7 Things to Note When Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day

People often get so engrossed in their wedding planning process that they forget how important it is to get ready for their big day.

Getting ready for your day has to do with planning your wedding’s details, particularly the catering aspect, because food is integral to the celebration’s success.

There is such a massive lead up to your wedding day that you don’t realize how fast it sneaks up on you with all the excitement and anxiety. However, here are a few tips to help you get ready for your big day!

  • Hire an Excellent Caterer

We put this first because no matter how beautiful the venue is or how skilled the rest of your vendors are, all that will avail nothing if the food is subpar and doesn’t taste good. So you must get your wedding food right, and that entails hiring a certified, professional wedding caterer.

  • Choose A Venue

Choose a venue that has enough space. It should be what both you and your fiancé like because that’s probably where the ‘getting ready’ pictures will be taken, but it’s definitely where most of the celebration will hold.

  • Lay Out Your Accessories

Your dress, shoes, pieces of jewelry, and lingerie should be laid out at most, a night before your wedding day. And you should cut off all the labels of the pretty new things, especially if you’ll be going to the salon early. The photographer can take the pictures without having to disturb you.

  • Get A Good Night Sleep

Make sure to go to bed early the night before. It may be a little hard to do that with all the wedding festivities, the nerves running high, and with all the excitement. Have fresh sheets and a calming playlist to help you drift off.

  • Make Out Some Time for Yourself

Setting out some time to pamper yourself before your wedding day helps relax and keep you refreshed on your wedding day. You can use a warm bath, a right Playlist to allow your mind to get ready for the big day.

  • Don’t Forget to Eat

Your stomach usually gets filled with emotions, nerves, excitement, butterflies, and feelings that relegates your appetite for food.

It is essential that you eat something and drink water, as you’ll be standing for a while. You may want to consider breakfast bites and samosas as they do not require utensils.

  • Have an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit may consist of a small sewing kit, band-aids, mini hairspray, anything you may need for your wedding day. Let one of your bridesmaids be in charge of holding it.

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3 Ways to Select a Wedding Menu That’s Perfect for You

Choosing your wedding menu is quite essential, time-consuming, and tricky because there are factors you will have to consider and put in place. You know, things like what your spouse likes to eat and what is conventionally accepted by guests at events.

Similarly, you may want to know what’s going to be served at intervals (like hors d’oeuvres,  entrees, and desserts) at your wedding reception.

Choosing a menu involves a tad more than making a list of your favorite foods and handing it over to your wedding caterer. To help you worry less, below are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding menu!

  • The Budget

Food gets costly; the fundamental reason why you should know your limit before diving into extravagant choices for your wedding menu.

Sticking within your budget should be the most important thing on your agenda when planning your menu.

  • Your Guests

When it concerns your wedding menu, your guests seem to take the upper hand because your guest list’s size will determine your menu choices.

The longer the list, the bigger the food. So, you will be spending wisely if you choose dishes that many of them will like. Keep the menu simple and leave out things you deem unnecessary.

  • The Aspects of Your Wedding Reception

Picking a menu for aspects of your wedding reception can be fun and especially tricky. It will encompass the hors d’oeuvres, main course, desserts, and drinks.

You will need to consult with your caterer for a dozen menu ideas and wedding food trends that you can use. Besides, they can help with cost-efficient variations like food station ideas.

  • Dietary Restrictions

It is vital to make room for guests who may have allergies to some food or the ingredients used in making them. You don’t want a nutritional hazard at your wedding.

The wedding menu is what your guests are banking on many a time because while you’re out taking pictures and making memories, they’re helping their taste buds to some delicacies.

Food Art Inc never disappoints with any wedding menu; we will give you and your guests a wedding feast like no other! Call us now!

4 Great Reasons Why You Need a Catering Company for Your 2021 Wedding

Of the many things that will be remembered and talked about weeks or even years after your wedding day, the food experience sits perfectly at the front pew. Food is an essential part of your big day.

Of course, good food served alongside quality drinks always saves the day; reason hiring a good catering company for your wedding cannot be over-stressed. Here are a few benefits associated with having your events catered!

  • Stress Less

With the right wedding caterer, you can rest assured that they will properly serve foods and drinks to meet every guest’s need at your wedding.

Catering companies have the equipment and resources to pull off an excellent food service; from preparing the budget list, shopping for necessary materials, and preparing the ingredients, they’re professionals. Likewise, they excel at cooking great food for your guests.

Hiring a professional wedding catering service will give you ample time to enjoy and spend time with your family, friends, or guests at your wedding.

  • Quality Of Food

From experience and years in practice, catering companies have ideas on a wide range of foods and drinks: from conventional to contemporary.

They have adequate knowledge of the quantity of food needed to cater to the number of guests and attendees at your event.

Also, professionals uphold all factors of food hygiene and safety to the highest standard to protect your guests, leaving them impressed.

  • Food Presentation

Catering companies always implore extraordinary and fascinating ways of serving foods and drinks. Doing that not only gives room for a better organization but also enriches the formality of your wedding, leaving your guests satisfied and impressed.

  • Tidying Up

This challenging part of the wedding is taken on by catering companies, leaving you with spare time to relax and be unbothered about used plates and any leftovers littering the place. Plus, you don’t have to seek assistance from friends and neighbors to tidy up, especially when the event is at your home.

With a professional catering company, you get more work done and in less period. We are Food Art Inc, a professional catering service from New Orleans, and we are excited to serve you and your esteemed guests on your special day! We’ll leave you with a delightful, memorable experience in the hearts of your guests. Contact us today!

3 Essential Questions to Ask Your Caterer in 2021

Food is one of the most important things you need at your wedding reception. Apart from the fact that it makes your guests feel appreciated, food is also a mood booster when the DJ needs the crowd to hit the dance floor. It’s arguable if anyone will want to dance on an empty stomach.

So when hiring a caterer for your wedding, you have to do it right. Here are some essential questions to ask any caterer you intend to hire this brand new year!

  • Is the Food Available for Tasting

The most important thing about food is the taste. You may need to reschedule a tasting with the caterer you intend to hire, especially if you have never tasted anything the caterer has made before.

It is always advisable to build trust with the vendor you want to hire, hence tasting before hiring. But some caterers may not be willing or have the time to arrange a tasting menu. It is now up to you to decide if you are ready to take the risk.

  • Will The Caterer Be Available And Present In The Venue?

Some vendors make sure they are present in the wedding ceremony while others may be too busy and send their staff in their stead. But it won’t hurt to ask them if they’ll be at your reception when the time comes.

Some vendors may ask you to pay additional fees if you specifically request their presence, but this isn’t likely.

Your caterer being at the wedding helps put your mind at ease that things will progress smoothly.

  • How Many Guests Can the Caterer Cater to?

Some caterers can handle a large number of guests while others can’t. Experience, as well as the availability of the necessary tools, come to play in this situation.

You may often need to compromise, especially if the caterer you want to hire does not have as much experience as his counterparts. But if you have scheduled a tasting and are satisfied with the quality and taste of the food, you may give him/her a chance.

We’re excited about your upcoming New Orleans wedding, and our caterers are ready to please and delight you with delectable meals and treats at your wedding!

Food Art Inc is a professional wedding caterer from New Orleans. Click here to contact us to book or make inquiries. We are available all year round to cater to your appetite!

4 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Caterer in 2021

There are countless wedding vendors out there, all of them claiming to be professionals, but how can you be so sure? How can you sift the professionals from the amateurs? How do you choose the right caterer for your wedding?

When selecting a caterer, trust is the most important thing between the two of you. Before you can trust a vendor, you must first ask some important questions and ascertain what they have to offer.

Getting recommendations from trusted family and friends is also an easy way to hire wedding vendors. But just in case there aren’t any recommended vendors for you, here are a few tips for choosing the right caterer for your wedding!

Catering staffers scurry to set tables for a social function in Syracuse NY. 2007-04-29.
  • Check Out References and Reviews Online

No matter how you feel about a potential caterer, never hesitate to check their reviews online. Ask them for references to see how well their previous works are and how satisfied they are with them.

Reviews also give you a general idea of what to expect when you hire caterers. If there are changes to be made to the usual ways they operate, you may have to let them know before hiring them to make sure they can handle the job.

  • Ask for Recommendations

It’s always better to follow the less complicated route when choosing a caterer; even better is when you have tasted their food before. Try to remember how the food tasted at your cousin’s or best friend’s wedding. Was it something you thought you could never forget? Did you wish you could savor the taste forever?

Ask your friends and family for the phone numbers or contact details of caterers they trust. Recommendations should also come from people you trust to make it easier for you.

  • Schedule a Tasting

Whether you heard about the potential vendor online or from recommendations, always schedule a tasting first before securing their services.

You want to make sure that you like the food before hiring and letting them serve you and your guests at your wedding.

  • Ask them if they make Wedding Cakes as well

If you liked what you tasted and are sure you will be hiring them, why not solve two issues simultaneously? What we mean is, if you do not already have a baker, get your caterer to bake your wedding cake too. But only do this once you’re sure you’ll be happy with the caterer’s services. It is always better to taste before hiring.

Food Art Inc is a professional wedding caterer from New Orleans, and we’ll be more than happy to handle all the catering for your New Orleans wedding. Contact us here for bookings!

4 Fun Food Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

It’s 2021, you happy couples! And that means new opportunities to host unique weddings await all of you. We know summer is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start planning any wedding!

Food is one of the most important things you need to have for your wedding to succeed. That is a simple fact. It has to be in the right quantity as well as quality.

Planning your wedding is a lot of work and much planning involved. You have to consider photography, the cake, your wedding dress, the wedding food, etc.

We have simplified it to help make it easy and less tasking. Today, we have a great list of ideas for your summer wedding food!

  • A Buffet Service Style is a Pretty Good Idea to Make Your Guests Interact

Your guest doesn’t have to stand up only when the DJ is performing. Your guests will be happier to stand when it’s to get food than when it’s time to dance, don’t you agree?

They will socialize and interact much better that way. If it’s a buffet service, rest assured it won’t be one big, boring wedding.

  • Fresh Foods are the Best Foods 

It is easier for foods to spoil with the summer heat than during winter or even fall and spring. So make sure that you serve guests food that is fresh and sizzling.

Please don’t hold back on letting your guests eat to their fill. No one will dance to songs hungry, no matter how upbeat those songs are.

  • With the heat, make sure the food is light 

Serve something light to your guests, so it doesn’t cause them to sweat even more. Heavier foods mean that more energy will be required to break them down, so you are more likely to sweat more.

During the summer, this can be pretty uncomfortable. The discomfort can quickly exhaust you and your guests, leading to a boring and, we daresay, an anticlimactic wedding reception. 

  • Cold drinks and a Splash of Color

Hot weather and cold drinks are your best friends during the summer; cocktails, lemonades, and a host of other beverages. Cool drinks are as refreshing as their brilliant colors. They are also mood boosters too, which bode well for your wedding celebration! 

At Food Art, we provide excellent wedding food and drinks for your grand day. Being a professional event planner and wedding caterer from New Orleans means we’re the best professionals to cater your New Orleans wedding! Contact us here for bookings and more. 

5 Ways How to Choose Your Wedding Cake in 2021

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The year 2020 was not the best, but everyone here at Food Art Inc is hopeful of a better 2021, and we sure you harbor the same feelings as we do.

A new year means new opportunities to have a great wedding, and one thing you always have to consider before anything else is the wedding cake!

For some couples, choosing a wedding cake is pretty simple. But for many, especially couples with an eye for detail, it is a pretty intense process. We are here to make things easier for you. Choosing a wedding cake can be fun and, and we’ll show you how! Here are some tips you need to know to choose a wedding cake easily.

  • Go with the Wedding Theme

If you are a stickler for rules, this will perhaps be the most important thing for you. Keeping to a theme is not always easy; you need to ensure that everything rhymes and is in-sync.

If it’s a colored theme, then make sure the wedding cake rhymes with the venue’s background color. Or even with the bride’s dress. Be adventurous and ready to explore something different!

  • Taste Comes First

Regardless of how delicious your wedding cake looks, make sure that it tastes just the same or even more. You don’t want to feel like you are chewing on cardboard paper on your wedding day. Imagine how disappointing that will be! A professional wedding caterer is all you need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  • Consider your Budget

It doesn’t matter how pretty or how tall your wedding cake is. If it doesn’t fit into your budget, you need to let it go. There’s always a wedding cake to suit any budget. Don’t over splurge on it if you can’t afford to do so.

  • Choose a Trusted Baker or Caterer

Do your research, ask friends or neighbors or your wedding planner on who to hire to cover your wedding food. Just make sure to have a conversation before hiring a baker or caterer for your wedding cake. Go for tasting, communicate what you want, and reach an understanding.

Baking is serious business, and a little mistake could ruin your otherwise perfect wedding cake; delays, taste, and even the icing decorations. Make sure you iron things out before signing an agreement.

  • Start Your Search for a Baker as soon as Possible

This helps to reduce eventualities that may arise when the wedding day gets very close. It also gives you enough time to sample a wide range of bakers before hiring correctly.

At Food Art Inc, we deliver high-quality food services for your event. Your wedding might very well be the first wedding in 2021, so make it count! Secure our services, and you and your guests will be treated to excellent food and a beautiful, delicious wedding cake!

Contact us here for bookings. We will be glad to be a part of your big day!

3 Reasons Why Food is the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Reception

There are often too many things to think about when planning a wedding. Getting overwhelmed is more than a possibility. You have to factor in music, dresses, décor, food, flowers, etc. in your wedding plans

But here is what you may not know: catering is one of the most essential parts of your wedding. That means it’s imperative you hire the right wedding caterer.

The food served at your wedding reception should taste so good it leaves a lasting impression on all those who taste it; your guests should only have good memories to share. Only the best caterers can help you achieve this. Here are a few reasons your food is an essential part of your wedding.

  • Your Guests Will not Dance on an Empty Stomach

It’s not enough for the DJ to be exceptional. They won’t be in the mood to dance if they aren’t well-fed.

Don’t let your guests go hungry. They may turn grumpy, and the entire atmosphere will be anything but conducive for a celebration. Make sure your wedding caterer is willing and ready to serve your guests in the best ways!

  • Your Guests Expect to be Fed

Many guests go to weddings on an empty stomach, not because they have no choice, but because they believe that a wedding should be merry and expect to be served great food and drink.

Be sure that you put your guests into consideration when choosing a wedding caterer. Feed them with what is necessary and when necessary.

  • Your Guests Should Feel Well Taken Care Of

Good food adds life to a celebration as much as entertainment does. It also makes your guests feel special. If proper attention isn’t given to the food, you can end up having less than happy guests!

The simple fact is, if you don’t invest enough care and attention in the kind of delicacies you serve your guests, you can end up offending them. They may not show it, but that’s something you still want to avoid on a day that’s supposed to be about merriment and joy.

Food Art Inc is here to make sure everyone who attends your wedding leaves it with utterly fond and wonderful memories, in no small part because of how good the food had been!

We are a professional catering company from New Orleans, and we provide excellent catering services for weddings and all manner of celebrations. All you have to do is click here to book and make us part of your special day!

10 Outstanding Catering Ideas For Your Event

For a fantastic event, you need to pay attention to every detail. It’s essential that your catering meets and surpasses the expectations of your guests.

Your choice of food and drinks can either make or break your event. You can add trending foods to give your wedding a trendy touch; it could even help personalize your big day. No matter the types of foods and drinks you want to accentuate, the trick is to provide different flavors and spices of what’s displayed.

You also need to think about the quality of catering services to be hired. Do you need to ask some important questions before hiring a catering company, such as what you love about that particular catering company? How do they intend to satisfy your guests? What track record of providing quality services do they have?

All these questions will point you to the right catering company. It would be best if you also thought of your catering inspiration. All in all, the following are delightful ideas for your ceremony’s catering, be it a small or grand celebration!

  • Outdoor Kitchen

This is an excellent feature that usually only standard catering companies offer. Food Art Inc. provides this and other unique features to spice up your special day.

  • Cheese Spot

This is a necessity for cocktail hours. The fun idea is to shape the cheese in attractive forms like hexagons, spheres, triangles, etc. You do not want to leave this part out, it is such a great detail!

  • Cocktail Bar

Drinks can come in at unique hours of an event like the cocktail hour, toast, or even during the reception. It all depends on the order of the event.

The right drinks can get your guests talking and even mingling. It’s guaranteed to make your ceremony lively. It would help if you also considered the way the drinks are served.

  • Brunch

A brunch bar would make your event great! There’s a wealth of options for you to explore here, and your caterer would be more than happy to enlighten you on what to do to make it memorable

  • Seafood

If you have a rare taste, Food Art Inc. would love to satisfy you. We specialize in preparing all manner of seafood to satisfy our clients.

  • Ice Cream

All your guests are sure to be excited and remember your event for just adding an ice cream station. Incorporating nice flavors is sure to make it awesome. It’s perfect for that lovely event, especially this Autumn!

  • Cupcake Tables

If you have it in mind to organize some fun and entertaining games, then a cocktail table might help. It is a decent way to set an ambient atmosphere in your event.

  • Sweets

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating an adorable, sweet stand in your big day. Your choice of sweets also has to be splendid; otherwise, it could ruin your big day.

Feel free to stock your sweet stand with cookies and cupcakes. The fantastic idea is to set up a frame that says sweet love (for weddings mostly).

  • Popcorn

This may look simple, but it can easily help set that cozy Autumn feeling. Add a bar with attractive flowers to complete it!

  • Beverage Station

Having a beverage station will surprise and keep your guests in a pleasant mood. It is an excellent way to keep the refreshments fresh and good.

If you are looking to hire an excellent catering company, look no further than Food Art Inc! We have a delectable menu for every kind of event or ceremony. When it comes to trending foods and drinks, we’re the only professional catering company you need. For a unique dining experience, contact us.

6 Trends of Wedding Food To Look Out For In The Year 2020

Food trends in the year 2020 have been about creating a fantastic dining experience for you and your guests!

A well-crafted food experience has been a priority, ensuring your guests dine on cuisines that are delicious, locally-sourced, captivating, and of course, on budget.

So as we approach the end of the year and your wedding draws ever nearer, which of these trends will you adopt on your special day? We compiled a list of excellent food trends this year, and we’re sure you’ll love every one of them, so take your pick!

  • Plant-Based Options

A good number of couples move towards accommodating the plant-based lifestyle of their guests. Plant-based diets have risen steadily over the past 20 years with more vegan and vegetarian options at events.

People are gradually abandoning meat in their diets and embracing plant-based diets; that is why a plant-based diet won’t be amiss at your wedding reception.

  • West African Cuisines

West African cuisines are becoming a hit, in no small part because of food bloggers and writers. These individuals bank on them to gain even more popular in the coming year.

West African meals are intriguing and have a way of winning the hearts of many; so a West African-inspired meal might appeal to more people at your wedding than you would believe!

  • Organics

With the height of sustainable agricultural awareness, more and more couples look to provide their guests with the best, freshest, farm-to-table experience possible.

Organics are here to stay as couples continue to request for organics on the plates of their guests.

  • Global Fusion

With the emergence of multicultural unions, food fusion is increasingly gaining popularity. It’s often a reflection of the rich culinary traditions of the couples.

Menus that include fusion help to celebrate the history of the couple’s family and the journey they have embarked on from the beginning to that moment of their lives. Food (global) fusion will be a great addition to your wedding menu.

  • “Seacuterie” Spreads

Seafood has steadily been replacing traditional meat and cheese varieties this year, and it seems this trend will continue well into the year 2021.

Techniques from aquaculture make seafood products more sustainable and readily available to health-conscious consumers. Restaurants are gradually including plates of seafood on their menus too.

“Seacuterie” is becoming a top 2020 wedding trend that is sure to be around for some time to come.

  • The Late-Night Hotspot

Couples often lean towards foods that mean something to them; foods that have a special meaning to them.

This year’s food trends have included sophisticated requests or a variety of snacks that are a reflection of the couple’s favorite comfort foods. Most popular among the options are Roman pizza, Nashville chicken sliders, ramen.

The couples see these foods as a medium to share a special and unique moment with their friends and family on their most special of days!

Do any of these catch your fancy? You can’t go wrong with any or all of them, but only a professional wedding caterer like Food Art can help bring these trends to your wedding!

We are a team of professional wedding caterers from New Orleans, and we can’t wait to serve and delight you and your guests at your New Orleans wedding!

If you want excellent catering services and equally excellent meals for your New Orleans wedding, click here to contact us or send us an email here: info@foodartinc.com. Better yet, call us here: 504-524-2381