Be Mindful of These Before You Hire a Wedding Caterer

Your wedding food should be made in ways that impress and delight your guests. We cannot stress how important this is. Food is an integral aspect of every celebration, and the guests will always look forward to delectable meals! It’s your job to make sure they don’t leave your wedding disappointed.

The most important way to ensure that good food is served at your wedding is by hiring a good and professional wedding caterer. The right wedding caterer can help you determine most of your wedding catering needs, like the budget, menu, and guest count. The essential tips discussed below will help with hiring a suitable caterer for your wedding!

  • Start Early

It would be best to search for a wedding caterer as early in the planning process as possible. This is especially necessary if your venue doesn’t offer wedding catering services or their house caterers are occupied. So start with your favorite caterers and begin fixing appointments.

  • Research

While many caterers will promise good food and services, you’ll need to do research. Find out about the taste of their meals during your tasting session and also check their websites. And be aware that you have to look beyond the caterer’s website’s design, services, and samples, to see if the caterer is competent.

  • Check With Your Budget

A budget is necessary before interviewing a caterer. Be sure to come up with a budget for your wedding’s catering. Your budget will work well with the kind of food you want and determine what the caterer will serve.

  • Communicate

Compile a list of the wedding caterers you are considering, and start contacting them. Communication helps with an efficient comparison between prospective caterers.

Observe the way they pay attention to your needs – wedding caterers who are only after their vision for your wedding reception should not be considered.

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4 Things To Know About A Good Wedding Catering Service

Every part of your wedding deserves the best services! This is especially true for your wedding catering service.

Professional caterers exhibit hard work, honesty, determination, discipline, and skills in providing exceptional wedding catering services. To determine a good caterer for your wedding, here are a few things to look out for!

  • Good Food

Good food is synonymous with a fabulous wedding. It is easily one of the main reasons guests will enjoy your wedding. It will impress them and make them appreciate the time they took to attend your wedding and share in your joy.

However, while good caterers should be experienced with making good food, they must keep it safe for consumption too.

  • Attention To Customers

Excellent customer care starts with an ability to pay attention to the customers and their needs. In dealing with clientele, a good caterer makes sure to use diplomacy, politeness, and thoughtfulness; they are careful with the language they use in handling their customers.

Paying attention to customers also means that they outline their menus clearly for better understanding. Clients can even make recommendations here.

  • Good Teamwork

Of course, wedding caterers will have teams to help them, especially with food services. A good caterer should work effectively with their team – not necessarily ordering them around, but being a good leader and managing their teammates properly.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is an important trait that is required in a good wedding caterer. Every client would most likely request different services; this means that rigidity would only cause dissatisfaction. Also, flexibility would help a good caterer in navigating sudden changes in the wedding menu.

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4 Ways to Serve Food at Your Wedding

There’s so much excitement surrounding wedding food, mainly because there are several food options to choose from, which is great! But, of course, you’ll want to select a special menu for your big day, and that’s why we’re here.

Selecting a wedding menu goes side by side with knowing how to serve it to your guests. Thankfully, there are several service styles to choose from, and we list some of them for you below!

  • The Family Style

As the name implies, the family-style replicates the usual family dinner – platters of food are shared and placed at the center of the table.

Every dish is accompanied by serving utensils; this service style has increased in popularity as wedding trends keep evolving over the years.

  • The Buffet Style

Like the family-style, the buffet-style service involves guests helping themselves with various foods.

However, unlike the family-style, guests have to move to a different place to access the food. There is usually a buffet table set up a little distance away from the guests. They will simply head there and serve themselves.

  • The Plated Meal Style

The plated meal style is the most common service for a sit-down wedding reception. Your guests will remain seated for the entire meal, but that’s part of the beauty of this dining option. It often involves three courses – an entrée, the main course, and the appetizer.

  • The Cocktail Style

The cocktail style is different from the sit-down style. Your guests won’t need to sit at communal tables; you’ll either make the food accessible or take it to their seats. Have service staff move around with canapés or employ a grazing table or a food station.

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4 Tasty Snack And Drink Ideas To Serve Pre – Ceremony

There are several reasons why your guests may need pre-ceremony refreshment. For starters, some of them might have traveled long distances to be there. And refreshments get them ready for all the excitement of the big day!

Since ceremonies can last for up to an hour and maybe even longer, it’s only right you serve your guest sweet drinks and tasty snacks before the ceremony commences. So, here are a few ideas for pre-ceremony snacks and beverages!

  • Popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack option for welcoming your guests. A unique idea would involve printing your wedding program on the lunch/popcorn bag. It will be a nice little addition that adds a bit more personality to your wedding!

  • Trail Mix

You can have a trail mix in small fancy plates or foils. Fill them with a blend of chopped snacks such as salty pretzel twist, dark chocolates, yogurt chips, dried tart cherries, etc. Then have them lined up close to the entrance where your guests can easily pick a foil or plate of the mix before heading for a seat.

  • Champagne Glasses

Create a celebratory vibe by offering your guests some glasses of champagne on their arrival. Either have a shelf lined with the glasses so the guests can help themselves or have servers with trays of champagne and glasses.

  • Lemonade

If you’re having a summer wedding, lemonade is a lovely drink option to serve your guests on arrival! It’s a classic! Your guests can even serve themselves. All you need to do is set up a station with large jugs.

Serving snacks and drinks before your wedding ceremony is one way to make your wedding outstanding and set the tone for a lively affair!

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5 Single-Serve Drink Ideas For Your Wedding

Single-serve drinks at weddings are an excellent idea for refreshment. Plus, they can be used at any point in your wedding. For example, you may serve them to welcome your guests and prime them for the day’s events!

They can also be served during cocktail hour. Drinks aren’t a replacement for bars at weddings, but they do create room for creativity. And incorporating dress-up presentation ideas for them can add to the wedding aesthetics too!

Single-serve drinks help make your wedding a memorable experience. So here are some ideas for single-serve drinks that we know you’ll love!

  • Use Custom Bottles

Mini bottles can be dressed up to make your wedding cocktails even more unique. You may either use ribbons or papers with your guests’ names written on them. You can also use the names of drinks to customize the bottles.

  • Serve The Wine

Don’t let the traditional 750 millimeter-sized bottle of wine discourage you from serving wine at your wedding. Mini bottles and cans are becoming more popular, so consider using them.

  • Use Escort Cards

Make your drinks unique by attaching your guests’ names to each container. Use escort cards to achieve this! Include the table numbers, too, if you wish.

  • Canned Drinks In Wraps

Wrapping canned drinks and serving your guests is another great way to personalize the celebration. Use recycled papers or stickers that have the names of the couples in attendance on them. Doing that covers the cans’ labels but does nothing to take away the great taste!

  • Water For Hydration

This should be easy to do, and you don’t even have to use a large dispenser. Instead, serve up mini bottles of water as a grab-and-go option for your guests.

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5 Creative Ways To Choose A Menu For Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding food, only settle for the best! Every meal should have your guests nodding in appreciation. But there’s more to wedding food than just being good.

Couples often choose the colors, outfits, and decorations that complement their wedding theme. But do you know it’s also possible for your wedding menu to match your wedding theme? It can be tailored to align with the colors, look and feel of the wedding!

Of course, you’ll have to work with your wedding caterer to achieve this. Below are tips to help you decide on a menu that is right for your wedding theme!

  • Go With The Mood

We can just tell you to “go with the theme,” but this has never been a hard and fast rule.  You can serve food that reflects the mood of the wedding. Is it a flashy, formal, or relaxed affair?

Regardless of what you choose, be sure to have a menu that reflects that mood. For example, a barbecue would be great for a lively backyard wedding.

  • Check With Your Setting

Your venue’s setting can determine what you’d be serving on your menu. For example, say it’s a beach wedding, seafood would be ideal.

The locality can determine the kind of food for your guests: peach pies will be great for a Georgia wedding; cheesesteaks are a must for a Philadelphia wedding, etc.

  • Honor Your Roots

Try incorporating some of your cultural traditions into your wedding, like jumping the broom after the ceremony. Also, at your reception, your caterer can serve up a dish made with your family’s favorite recipe.

  • Have Signature Cocktails

Have your drink named after your wedding theme. Use cliché but catchy lines if you’re looking to inject a little humor into the wedding.

There are other fun and unique ways to make a drink peculiar to your wedding, and your caterer can enlighten you on them.

  • Offer An Early Treat

You can start your occasion by offering guests a welcome treat such as infused water or iced tea, especially for a summer wedding. And mulled cider or hot cocoa are great options for a winter wedding. An early treat is a great way to keep your guests relaxed as they wait for the event to begin.

Food Art Inc. has all the right ideas for a wedding menu that would help make your wedding unique! We always pay attention to your needs to create a menu that’ll exceed everyone’s expectations.

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3 Unique Signature Cocktail Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

How do you incorporate liquor into your wedding without using a bar? A signature cocktail! Having a signature cocktail is also a way to personalize your wedding, but serving one is not mandatory.

The challenging part of signature cocktails is in choosing the ingredients. One way to go about this is to honor the location of your wedding by adding a local flavor or ingredient to the drink. You may also use ingredients from the food or drink you had on your first date night, etc.

In selecting a signature cocktail, you’ll need to work with a bartender to give you the perfect blend of ingredients that you can call your own. And close friends and family can chip in too.

All in all, a signature cocktail should be palatable. Below are a few fun ideas you could use when choosing a signature cocktail.

  • Get A Signature Name

Sometimes, a signature drink doesn’t have to be all about its design. A unique name coined by you or even used as your wedding theme can distinguish a drink at your wedding. Some instances include Be Mine; Ale You Need Is Love, etc.

  • Try A Single-Serve

The single-serve option for cocktails is a way of ensuring your guests are comfortable. We say this because they won’t have to stand in a line or go to a bar to get a drink.

Single-serve signature cocktail options include Aperol spritz, whisky sour, Berry Mojito, spicy margarita pouch, mini soda bottles, etc.

  • Go Big Batch

Big batch cocktails are another way of treating your guests. They are excellent, and your guests will love them, and no one has to stand in line to get a glass. Great examples include strawberry rose punch, Fresca sangria, blackberry whisky lemonade, etc.

Regardless of the creative food and drink ideas you have for your big day, Food Art Inc. is here to make them even better! We’ll offer you an ideal menu that will impress your guests and give your wedding a unique and memorable touch! Contact us now to secure the services of the best wedding caterers in New Orleans!

6 Unique Yet Timeless Catering Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

One way to try out new cuisines or food services is through your wedding. It’s a unique celebration that will allow you to explore the wonderful world of food!

You and your loved ones will enjoy meals on a day that’s riddled with fun, laughter, and merriment. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

The caterers and chefs who always come up with creative menus and food presentations will help make all this happen.

Your wedding menu can also be a way to personalize your big day. Incorporate foods from the places you’ve lived, the place you grew up in, or whatever type of food you feel brings you fun memories.

Some of these ideas have been used by countless couples before you, but we know you’ll love them because they always draw smiles across faces! Listed below are a few timeless catering ideas to inspire you!

  • Picnic Basket

Serving individual meals is excellent. But have you considered serving meals together in one picnic basket? Give your loved ones a family treat like this, and it’s sure to satisfy everyone.

  • Brunch Bowl

Other unique brunch options tilt away from the regular plate of eggs or stacks of pancakes. So go on and provide your guests with something different! A great example is an acai bowl-a bowl of smoothies with toppings.

For a more interactive session, have many topping options at a station, so your guests could have a variety to pick from while they mingle.

  • Food With Beer

A flight of beer and food is an excellent way of serving your guests at your wedding. Bar foods are often the perfect combination for beers. Whether it’s hot dog or sliders, or any other unique option, it’s up to you.

  • Beer And BBQ

BBQ staples often provide options that can be perfectly combined with beer. You can treat your guests to this option by giving various pasta salads, burgers, pork, hot wings, etc.

  • French Fries

French fries are often a staple if you’re talking about wedding catering options. However, you may add a unique style of service by serving French fries in small cups with a sauce for company.

  • Bao Buns

Bao Buns are always an excellent option for any event. Your guests can pick, hold and chew on their doughy goodness while mingling and interacting with one another!

At Food Art Inc., we aim to work with you and help you make a statement at your wedding. Our catering services are professional, and we’ll ensure everyone never forgets your big day, mainly because of how fantastic the food was! Contact us now!

4 Ways to Have Great Catering Without Splurging

Weddings are fun, but they can also be very tedious, especially for the bride and groom. But so many people go out of their way to make their weddings elaborate without considering the consequences on their budget, then end up regretting after the ceremony.

If you don’t plan well, your wedding catering bill can take a massive chunk of the budget, but it does not have to be that way.

We’ll point out now that it’s perfectly fine to do that if you can afford expensive meals. But if doing so will adversely impact other aspects of your wedding, we don’t recommend you go for expensive options.

With that being said, below are four innovative ways to cut the cost of your wedding food without reducing the quality and making sure your guests are satisfied!

  • Serve Budget-Friendly Meals

Instead of expensive menu selections like lobsters or steaks, go for meals like turkey or chicken. Your guests will be satisfied by doing this. And you don’t need to spend too much to please everyone in attendance.

The same thing goes for desserts; you don’t need to go overboard with assorted deserts because not all your guests will have the appetite for them. Instead, limit your dessert to cakes and sweets to save money and food.

  • Celebrate On A Weekday

This is a great way to cut your wedding budget. Most people are busy with work, so only those that prioritize your wedding will show up. However, this does save money compared to celebrating on the weekend.

  • Hire Excellent Caterers

No matter the budget, perfect caterers can keep the food simple but delicious. There is nothing wrong with serving common meals like chicken and vegetables at your wedding; it is the taste that matters.

Even if you initially wanted to spend more money on your wedding catering, be rest assured that an excellent caterer can turn any menu into a scrumptious meal!

  • Serve Trending And Local Food

Even if you settle for the expensive choice, not all your guests would like them. Most people want to eat what is in season and locally made. If you serve excellently made local dishes, you will leave your guests salivating for more.

Food Art Inc. is a professional wedding caterer from New Orleans, and we understand no two couples are the same. That’s why we sit with you, know what you want, and serve you and your guests excellent meals according to your budget.

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4 Different Wedding Catering Trends Perfect for Your Summer Wedding

As with most things that concern weddings, catering is a significant factor in ensuring that weddings stay unique. Caterers and chefs keep coming up with outstanding menus and presentation styles that look and taste good!

Of course, many couples look for ways to make their weddings their own. Unique or personalized catering options can be an excellent way to customize your wedding. Here are wedding catering trends to inspire your wedding menu for your summer wedding!

  • Bubbly Bars

Champagne at weddings is irresistible, especially if you serve it well. So have a bubbly bar and leave your guests to serve themselves.

Your caterer can display your drinks of choice. So whether it’s your signature mixins, spirits, sparkling wine, or prosecco, have a variety of drinks ready! Fresh fruit slices are also an option you should not leave out of your bubbly bar.

  • Culinary Kiosk

For your cocktail hour, let your guests choose their special treats. Not only does a culinary kiosk make for individual choices of food, but it also makes for great interaction between guests.

It can also serve as a hangout spot for guests to mingle. But, take it a notch higher by having more stations and chefs to help in suggesting food combinations that would intrigue and impress your guests!

  • Light Options

Light bites have always been popular at weddings because large crowds aren’t always associated with heavy food options. Light options are great and healthy substitutes for your summer wedding.

For example, go for food options like grape tomato with antipasto skewers, mozzarella balls, olive, chicken Thai peanut sauce with wrapped lettuce, etc. Healthy doesn’t always mean costly-you’ll be surprised how affordable most of these meals are.

  • A Family Style Service

One unique aspect about serving menus in the family style is that it makes room for more conversations and mingling between guests.

Because it involves passing foods around, from guest to guest, reconsider utilizing large or tall centerpieces. They could be barriers to family-style food service.

With Food Art Inc., you’re guaranteed excellent wedding catering! We’re great at listening to you and making sure your wedding catering concerns are met. So let us give you an experience that will provide you with nothing but find memories for your big day! Contact us today.