How to Serve Salmon Recipes People Will Love at Your Wedding

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Salmon is one of the most common foods served at weddings – and truly, you have all the reasons in the world to love the idea of serving this delicious, healthy fish.  

However, you also want to make sure people won’t perceive your wedding food as “boring” in any way – you want to make sure people will love what you put on their plates.  

How to serve salmon recipes your guests will appreciate?  

We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Oranges, honey, and salmon. Because salmon is a fatty fish, it works miraculously well with oranges and honey, which give the fish a slight tangy, sweet taste that makes it really pleasant. This dish will elevate salmon from a simple fish-based food into a truly delicious feast. Paired with veggies and risotto, this is a healthy and delicious way to prepare salmon that will be appreciated by everyone!  
  • Lemon, dill, and salmon. If you want to add a light and refreshing taste to your salmon, but you don’t want to overwhelm it, opt for a simple lemon and dill combination. It is a nice combination that compliments the fish.  This is a great, classic option for a summer wedding.  
  • Salmon croquettes. If you want to enjoy the taste of salmon as an appetizer, and not the main event, consider serving salmon croquettes. These deepfried goodies are a true delight for pretty much everyone, even people who might not be in love with salmon or fish in general.  
  • Salmon kababs. Nothing can be more perfect for a summer event, other than delicious barbecued foods – and salmon kababs are a fantastic option for combing barbeque and fish. Combined with vegetables and grilled on a stick, salmon can become the kind of comfort food you never knew you were missing. We bet all of your guests will appreciate it too! 
  • Baked potatoes with avocado and salmon. Again, this is a healthy dish – but not the kind of healthy dish people frown when seeing. This is the kind of dish that is both delicious and comforting – the kind that you can serve at your wedding and feel confident your guests will enjoy.  


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These Side Dishes Are Just Perfect for a Barbecue Rehearsal Dinner

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A rehearsal dinner is one of part of a wedding that serves multiple purposesNot only does it cap off the rehearsal itself, which allows you to rehearse the important moments of the wedding, but it also helps your wedding party members bond and create a better atmosphere during the actual Big Day.  

Of course, your rehearsal dinner doesnt have to be as fancy as the wedding itself – it can be more relaxed.  It can even be a barbecue party! In fact, this is a pretty great idea for a summer wedding, so if you and your family loves barbeque you should definitely consider it.  

And if you already have your heart set on the idea, be sure to match your menu with your location and style as well. For example, here are some of the best side dishes for a barbecue rehearsal dinner:  

  • Baked beans with a twist of … rum. There’s something absolutely delicious about baked beans nobody can resist. And if you add a special rum twist to your recipe, you are bound to attract cheers and applause from your guests – because this side dish will be so good it won’t even be considered to be “side” at all!  
  • Crispy roasted potatoes. The smokiness of your barbecue and the roasted-ness of crispy potatoes will go together better than anything. This might not be a very light side dish, but it sure is one people will line up for when they go back for seconds!  
  • Potato salad. Potato salad is a true classic here in the South, and just about everyone loves it. So yes, it makes for a truly great side dish for a barbecue party! If you want to make it a bit more special, opt for grilled potatoes in your salad. It will add a special flavor and a crispiness to the potatoes that goes great with the actual barbecue!  
  • Corn salad. Looking for a light and easy side dish? There’s nothing more satisfying than a corn salad that mixes sweet corn, seasonal tomatoes, herbs, and just a touch of cheese. People will absolutely love this dish 

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It’s Official! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Tied the Knot and It’s Nothing Like We Imagined It to Be!

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Celebrity weddings are rarely how we expect them to be – sometimes, the stars take us by surprise, getting married in the most unusual circumstances and using ultra-unique locations worthy of fairy tales.  

Other times, celebrities shock the world by getting married far from the madding crowd, in ceremonies that are more than intimate, surrounded by just a couple of close friends.  

Believe it or not, this was the case for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas!  

  • A few weeks ago, we were making predictions on how their wedding will look like – and today, it was confirmed that the couple has already tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.  
  • As you would expect, Sophie and Joe were married by none other than an Elvis impersonator. She chose to wear not a dress for this simple ceremony, but a Bevza jumpsuit and a wedding veil that reached her fingertips. The groom, on the other hand, chose to wear a simple gray suit that complimented the occasion and coordinated perfectly with the attire of his bride.  
  • The couple kept the wedding a secret until their friend, Diplo (famous DJ and one of their closest friends) published the entire video of their Las Vegas ceremony on the internet. This way, the entire world had the occasion to see their beloved celebrities’ wedding.  
  • Rumor has it that we haven’t seen the last of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding, and that they will have a post elopement party as well. We cannot wait to see it! 
  • While Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding may not have been everything people expected it to be, we must admit that it was really romantic. Sometimes the most romantic moments happen far from the eyes of the public – and it is more than likely that this was the reasoning behind the couple’s decision. From now on, we can officially say that all of the Jonas brothers are happily off the market!  


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Classic Summer Southern Food All Your Wedding Guests Will Enjoy


May is the last official month of spring – and together with it, we’re all opening the gates to summer.  

If you are a summer bride, you definitely want to take advantage of everything this season has to offer: the light, the colors, the flowers, and, of course, the foods that make summer feel truly amazing for everyone.  

What are some classic summer foods from the South you could serve at your wedding?  

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  



  • Squash casserole. This is more of an end of summer recipe, but it really tastes like the season and it’s an all-time favorite with everyone. Plus, depending on the variations you use, you could easily pull this off as a delicious vegetarian or even vegan dish for all of your friends who don’t eat meat and/or dairy products. They’ll love it!  
  • Fried tomatoes. Yes, we know we’ve written about them before – but they are such a Southern summer staple that we couldn’t help include them in the list. Simple, fresh, and with a taste of summer that cannot be beaten by anything else.  
  • Succotash. Paired with crab cakes (another Southern staple you cannot help to love), succotash is the ultimate Southern side dish for summer. The corn, the tomatoes, the flavors, the colors – they all come together in a celebration for the taste buds and for the eyes alike. Your guests will definitely appreciate this a lot! 
  • Pineapple upside down cake. If you’re looking for a light dessert that tastes like summer in a spoonful of sugary treat, this is it. Of course, the classic banana pudding will always be a favorite (during summer and winter as well!), but if you want something that’s deeply summer-infused, this cake will delight everyone. It’s simple, it looks great, and it tastes like your childhood summer vacations when stress and anxiety were just random words you heard from the adults around you every now and again.  


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These Southern Summer Desserts Will Be Amazing At Your Wedding!

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Here at Food Art Inc., we’re really passionate about Southern food – we think it’s just the best food in the world because it’s delicious, it represents hospitality, and it brings together so many amazing influences.  It’s really hard not to fall in love with Southern food, and Southern desserts are no exception. 

While the wedding cake will of course take center stage, you can also offer other dessert options as part of your wedding reception.  So what are some of the very best Southern desserts for a summer wedding?  


  • Strawberry pie. Nothing is more summery and fresher than this! A strawberry pie feels like a taste of childhood, a taste of full June warmth, a taste of pure sweetness and amazing flavor. There’s just no way your guests won’t love this pie – in fact, we’re pretty sure they’re going to line up for second servings as soon as the first ones are done.  
  • Sweet tea popsicles. Sweet tea is a true Southern staple – but have you ever considered making it even more delicious? If you plan on having a wedding in the middle of summer, this kind of dessert is absolutely perfect for some well-deserved cooling off. Guests will love the sweetness and the freshness of this sweet treat! 
  • Banana pudding. Slightly heavier in taste and consistency than the strawberry pie, banana pudding is the perfect introduction into Southern desserts – so if you have guests coming from different areas of the US, give them a good helping of banana pudding, and theyll fall in love — it’s a guarantee! 
  • Tres Leches cake. “Tres leches” means literally “three milks” – and although the name might not be that tightly connected to the actual contents of this cake, it’s definitely connected to the idea of creamy delights that taste like a bite of heaven. That description is not an exaggeration because this cake is light, creamy, and well-balanced in terms of taste – it’s the kind of cake that doesn’t feel too heavy on a hot summer day, but can still lift your spirits. Which, in the end, is precisely what you need for your guests to keep on filling that dance floor. 

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You’ll Love These Sweet Details about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Upcoming Wedding

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We all love celebrity weddings – and when one of the most popular actresses of the moment is getting married to one of the most popular singers, we all know we’re in for a marvelous treat.  

As you may know, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones) and Joe Jonas are getting married.  

What are some of the things we (already) know about their relationship and wedding?  


  • Sophie and Joe dated for one year before they got engaged. Although they were quite private about their relationship, they did post a lot of photos together on their Instagram accounts. And of course, they both posted their engagement news on Instagram . They each published the same photo of their hands and the ring, but her caption said, “I said yes”, while his said “She said yes”. Fans on both sides got so excited!  
  • It’s been more than a year since the couple got engaged, but now it seems that we finally have a date for the wedding. The two will tie the knot this summer – so we are finally going to see Sophie, who is 23, walk down the aisle and give her “I Do” to Joe Jonas, who is 29.  
  • A lot of the details about the upcoming wedding are still unknown– what we do know, however, is that it will take place in France. According to the couple, they will organize athletic events that will involve the bridal party – and they will make sure to have enough beer as on hand.  
  • Judging by the fact that Nick Jonas and Priyanka’s wedding was one of the most spectacular we’ve seen in years; we can only assume that Sophie’s and Joe’s wedding will be truly amazing as well. We’ll have to wait until this coming summer to get more details, though. To be honest, we are extremely curious about the dress and the décor – because there’s truly nothing more inspirational than a VIP wedding of this grandeur!  


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Amazing Southern Sandwiches You Can Actually Serve at Your Wedding 

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Who doesn’t love a good sandwich as a snack?  

Here in the South, we take sandwiches to a whole new dimension: we make them more than just tasty snacks, we make them feel like celebrations in their own right! 

And this is precisely why sandwiches can make for a really great addition to any wedding menu – whether you serve them full-size or as mini’s or sliders, youre guaranteed to see guests happy as soon as they take a bite.  

What are some of the best sandwiches of Southern inspiration to serve at your wedding?  

We have some ideas for you – so keep reading if you want to find out more.  

  • Tomato sandwich. This might sound way too simple to be delicious – but we promise, it’s a real treat! All you need is good bread, mayo, and very, very fresh tomatoes. That’s it. The perfect snack for a summer wedding – fresh, tasty, and really easy on the stomach (just enough to provide people with some energy for a few more dances). Not only is this delish, but it’s also a great choice for your vegetarian guests too – and if you choose a vegan mayo option, your completely non-egg, non-dairy friends will be more than happy with this snack too 
  • Fried chicken and biscuit. Bringing two of the ultimate Southern foods together? Of course, all the time – and even more so on a special occasion like your wedding day! There’s something seriously satisfying about this sandwich: the texture of the biscuit and the crunchiness of the chicken go perfectly well together, creating a true feast for any foodie. While this might not be the healthiest thing out there – you only get married once, right? So why not pamper your guests with something indulgent and delicious like this?  
  • Ham and cheese biscuit. Looking for a slightly lighter version of the aforementioned chicken sandwich? Try it with ham and cheese! It sounds very simple, but with the right ham and the right cheese, your biscuits will turn into little bites of heavenly deliciousness. What more could you want?  


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