These Brunch Ideas Are Perfect for a Daytime Spring Wedding

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It’s official! Spring is knocking on our door and inviting us to leave behind the chilly days of winter and turn towards lighter, happier, warmer days.  

If you plan on having a spring wedding in New Orleans, you should definitely consider a brunch – either as the main moment of the day for your wedding reception, or as a post-wedding treat for your closest friends and relatives.  

What are some of the best Southern brunch ideas to bring into this special event in your life? We have some tips for you.  

  • Cheese grits casserole. Nothing can go wrong with this hearty, satisfying brunch food. There’s cheese, which everyone loves, there are grits, which are a staple Southern food, and they’re both used to bake a delicious casserole. In fact, we’re so certain nothing can go wrong with this that we’re ready to bet your people will absolutely love it – so much that they’ll be asking you for the recipe!  
  • Goat cheese quiche. This is one of the very best brunch foods you can serve at your wedding. The goat cheese brings a bit of tangy flavor and freshness into the mix, and the quiche itself is comfort morning food at its finest. For a special touch, use asparagus or baby spinach in the mixture you make for this quiche too – it will taste amazing! 
  • Sausage honey buns. This lies at the confluence between sausage rolls and honey buns – a combination so Southern that you simply cannot resist it. The salty, savory flavors of the sausage combined with the sweetness and the fluffy texture of the honey buns – these are sure to make your guests want to come back for second (and even third!) servings.  
  • Egg salad. Served on toast, this absolute classic can be so satisfying and delicious! This is the ultimate brunch dish: it brings out the comfort vibes while remaining a food that’s more than suitable to eat during the day. You and your guests will love this so much! 


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These Stars Are Getting Married in 2019!

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Every now and again, the stars align and celebrities marry – and for the rest of us watching them from afar, it is a true spectacle of beauty, grace, and glamor.

We love celebrity weddings because they feel truly fantastic. Because we love the celebrities themselves. Because we want to be like them and we want to steal inspiration from them.

And thankfully, it seems that in 2019, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Who are the celebs getting married in 2019? Read on and find out more.


  • Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. It seems that the rebel of the pop scene has been finally tamed and that he’s ready to settle down. The couple is absolutely adorable – and although they are technically married already, sources have admitted that we’re about to witness an actual traditional ceremony as well. Who would have thought Biebs would finally dress up in a tuxedo and say I Do?
  • Lady Gaga and Christian Carino. Apparently, the couple has been engaged for quite some time now, but they only made it public towards the end of 2018. Although a wedding date isn’t set yet, there is a fair chance Gaga will plan her “intricate wedding” (this being her own description). We can’t wait to see, really!
  • Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Yes, they actually did it this Valentine’s Day – they got engaged! And the ring was absolutely stunning: a blooming flower made out of white and pink diamonds, valued at no less than $5 million. If that’s not staggering, we don’t know what is! A wedding date hasn’t been made available to the public, but some say the Big Day will happen in 2019. We’re really excited and can’t wait to see more!
  • Jordan Connor and Jinjara Mitchell. If you love Riverdale, you will love this couple – and you will definitely want a sneak peek into their wedding. We don’t know when it will happen, but given that the engagement happened in September 2018, there’s a pretty big chance the Big Day will be in 2019. Keeping our eyes and our ears open for you on this!


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Everyone Will Love These Classic Cocktails from the South

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When we say that the South has SO MUCH to offer from a culinary point of view, we mean it. From East to West and from the barely-Southern to the deeply Southern locations of the USA, there are a lot of foods and drinks more than worth giving a try.

And if you come from any of the Southern states, you definitely want to help your guests (re)discover the deliciousness of the places you call home.

What are some of the very best classic Southern cocktails you could include in your wedding?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.


  • Brandy Milk Punch. This is the kind of drink that has the power to instantly warm you up and put a smile on your face. It does, after all, bring together brandy, milk, and vanilla – a combination that’s just right for a cool day of early spring when the hotness of summer hasn’t kicked in just yet, but you still want to drink something delicious and comforting.
  • Old Fashioned. Not many are familiar with the fact that Old Fashioned is actually one of the oldest cocktails out there (if not the oldest). As more and more cocktails started to pop on bar menus towards the end of the 19th century, people continued to order “old-fashioned cocktails” – which is what we now know as a combination of sugar, bitters, rye, and some sort of peel. A delicious option everyone appreciates and loves, regardless of where they come from!
  • Vieux Carre. This New Orleans classic is a real delight for pretty much everyone. Made with rye, vermouth, Bénédictine and Cognac, Vieux Carre is a cocktail that enchants with its richness – a cocktail full of history that could never go out of fashion.
  • Mint Julep. The ultimate summer cocktail in the Southern states, the classic mint Julep is known under many recipes. However, the absolute basic is founded on bourbon, mint, and sugar – a combination that’s bound to cool you down and put a smile on your face on a warm summer day.


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Did You Know These Healthy Alternatives to Southern Desserts?

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Let’s face it: Southern food is the best food in the world (and whoever says the contrary doesn’t know the complexities of Southern cuisine and just how comforting, delicious, and eye-catchy it can all be).

So, if you are planning a Southern wedding, you definitely want to include some of your all-time favorites in the wedding menu.

What if you want to serve healthy alternatives? Is that possible with Southern food? Even more, is it possible with Southern desserts?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Settle for the vegan option. “Vegan” isn’t absolutely synonymous with “healthy”, but when it comes to sweets, it can actually mean a better alternative for your body (and your guests’ bodies, obviously). By replacing animal products in some of the most famous Southern desserts and cookies, you can actually lower the amount of saturated fats in these treats (without losing their amazing taste). Some examples? Vegan chocolate chip cookies and vegan brownies are great examples here.
  • Go for gluten-free. Again, “gluten-free” doesn’t automatically mean that your food is healthier (a good example here are many supermarket products that are gluten-free, but contain a lot of additives). Banana bread is, again, a great example of how a Southern food can be “switched” to a healthier alternative.
  • Use the best ingredients. Cake made with whole wheat flour might not feel like “actual cake”, but there are plenty of other Southern desserts where you can simply swap the ingredients for better alternatives – like the aforementioned wheat flour, or using coconut or almond milk instead of normal milk. The more you do this, the more likely it is that the end result will be healthier. Also, try to work with locally sourced, bio and organic products – they taste better, they help local economy, and they are more in tune with what “healthy” really means.
  • Portion control. OK, you don’t want to lecture your guests on the dangers of taking yet another cookie. But make it easy for them to grab just one normal serving of sweets by slicing and portioning everything correctly. It can make all the difference in the world!


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Southern Veggie Casseroles Your Guests Will Fall in Love With


Good food is at the heart of all the major life events humans go through – and it makes sense. Eating together is more than a social act – it is an act of trust, joy, and bonding. This is why most people only eat with people they actually like. And this is precisely why your wedding menu is so important.

Of course, if you are planning a Southern wedding, you will want to make sure your menu reflects the amazing cuisine in the area – but that doesn’t always mean you have to focus on meat-based products.

There are so many veggie casseroles we all love in the South, and which would work so well with your own wedding!

Here are some suggestions, for example:

  • Corn pudding. Well, this is a real Southern food – it has the texture, the flavors, and the versatility of the South in every single ingredient. And that’s precisely what makes it such an amazing food for a wedding. If you want to offer your vegetarian friends a delicious option, this is it. They will be delighted!
  • Broccoli, rice, and cheese. Well, people might not be big fans of broccoli in general – but we guarantee that when they get a taste of this casserole, they will actually ask for more. The combination between the greenness of the broccoli, the rice, and the cheese is absolutely delicious – the kind of healthy food that nobody can say NO to!
  • Sweet potato, marshmallow, pecan. If you want to surprise your guests with something unique and really tasty, serve them a casserole made from sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and pecans. Add a few cornflakes to the mix for a bit of extra-crunch. This sweet casserole will be more than appreciated by all of your guests – vegetarian or not!
  • Onion soup casserole. Somewhere in between the classic French onion soup and a classic Southern casserole, this dish is a true delight for all senses. It’s something most of your guests don’t eat every day – something they will love so much they will ask the recipe for!


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No Southern Brides and Grooms Should Ever Make These Wedding Menu Mistakes

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Regardless of where in the South you come from (be it New Orleans, any other place in Louisiana, or any of the other beautiful Southern states), you should definitely consider planning a traditional Southern wedding. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your heritage and, of course, to offer your guests a “taste of home” as well.

What are some of the mistakes all Southern couples should avoid making when planning their wedding menu?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Bacon-everything. OK, we get it. Here in the South, we love bacon (well, pretty much everyone everywhere else does it too, right?). While it is definitely OK to serve one or two bacon-based dishes at your wedding, it is important not to overdo it. Southern cuisine is so much richer than this, and it would be a real shame if your guests didn’t get to eat something unique they haven’t had before.
  • Not including the personal touches. Every family has their own set of recipes – so why not bring that into your wedding menu to make it more special, more personal, more in tune with who you are and where you come from? Discuss with your wedding catering company and share your family recipes with them to see what can be done. Guests will be delighted to taste these foods!
  • Not spreading out the food stations. There’s a very good reason food stations are popular at Southern weddings: they offer real diversity. At the same time though, it is important not to locate the food stations too close to each other because this might cram everything and it might make guests feel skittish.
  • Serving the heavier foods early in the evening. We’ll admit it: some of the most famously Southern foods are quite heavy and they might make guests feel lazy, rather than ready to dance. This is why it’s important not to serve them at the beginning of the wedding (or at least not all of them). Spread out the heavier foods throughout the entire wedding day (and don’t forget about the late-night snack either!).


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One-Dish Foods for Your Southern Wedding? Yes, Of Course!

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A lot of brides and grooms think that “wedding-worthy” food has to be really sophisticated. They also often feel the pressure to have fancy dishes because they think that’s what their guests expect when it comes to wedding cuisine.

While that might be valid in some circumstances (e.g. very elegant and luxurious black-tie weddings), the truth is that most weddings can be splendidly successful events with menus featuring dishes that are delicious but simple.

In fact, recent wedding trends have shown that most wedding guests wish the food to be simply good – they don’t actually expect fancy dishes, and they are frequently happier with classic foods that remind them of home.

One-dish entrée are a perfect example of this.

What are some great one-dish options you should consider including in your Southern wedding? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Pork chops with squash and potatoes. This simple dish is comforting and delicious – and you really don’t need more from an entrée on your wedding menu. When made by a skilled caterer, it’s hard to go wrong with this dish. It’s an option that’s bound to be appreciated by many of your guests!
  • Baked pasta with tomato sauce. Baked pasta has something almost magical about it: it is universally appreciated by adults and children alike, it’s easy to pull off, and it’s satisfying for everyone. The secret lies in using quality tomato sauce and adding basil to it – this simple dish will explode with flavor and it will be a truly good option for your vegetarian guests too!
  • Chicken rice bowls. You really can’t go wrong with this one either: it has chicken (which, as everyone knows, is universally popular), it has rice, and it has vegetables. It’s a great one-dish entrée that will remind your guests of homemade dinners and cozy family moments. Precisely what you want your wedding food to achieve, right?
  • Bean cassoulet and cornmeal dumplings. Looking for a warm and comforting dish that even people who are not familiar it will appreciate? This one-dish dinner is usually made with three types of beans (like garbanzo, white, and butter beans) – but feel free to go wild with as many as you want for a bit of extra variety.


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