Who is catering to your wedding in New Orleans this year? Food Art has the right experience that you need for a successful wedding catering and we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us today!