4 Drink Bars That Are Common with Weddings

Drinks at your wedding? Inevitable! Serving drinks at weddings goes way back. Most people do not know that they can use bars at their weddings and that these bars come in types.

Naturally, you cannot use all the types for your wedding. But having a bar where your guests can get their drinks from spells a certain level of sophistication or lavishness to your ceremony. To inspire your choice of a wedding bar, here are the types of drink bars common with wedding celebrations!

  • Open Bar

Having an open bar at your wedding ceremony means your guests can walk up to the bar and order whatever drinks they please without making payments.

The payments are usually made in full by the couple. If you’re using a hotel as your wedding venue, your guests will probably have unlimited options to order from. The case is, however, different if your wedding is an outdoor event.

  • Cash Bar

Contrary to an Open Bar, a cash bar requires your guests to pay for the drinks they order. Having a cask bar at your wedding may help you cut costs.

But the downside to it would be having a long queue at the drink stand since some of your guests may consider tipping or trying to use their credit cards. A cash bar works well if you have more guests who won’t be interested in drinking.

  • Dry Bar

This is a cost-effective wedding service. A dry bar is a bar without alcoholic drinks. There are many reasons a couple might choose not to serve alcoholic beverages at their wedding. Still, the most fun part is saving a lot of money!

  • Signature Cocktails

Famous for adding a personalized touch to your wedding menu, signature cocktails are also one of the great ways to save money on drinks for your wedding.

It involves having a signature drink with unique flavors, sometimes cultural, that relays your preference and taste.

Having a drink bar at your wedding is essential, especially in spring. Your guests deserve a refreshing treat. With Food Art Inc, you’re sure to get very classic menu options that’ll suit your vision for your big day.

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Here’s Why You Should Serve A Signature Cocktail at Your Wedding

Ah, yes. Signature cocktails! Nothing will excite you more than seeing a drink made in your name and style. Everyone loves a signature item. Something that represents you feels like your brand!

If you’re new to this, a signature drink is a drink made especially for a person, an occasion, a company. A drink that relays who you are, what you represent, your style, etc.

To make them stand, you may include your favorite ingredients in the mix. Also, you can make it to match your theme. Wondering how or why it is necessary to relay your style at your wedding, using a drink? Here’s why.

  • Something To Remember You By

Wedding ceremonies are on the rise, and most couples are trying to outdo the rest. They do this either with locations, the decor, or the theme. Thus, something as personal as having a personal taste will make your day stand out.

Most guests won’t remember your first dance or the venue’s look. They’ll, however, remember a unique drink that isn’t a part of their everyday drink. Also, you may give it a name to further make it personal.

  • Save Money

Weddings and everything around them involve taking money out of the accounts, which comes with the fantastic prize of starting something new; an exciting journey with the person after your heart.

No one ever sees a way to cut costs and still maintain sophistication and rejects it. Serving cocktails at your wedding will save your budget from spending on too many liquors and other drink options. You may, however, include wine and beer as alternative options for your guests.

  • Guests Will Love It!

People are adventurous and will love the sound of a signature drink. Signature cocktails are also a way to start a grand ceremony.

Guests want something to sip on while they wait for the event to unfold, and a signature drink will always be perfect for this!

Make your wedding stand out, not only through unique cocktails but your wedding menu as well. With Food Art Inc, you’re guaranteed the best cocktails, meals, and dishes in nEw Orleans!

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4 Extremely Important and Necessary Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Caterer in 2021

When it concerns your wedding, it would be best to secure the services of a wedding planner whose expertise will influence your choices. One of the picks will involve getting the befitting caterer for your wedding.

You may think of your great aunt or your colleague who makes excellent meals at Thanksgiving, and that’s fine. Still, nothing beats having professionals tend to your wedding needs.

The foods served at your wedding should be excellent; no excuses.  Your wedding guests should remember it long after your wedding. Thus, there’s a need to make sure it comes with excellent taste and service/presentation. To get you started, here are some essential questions to ask before hiring a wedding caterer!

  • “Is My Date Available?”

The reason for the question of date availability is rather apparent. However, there’s a need to know if the caterer will be available at your wedding before discussing anything further with them.

  • “Do You Have A License?”

For a caterer to have a license, it means they have met the requirements and standards of the local health department, which also means they have insurance on liability.

If your caterer is in charge of serving alcoholic drinks at your wedding, be sure that they have a liquor liability license. That way, you don’t have to empty your accounts paying for alcoholic damages on your guests, should they decide to take advantage of an open bar.

  • “Can I See References?”

Getting references concerning a wedding caterer is more comfortable in this technology age. It’s essential to know how it feels to work with them to avoid uneasy surprises.

  • “Is Your Service A Full Service?”

A full service involves setting up the food and bar stands and cutting the cost of hiring additional staff to serve at the bar and clean up later.

If there are any specific types of foods you may want to serve at your wedding, find out the possibility of having them from your caterer. Also, find out what meals they offer, especially as it regards your number of guests.

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Why Traditional Wedding Cakes Come in Three Tiers

In 1840, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert began eating cakes at weddings, and the three-tier concept was born.

Before this, people would break cakes above the bride’s head, symbolizing fertility. There are several reasons why traditional cakes come in three tiers, and below are some of them.

  • Each Tier Has A Meaning

Couples share the last tier with the guests during the wedding and the second tier after the wedding. They were to keep the first to celebrate their first child, as children came almost immediately after the wedding.

  • The Successful Kiss

Stacking up the cakes in stages traces back to medieval times, where bakers will make the cake quite tall, and the couple will kiss above them. If the kiss is successful and the cake doesn’t fall, it symbolizes a happy marriage.

  • An Invention: A Wedding Model

A story that is rarely told is that of the London chef, William Rich, on St Bride’s Church’s steeple. He is the brain behind the invention of the recent three-tiered cake. He used it as a model cake, and now the world has picked up his work and continued using it.

  • The Family Definition

The family definition tells how the top tier represents the couple while the middle tier symbolizes the children they will bear. The last deck alludes to the couple becoming a family.

However, the most traditional thing about cakes with tiers is the fact that the couples reserve the top level for the occasion of christening their first child. This is now refined to the first wedding anniversary.

Also, your cake can have as many tiers as you want. But always consider your guests and make sure you don’t have more than you need after your ceremony, especially if your honeymoon is close.

Whether you’re going with the traditional number of tiers for your cake or adding a tilt with your style, be sure to give it a unique touch!

With Food Art Inc., the necessary and delicate details for your big day will be effectively handled, providing you and your guests an unforgettable wedding experience!

Regardless of whether you want a three-tier wedding cake or you want something a little bit more or less, our expert chefs and bakers will handle it for you.

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3 Reasons You Should Have a Groom’s Cake at Your 2021 Wedding

Did you know there are such things as ‘groom’ cakes? Weddings often focus on the brides but nonetheless, grooms should have a cake to show their personality and style! The couple often serves the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner or even alongside the reception cake.

The groom’s cake’s tradition can be traced down to England Victoria’s era. Back then, they would serve three cakes at weddings. one cake for the wedding guests, the second for the bride and her bridesmaid, the other for the groom and the groomsmen. Another story is that they felt the need to include a groom’s cake, as the wedding cake seemed too feminine for the groom.

This tradition, regardless, found its way into southern America and is seen in modern weddings. Isn’t it exciting to focus on an item that concerns the groom for a change? Here are reasons you should have a groom’s cake at your wedding!

  • A Special Surprise for The Groom

You may surprise your groom with a cake. Making the groom’s cake often involves selecting his favorite colors, flavors, etc.

The bride can find out what all these are and surprise her man, and in turn, assure him that amidst all the overwhelming wedding plans, you have him in mind still. It’s always a welcome surprise!

  • To Relay A Part of The Groom’s Personality

Usually, a groom’s cake is made in the shape of the groom’s hobby or a favorite item. For instance, if he loves cars, he may go for a cake in the form of his favorite car.

  • As A Second Dessert

It is a fun option for a second dessert because it comes with a different taste and style. And it means more cake for everyone, which we’re sure your guests will welcome!

Be sure to cover every aspect of your wedding, especially when it comes to food and cakes. It will be a jolly ride for you as you plan for your big day with Food Ar Inc!

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3 Fun Food Service Trends to Adopt for Your 2021 Wedding

Food and everything about it is essential in creating an outstanding experience for you and your guests alike. Regardless of what you serve at the reception, you have to present it right. From the desert to cocktails or meals, everything must be as perfect as can be.

You can easily impress your guests with the kind of food you serve and how you present it. Have a brief sneak peek into some of the trendy food service styles you may want to adopt for your wedding in 2021!

  • Dessert Station

Desserts are sometimes an alternative option to cakes, often appealing to sugar cravings and a trend that constantly excites the guests.

Adopting this trend offers your guests a new experience of sweet selections with options like tarts, love cookies, chocolates, etc.

They usually come in small, fun sizes convenient to hold while walking around and sharing pleasantries.

You may also opt for spices to encourage new flavors. Your dessert station should have a table with a decor of simple color combination.

  • DIY Bar

Before setting up a bar at your wedding, ensure you have a professional bartender. Different states even ask for certified bartenders, so be sure to know the rules.

However, if you can use anybody, say a friend, relative, or colleague, try to provide their job’s basic needs to ascertain everything goes smoothly.

Also, you can employ more than one bartender to avoid a long line waiting for drinks or food. You can DIY with just about any bar: open, soft, white, consumption, or dry bar (if you and your guests don’t take alcohol).

  • Bowl Foods

You may serve food in hand-sized or miniature bowls. Many couples are utilizing these for their 2021 wedding

Bowls at weddings entail eating with one hand and not feeling the need for a table or leaning somewhere for support. It often adds a touch of tradition and comes with various recipes and flavors, leaving guests with enough options.

Be sure to surprise and impress your wedding guests with trendy food menus and presentations. Have Food Art Inc. serve and your guests meals that befit royalty! Click here to reach us, and we promise we’ll help make your wedding the best event of 2021!

4 Spring Menu Ideas for Your 2021 Wedding

One of the essential elements of a wedding is the menu-this much is a simple fact. Spring is an incredible season for wedding menus. All the colors and freshness that come with locally-sourced ingredients in spring are the things that can add a unique flavor to your wedding.

From the farm to the table, provide your guests with a nutritious and tasty menu. Freshness is vital, and it will impress your guests more than you might expect. For an easy flow of thoughts, consider the following menu for your spring wedding!

  • Desserts

A widely used ingredient for desserts in the spring season is strawberries. You may have a strawberry/lemon tart or cream cake to share with your guests.

Also, there’s an option of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Be sure to add lemon and vanilla flavors.

  • Choice of Entrees

You may want to deviate a little away from the conventional meats you may serve with meals at weddings.

Instead, provide your guests with various entrée options, such as salmon, spring vegetable, lobster, or roasted shrimp salad. It is always better to make the entrees light in this season.

  • Seasonal Veggies

Create menus that highlight the unique vegetables that the spring season has to offer. Additions like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and other cooked vegetables are ideal for a spring wedding menu. You may also garnish the plates with edible spring flowers like lavender.

  • Don’t Forget the Drinks

Champagne cocktails are soothing for all times, and the spring season is more than a perfect time for a champagne drink, such as bellinis.

However, you may have guests who will opt for a non-alcoholic beverage. In that case, lemonade is a way to go, topped with edible flowers and herbs!

Also, you can create signature drinks of our choice, including cherry and pink blossoms, mimosas, a variety of Virginia and Maryland wines, etc.

For a great wedding menu, secure the services of a professional wedding caterer like Food Art Inc. to serve you and your guests delectable treats!

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Selecting the Menu for Your 2021 Wedding

Choosing a wedding menu is a task that requires as much attention as any other aspect of wedding planning. We say this because regardless of how lovely your wedding looks and is, it will all be for naught if you can’t serve your guests the most delectable meals possible!

In all honesty, it’s not easy to select a menu as many factors influence it; the choice of venue, your wedding theme, and setting. However, here are some ideas to keep in mind while choosing a wedding menu, and we know they’ll help you in selecting a menu that’s perfect for your big day!

  • Consider Your Budget

Like with every other aspect of a wedding, your budget is the first thing you should check before considering any menu for your wedding.

Even if your account gives room to spend lavishly, there are still foods on the low side of costs, such as pork and pasta. Such foods will allow you to save money instead and still achieve a great menu while spoiling your guests.

  • Meet with Your Caterer

Because of talent, skill, and experience, your caterer knows more about wedding menus, styles of service, as well as the options your guests may go with than anyone else. So. you must secure the services of a professional wedding caterer.

  • Check with Your Guest List

In choosing a wedding menu, knowing the number of expected guests is crucial. You may want to consider the surf and turf menu, a combination of seafood and red meat. It will satisfy both your vegetarian guests and your budget.

However, there’s nothing wrong with impressing your guests with variety; employ a buffet service!

  • Go Seasonal

Going seasonal with your wedding menu will impress your guests and be friendly to your budget. As seen in recent years, going for locally-sourced ingredients has gained traction and provides fresher produce, which means better taste.

The processes involved in choosing a menu for your wedding require expertise. With Food Art Inc., you get excellent menu options, as well as a wedding you’ve always dreamed us. Let us plan with you and serve your guests the most delicious food in New Orleans, and that’s no exaggeration! Contact us now.

3 Fun Ideas To Consider For Your Spring Wedding

Spring is an exciting time of the year to have your wedding ceremony because it’s a neutral period between the overly cold winter days and the hot days of summer.

It’s quite colorful and comes with refreshing sunlight, blossoming flowers, and greenery that symbolizes new life.

Nevertheless, if you’ve chosen a date in the spring, here are a few ideas to factor in when planning your wedding.

  • Be Colorful With The Food

Get with your caterer for ideas on spring fruits and vegetables for your wedding menu. A colorful menu will indeed add color to your event and impress your guests.

Begin with your cake and make it colorful enough to be worthy of the focal point that it’s sure to be. Edible flowers are a great idea too. And be sure to add colorful cocktails to the menu to give your guests the immense feel of the season.

  • Get Your Venue

Securing a venue that suits your theme is integral to having a successful wedding in the spring. Be sure to start looking out early enough, as many weddings are happening in the spring.

Getting a venue in time will leave room for other plans to flow swiftly. Still, be mindful of the weather; ensure you make alternative plans for the venue if any weather changes. You may make use of tents if you are not thinking of a substitute for your outdoor venue.

  • Embrace The Florals

The fresh flowers that blossom in the spring make for a colorful season. Thus, there’s a need to maximize this aspect in decorative ways, such as having a floral design on your invitation cards and having your bridesmaids don dresses with bold floral arrangements to complement yours.

You can also make use of the flowers the season will offer in creative ways like filling rustic crates, decorating your arch, lining the aisle, setting your centerpieces, using a floral crown, etc. You can never go wrong or do too much with flowers in the spring.

With Food Art Inc, your spring wedding is guaranteed to be a success! Our professional staff will help you plan your wedding ceremony, making sure even the minute details are tended to, and our expert caterers will serve and delight your guests as few other caterers can! Click here to contact us today!

4 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Menu in 2021

Choosing a wedding menu takes a lot of time and consideration, and it’s never a decision couples take lightly. It isn’t just offering your guests chicken or fish, and neither is it just about how you manage your cousin’s gluten allergy or a colleague who eats only kosher foods!

Deciding on a wedding menu is how you tailor your budget to find the perfect caterer to help you give your guests an excellent culinary experience. Here are a few tips to help you with your wedding menu decisions!

  • What’s Your Style

When it comes to making your wedding menu decisions, factoring in your style is of top-tier importance. So, think outside the box and ask your caterer for a menu that’s personal to you.

Many a couple make the mistake of trying to play it safe to please everybody, but they end up having a basic menu.

Take your guests’ taste buds on an adventure and go with what you prefer. Your wedding is one time where you have an opportunity to treat your guests to food options they’ve not experienced before.

  • What’s The Season

Soup as a starter may work well in the winter but not so well on a hot summer’s day, while a salad in the winter wouldn’t be as famous as a hearty, warming dish. So, you need to check with your caterer for options.

  • Employ A Tasting Session

Book a session with your caterer, where you will try out a few dishes to help you decide if you want them to cater for your wedding. Such a session will give you the chance to sample precisely how the food will taste and look. Also, be sure to ask the caterer for any changes you might like to make.

  • Consider Vegetarians or Vegans

Couples often forget vegetarians might be part of the guests too. Be sure to find out from your caterer the options they have for vegetarians. Venues that offer catering services mostly have vegetarian options.

At Food Art Inc from New Orleans, we are devoted to making sure you enjoy the best meals and dishes on your wedding day!

We’re here to help you celebrate a very special day in your life, creating fond and long-lasting memories. When we cater for you, we promise you’ll never forget how unique your wedding was! Please click here to contact us!